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May 2012 Virtual Conference Webcast
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1830 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) HRMS Strategies Conference and Technology Exposition The power of strategic alignment: Leverage your values to clarify priorities and drive engagement What's the Cloud Got to do With HR Transformation? Speaker Training on 2012-04-30 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) HRMS Strategies Conference and Technology Exposition Speaker Training on 2012-05-01 The Freak Factory: Making Employees Better by Helping Them Get Worse How to eliminate payroll checks with debit PayCards A Survey of Top Executives Reveals Why Employment Recovery is Slow and What You Can Do About It Right People, Right Place, Right Time… Easy… Right?: A Framework for Strategic Workforce Planning 2 IHR Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution Introduction to the Canadian Masters in HR Strategy & Execution Event The Engaged and Disengaged Employee in a Mentoring Culture Meditation for Non-Meditators: Why Meditation can be a Valuable Tool Within Your Organization Using Workforce Planning to Drive Your Nonprofit’s Mission Influential Leadership: Be The Leader Others Want to Follow, Work for & Aspire to Become Value Structure and Job Fit: An Introduction to Formal Axiology (no math required). Scale the Ladder of Success without Self-Sabotage and Sacrifice 3 IHR Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution Bridging the Workforce Productivity Gap in Canada: the solution's not where most people are looking. Sourcing: The Hunger Games Edition Coaching Leaders to Personalize Their Own Guide to Highly Effective Leadership Empowering Your Social Workforce in the Cloud Speaker Training on 2012-05-03 Is Your Organizational Culture a 'Me' or a 'We' Culture? IC Management; Time To Get Ready 4 5 6
197 Performance Management Current State of Workforce Planning Introduction to Performance Management Virtual Event Starting with Your Team: Who's In? Moving from Subjective to Objective: The Role of Assessments in Selection and Talent Management Is Your Performance Management System Performing? Total Rewards In The "New Normal" How Did We Get Here? What Can We Do? All the Data You Need vs. the Obstacles to Grab It Speaker Training on 2012-05-07 The Mature Worker- How Old Do You Look; How Young Do You Feel; Check your Attitude! Align Corporate Strategy & Workforce Planning Strategy Building a Talent Pipeline: How to Stop Planning for Succession and Start Managing It Measuring to Impact Strategic Change 8 Performance Management Presenting Workforce Data to the Board/Executives Speaker Training on 2012-05-08 Intro to SHRM's Workforce Planning Standards Project Create "EmployeePreneurs" through Performance Management How to Build the Appropriate Project Plan Creating Business Impact with Workforce Analytics The Secret to Cultivating Talent: Continuous Performance Management How To Say “YES!” When Your System Says “NO!” Leading Across Cultures What Does the Future Hold: Predictive Analytics Performance Management: How Can Analytics help? How to separate performance from potential in identifying your true “HiPo’s” 9 Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risk Introduction to IHR Benefits, Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risk Who Said Cafeteria Flex Plans were Easy? Perspective on Disability Insurance for Highly/Variable Compensated Employees Implementing Cost Saving Benefit Strategies While Increasing Employees Perceived Value of Benefits Solving the Mysteries of Pennsylvania Act 32 The Five Faces Managers See During Performance Reviews Long Term Care Insurance as a Voluntary Benefit Mobile Technology and Insurance : Pension and Group Benefits Passion at Work: Igniting Your Team's Brilliance The Latest APP For Retirement Planning - The Adjustable Pension Plan July 1st 2012 - When FREE Becomes Expensive, 408 b2 & 404 a5. What HR & Plan Sponsors Need to Know 10 Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risk Domestic Partner Benefits: Crossing the Minefield Benchmarking a 401(k) Plan Building Your Success: Best Practices For the Biggest Benefits Challenges Why is the DOL Knocking on MY DOOR?” Lessons from Tussey v. ABB, Inc.-Best Practices to Avoid/Handle 401(k) Benefit Claims or Litigation Health Plan Dependent Eligibility Audits: Getting the Savings While Avoiding the Risks Value Based Insurance: Why it's Important, Its Prevalence, Employer Goals and Market Barriers 11 Speaker Training on 2012-05-11 12 13
2014 Speaker Training on 2012-05-14 Stop Workplace Drama A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Learning Management System 15 Employee Wellness Introduction and Opening Remarks to the Employee Wellness Virtual Event Employee Wellness: Small Budget, Big Solutions “Get Your Wellness Program Moving with Employee Competition” Wellness Made Simple The missing link: Commonly overlooked key elements that turn wellness programs from good to great Wellness portals and interactive challenges – the next evolution of corporate wellness strategies Assessing Employee Well-Being- Critical to ROI of HR Strategies Wise choices – wise spending – getting the most from your wellness dollars How to Build Your Leave Compliance Strategy Going Global: Strategies for Implementing Worldwide Wellness Initiatives 16 Employee Wellness Cutting Edge Corporate Human Performance Management Programs Starting a Wellness Revolution Wellness Coaching: How it Works and How it Effects Your Bottom Line How to Look, Feel and Live Your Best Cutting the Cost of Your Contingent Workforce Practice Safe Stress: Harnessing Change, Loss and Humor to Build Resiliency “Go Green, Go Paperless” using a Document Management Software Why all employers should know the importance of screening for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Background Screening Compliance Trends Good Health is Good Business: Wellness as a performance maximizing strategy 17 Using assessments and technology to streamline hiring in manufacturing To Manage Benefits Administration Internally or Outsource? That IS the Question Speaker Training on 2012-05-17 Is Your Company REALLY Ready to Leverage Sourcing and Candidate Relationship Management Technology? 18 19 20
2121 22 How Internal Social Networks Enable Interacting and Responding to Employee Needs 23 Accessing and Using the Known Predictors of Performance Speaker Training on 2012-05-23 Is Your Social Learning Really That Social? (and why you should care) 24 Engaging People and Building Brands Speaker Training on 2012-05-24 25 26 27
2228 Speaker Training on 2012-05-28 29 HR Information Systems: Audits, Compliance and Risk Management Speaker Training on 2012-05-29 Introduction to the Institute for Human Resources HRIS Virtual Event Tips & Pointers for Conducting Process Improvements Projects HRIS and the Cloud - Can This Be a Good Marriage? How to say “YES!” when your system says “No!” Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS): Understanding your needs and identifying solutions 30 HR Information Systems: Audits, Compliance and Risk Management Integrated Talent Management Welcome & Introductions to Integrated Talent Management Virtual Event Seven Deadly Sins of Succession Planning Empowering Your Social Workforce in the Cloud Speaker Training on 2012-05-30 Building Your Strategic Business Case for HR Technology Social Networking - HR's Connection to the Workforce and the World Find, Grow and Keep Great People: Integrated Talent Management for Small to Mid-sized Companies How to Use Technology to Engage Your Employees Practical Succession Planning in the Age of a Restless Workforce Integrated Talent Management Going Global with HR Systems: Looking back on a 10 year journey 31 Integrated Talent Management Compensation and Talent Management - How To Be Competitive Envisioning the Future With Workforce Planning & Analytics Measuring Talent Management Effectiveness: Beyond Quality of Hire Transforming HR: It’s NOT About Putting “Strategic” in Your Titles Building Workforce Plans that Prepare Your Business for the Future Things to Consider When Shopping for New Talent Software Building a "Farm Team" for your Organization: Talent at Your Fingertips Talent Management 3.0: Analytics, Collaboration, Outcomes 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program 2 3
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