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July 2012 Virtual Conference Webcast
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2625 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program SAP HR TRAINING Content Explosion: How to Drive HR Excellence by Optimizing Content Rich Talent Processes 26 Speaker Training on 2012-06-26 Paying the "Canadian" Bonus Development Planning – Different Paths to Learning to Enhance Performance 27 Using Social Media to Advance Your Career Best Practice Basics for Compliantly and Cost-effectively Paying your Contract Workers. Solid (Boring) Foundations = SMART (Sexy) Growth that You can Tweet, Like, and Post about! Dead Leaders: Lessons from the Violent Deaths of Influential People Creating a Sustainable HR Function for the Future 28 Measure Twice - Cut Once: The Analytics of Downsizing in a Knowledge Economy 29 30 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program SAP HR TRAINING
272 Employer Health, Human Capital & Wellness Congress 3 4 5 Speaker Training on 2012-07-05 6 Speaker Training on 2012-07-06 7 8
289 Speaker Training on 2012-07-09 10 Payroll Speaker Training on 2012-07-10 Introduction to Payroll Improve Control of International Payroll and Reduce Cost and Risk Through Optimisation of Technology Social Media Policies and More: Checklist Guidance for Managing Digital Era Risks Customer Service--Payroll Style Employee Benefits to a Pay Card An Introduction to Canadian Payroll 11 Payroll Preparing for New Service Organization Control Standards An Alternative HRIS Strategy, Using Excel and VBA Vendor Selection: The Essential Guide Speaker Training on 2012-07-11 How to Make Your Company a Millennial Magnet Tax Credits & Other Programs Which Can Minimize Taxes for Business Owners Implementing Best Practices in a Poor SUI Environment: An Opportunity for Payroll & HR Professionals The Pitfalls of Payrolling (and employing) Temporary Workers 12 Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Introduction to Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Everyone Communicates, Few Connect – Why connecting is so important to a great HR Leader. Developing Your Organization's Next Generation of Leaders Moving Employees from Minimal Effort to Amazing Contributions Please, Don’t Have a Seat! Speaker Training on 2012-07-12 Developing the Leaders We Need TEAM POWER PLAY. YOUR TEAM YOUR COMMUNITY: Create and Sustain High Performance Teams Bullying in the Workplace Building Real Accountability: A Tool Kit for Leaders at all Levels 13 Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Getting More Done With Less: 4 Steps to Building Your Thinking Agility Do You Have a Mandate to Innovate? How Design Thinking Can Help The New Paradigm in Leading Multi-Generations Speaking Up®: Presenting to Executives 5 Keys to building a winning team (leadership skills Sustainable Leadership for a New Future: Somatic Intelligence & the Neurobiology of Learning Presentation 9-1-1: Your Survival Guide To Leading And Communicating Like The Pros! Energy Leadership Coaching: Transforming Leaders from Great to Extraordinary Employee Engagement: Bridging Science and Practice 14 15
2916 Online Staffing and Sourcing Welcome and Introduction to IHR Online Staffing & Sourcing Virtual Event Creating Stronger HR Pillars - "Talent Acquisition" See the Right Candidates: Using Online Video in Your Hiring Process The Dangers of Social Media in Candidate Hiring Talent Management Lessons from the Great American Pastime The Candidate Experience: Improving Your Recruiting Results One Candidate at a Time Speaker Training on 2012-07-16 OFCCP & Impacts on Talent Acquisition The Importance of Benefit Communication "Purple Squirrel Hunting on the Social Web: Finding Unfindable Talent Online!" 17 Online Staffing and Sourcing Speaker Training on 2012-07-17 LMSs & Talent Mgt: Where the market is heading Creating the Ultimate Candidate Experience Extreme Makeover - Recruiting Edition Tips to Tackle U.S. Background Check Regulations University Recruiting - Student Insights: Breaking through the Noise Create an All-star Talent Pipeline of Candidates Using Your iPad + Online Technologies Use Big Data to Solve Big Recruiting Problems Healthcare Ruling: An Employer’s Perspective on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision Leveraging Facebook: Attracting Talent on the World’s Largest Social Network 18 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Introduction and Opening Remarks to Recruitment Process Outsourcing Virtual Event Strategic Sourcing in a Social Era: Community-Based Marketing is Job One. Social Media Recruiting: Contact Building & Job Marketing Engaging Leadership – The Role of Charisma The Evolution of Reference-Checking into a Strategic Hiring Solution Hitting the Bull’s-Eye with Quality Hires 19 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Engaging & Retaining High Potential Employees Why You Shouldn't Fear Assessments Speaker Training on 2012-07-19 Four Strategies for Effective Front-Line Staffing Emerging Challenges Sourcing Talent in the 21st Century Outsourced Workers: Why Managing Your Non-Strategic Workforce Should Matter to You Boomers and X’s and Y’s; Oh My! Managing a Multigenerational Workplace 20 Speaker Training on 2012-07-20 21 22
3023 Speaker Training on 2012-07-23 24 Speaker Training on 2012-07-24 "Put me in Coach" Take Gen Y Employees from New Grad to Peak Performer Nine Illnesses of Organizational Change, and What You Can Do About Them 25 Speaker Training on 2012-07-25 Align Your Workforce to Business Strategy with Workforce Analytics Getting the Most Out of Your Flexible Workforce with Services Procurement 26 Speaker Training on 2012-07-26 Using Mobile, Social & Video for Open Enrollment Communications 27 28 29
3130 Rewards and Recognition IHR Rewards & Recognition Opening Remarks Recognition Fuels Empowerment: How Employee Recognition Reinforces Performance & Creates Motivation. Managing Millennials in a Multi-Generational Workplace Engagement Isn't Enough To Drive Employees To Perform At Their Best Managing, Motivating and Integrating Your Multigenerational Workforce The Gamification of Wellness: Rewarding Employees for Healthy Lifestyle Choices Beyond "Thank You." 4 Keys To Building a Culture Where Recognition Works. 31 Rewards and Recognition Social Rewards & Recognition, a strategic employee engagement initiative Recognition Fundamentals, an introduction to recognition strategy and best practices Getting the Most Out Of Your Service Awards Programs - Unique Ideas, Things to Watch For and More Creating a Culture of Recognition Passion at Work: How to Ignite Your Team's Brilliance Recognizing and Rewarding Across Cultures; 4 Factors for Success 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program SAP HR TRAINING Employer Health, Human Capital & Wellness Congress Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution Welcome and Introductions to Canadian Masters in HR Strategy & Execution 21st Century Communications-Authentic communication strategies; engage employees, build reputation Emotional Intelligence? What Does That Have To Do With Business? The Happiness Imperative Speaker Training on 2012-08-01 Transformational Leadership and Mentoring! Influential Leadership: Be The Leader Others Want to Follow, Work for & Aspire to Become 2 Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution HR Today - Doing More with Less HR Is Virtually There! Speaker Training on 2012-08-02 Processing Payroll for the Canadian Employee: An Introduction ”HeroicHR”: Leveraging Technology for achieving Strategic HR 3 4 5
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