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Beyond Spreadsheets - Cloud Computing for HR Cuts Time and Costs

Beyond Spreadsheets - Cloud Computing for HR Cuts Time and Costs
January 11, 2012 at 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET
Carl Kutsmode, Talent Acquisition / Recruiting Solutions Consultant (talentRISE LLC)
Most HR and Recruiting departments live and die by their spreadsheets and often spend many hours updating them in order to report status or performance in planning meetings, competency validation meetings, recruiting activity updates etc Most all experience the following common challenges:

•       Redundant, inconsistent manual data entry of data for mgmt reporting of HR or recruiting dashboard metrics
•        Lack of sophistication in manipulating data using Excel to create meaningful charts and graphs for presentations and trend analysis
•        Hours of time spent manually exporting and formatting data from various HR and Recruiting systems and then manually merging it into a single roll up spreadsheet for key management talent planning and analysis.

Fortunately, recent advancements in online "Cloud" computing have begun to offer solutions that can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with these mundane, but necessary data management, analysis and reporting tasks. In this session, presenters Carl Kutsmode of talentRISE ( ), and Jason Lee of MavenWave Partners ( ), will share the following two case study examples of how low cost or FREE, "Cloud" based business applications can move your department beyond spreadsheets to the new world of real-time, anytime accessible "Cloud Computing For HR" .

1) HR Competency Validation is often a time intensive process involving the gathering of stakeholder input on competency and behavioral anchor wording, relevancy and role applicability. Capturing and analyzing hundreds of data points of feedback by position level, geographic region and/or department is typically a highly manual process often involving hours of analysis and rollup of data captured in MS Word documents, spreadsheets or on pen/paper. See how a Cloud solution using FREE Google docs polling tools was able to easily collect and provide real-time analysis reducing competency validation time by over 50%.

2) Recruiter Candidate Pipeline Tracking and Reporting is often done manually in Excel spreadsheets due to limited or non-customizable reporting capabilities of corporate resume management systems. Periodic aggregation of a recruiting team’s Excel reports into a single metrics dