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February 2012 Virtual Conference Webcast
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530 Public BOLT @ Vadodara Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program Corporate Health, Wellness & Benefits Summit Contract Workforce and Talent Exchanges Careers Conference Introduction to the Contract Workforce and Talent Exchange Virtual Event Choosing a Compensation Consultant – Post-Dodd-Frank Advisory Board Discussion on Industry Trends in Contingent Workforce Management Developing a Global Talent Acquisition Mindset to Attract the Contingent Workforce Alternative Staffing Organizations: Connecting Unemployed Job Seekers to Temporary/Temp-to-perm Work Whiteboard to Reality: Win Funding for Your 2012 TM Strategy Do Contingent Workers Really Cost Less? A Cost-Value Analysis Speaker Training on 2012-01-30 Demystifying the Marketing on Vendor Neutrality Improving workplace safety & health in the temporary agency sector 31 Contract Workforce and Talent Exchanges National Health Benefits Conference and Expo Speaker Training on 2012-01-31 Taking Strategic Workforce Planning Global Integrating the Contingent Workforce into the Overall Talent Mix How to Improve HR Service Delivery with Fewer Resources and Lower Costs Industry Trends in Contingent Workforce Recruitment, Engagement, and Sourcing Employee Scheduling in the Cloud Enable VMS to do true workforce management 1 Public BOLT @ Vadodara Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program Corporate Health, Wellness & Benefits Summit Careers Conference National Health Benefits Conference and Expo Employee Engagement seminar - 4th Annual Employee Engagement seminar - 4th Annual HRPA Annual Conference and Trade Show Employee Wellness Integrated Talent Management Introduction to Employee Wellness Virtual Event Introduction and Opening Remarks to Integrated Talent Management Mentoring - A Progressive Business Solution for Organization Excellence" Using Proven Trends and Challenges to Define and Implement a Wellness Program that Delivers HR.Com Wellness Survey Results How Reducing Stress Prevents Turnover and Keeps Employees Engaged The Business Case for Employee Wellness Programs You’ve Got Talent. Use it or lose it! Leveraging assessments to help maximize potential Integration that Drives Employee Performance Looking to Maximize your Team's Brain Power? The relationship between wellness & cognitive function. Building a Talent Pipeline: How to Stop Planning for Succession and Start Managing It From Wellness to Wellbeing: An Integrated Health & Productivity Solution Career Latticing-Impact on the Business The Far Reaching Impact of Wellness Fairs How to Run Healthy and Safe ‘Biggest Loser’ Weight Loss Challenges The A - Z of Competency modeling for Integrated Talent Management 2 Employee Wellness Integrated Talent Management Physical Ability Testing: Considerations for a Workforce that’s Aging What it really takes to make wellness work and why most approaches to wellness fail Drive Organizational Results Through Employee Engagement Worksite Wellness on a Shoestring Budget: Low Cost – No Cost Programming Ideas Strategic Health Management: 10 Strategies for HR Leaders to Drive Employee Health and Productivity Moving from Subjective to Objective: The Role of Assessments in Selection and Talent Management Create "EmployeePreneurs" through Performance Management Getting People to Change: From Carrots & Sticks to Making Meaning Half the Man, Twice the Man Pay for Performance: A Clear Signal for Retention and Engagement Top Takeaways from 2011 Wellness and Screening Trends that will Impact Everyone in 2012 “Pathway to a Healthy and Productive Workforce” Integrated Talent Management Strategy: Reality or Rumor 3 Speaker Training on 2012-02-03 4 5
66 Speaker Training on 2012-02-06 7 Speaker Training on 2012-02-07 8 What You Need to Know about Employee Recognition: 2012 SHRM Employee Recognition Programs Survey Speaker Training on 2012-02-08 Health AND Wealth – Adding Financial Wellness to Your Wellness Program How to Improve Quality-of-Hire with Reference-Checking 9 Performance Management Introduction to Performance Management Virtual Event Leadership Longevity: Addressing Needs Throughout the Employee Lifecycle The practical guide to implementing successful performance appraisals Speaker Training on 2012-02-09 Virtualizing HR: Leveraging Virtual Environments for Recruiting, Benefits and More Goal Setting & Managing Alignment within Organizations and Performance Assessment Calibration in Performance and Succession: Value Add or Just Administration 10 11 12
713 Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets: Why Women Are the Solution 14 Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Speaker Training on 2012-02-14 Leadership is a Choice: Gaining the Positive Advantage The Paradigm Shift to Sustainability Using Multi Dimensional Training to RAMP UP your Productivity How Corporations Fail Women: Why You Can’t Develop Talent With a 2-Legged Stool Getting the Most from Your Leadership Development Investment Fostering Engagement & Leadership: Two Sides of the Same Coin Emotional Intelligence Skills that Drive Leadership 15 Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Sustainability Advantage Why Leadership Matters Leveraging the Power of Passion in the Workplace A Strategic Process & Tool Kit to Develop Organizational Leadership Capabilities How to Align Your Workforce with Your Business Objectives Creating A Culture Of Excellence: Pathway To Becoming A Remarkable Leader 16 Recruiting Through Social Media Sales Shift: How Digital Tools are Transforming Sales and Sales Training Compensation Data Sources: Finding the Right Ones for Your Needs and Budget Take Control of Unemployment Costs: Turn Unemployment Compensation into Competitive Advantage The Talent-Brand Equation: Attracting and Selecting the Right Talent for Your Brand 17 18 19
820 21 Speaker Training on 2012-02-21 The Workforce Planning Journey – A Successful Methodology for All Organizations 22 Happy People are Successful People: Targeting Employees' Emotional Intelligence to Drive Results The Top 10 Reactions to Feedback And How to Respond Getting Ahead: Integrating Learning and Performance for Midmarket Business Growth 23 Speaker Training on 2012-02-23 Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution Introduction to the Canadian Masters in HR Strategy & Execution Event Addressing the Total Talent Acquisition Need: Understanding the Blended RPO Approach Evidence-based HR Employee Engagement: Myths, Realities, & Next Steps for Your Organization The Enemy of Engagement: Put an End to Workplace Frustration - and Get the Most from Your Employees Web-REPUTATION: What is it, why it’s important and how you, as HR, make a difference! Mining the Subconscious: A Scientific Approach to Talent Development 24 Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution Becoming a Trusted Advisor Studentawards Class of 2012 Employment Report Create Your Personalized Guide to Highly Effective Leadership Breaking the Hire.Train.Repeat Cycle Teamwork by Design, Not by Default 25 26 TLNT Transform
927 Talent Management Conference 2012 HR Information Systems: Audits, Compliance and Risk Management Introduction to the Institute for Human Resources HRIS Virtual Event Enhancing Security by Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication Right Compensation Plan + Wrong Sales Talent = Declining Revenue Results Measuring Talent Management by Building the Employee Gap Analysis© Detecting White Collar Criminal Minds: Reducing Exposure to Risk Aligning Talent with Rewards – You need solutions, not more technology Speaker Training on 2012-02-27 Web 2.0 Caution! Using Social Networking Sites and Search Engines to Recruit and Screen Applicants Using Advanced Document Management to Create a Comprehensive Electronic Employee File 28 Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks Speaker Training on 2012-02-28 Introduction to IHR Benefits, Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risk Smart Strategies for Reducing Intermittent FMLA Leave Navigating the Road Ahead ONE Benefit that Can Reduce Employee Absenteeism and Increase Company Profitability Plan Fee Disclosure: Are You Ready? Navigating Healthcare Reform: Pay or Play? Retaining Your Top Talent Hottest new benefit- Discount Shopping 29 Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks Health Care Reform: 2012 and Beyond: The Courts, the Congress and the Cabinet What Got Us Here… Won’t Get Us There. Measuring what Matters in Staffing and Talent Management. Medical Travel for Self Funded Employers Speaker Training on 2012-02-29 Fee Focus and Frenzy Key Practices for Building a High Potential Strategy Benefits Reporting and Disclosures...Are You in Compliance? Staying in Compliance with FMLA Regulations: An Advanced Perspective Designing Custom Executive Education Programs Medicare Options For The Active Employees Over Age 65 And Retirees 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program Social Media and Employee Communications Introduction to the Institute For Human Resources Social Media and Employee Communication Are Independent Contractors Worth The Risk? The Jericho Myth: Managing Comms Functions As The Walls Between Internal And External Tumble Down People Insights 2.0: Opportunity at the Confluence of Workforce Intelligence and Social Analytics Progress Driven Leadership: Essential Principles for Elevating Engagement and Boosting Performance The Cultural Fit Factor, How to Attract, Retain and Repel the Right Employee Speaker Training on 2012-03-01 Empowering Wellness Coordinators to Change Lives and Organizations “How to Communicate the Brain-friendly Way: Ways to Engage, Not Upset People You Want to Influence” A Social Media Approach to Employee Engagement Research Mysteries Removed From Social Media: A View Through The Competency Lens How to Run an Active, Engaged Facebook Page 2 Social Media and Employee Communications 8 Steps to Clear Communication DIY Social Media Monitoring: How to Keep Tabs On Social Media Without Breaking The Bank Social Media Analytics - How and What to Measure Empower Employees as Brand Ambassadors on Social Media to Promote Your Products, Services and Brand 10 Tips for a Winning Social Media Strategy Digital Team Building Games The “Human Factor” in HR Communication: How to Use Social Media to Share Your Company's Stories Social Performance Management 3 4
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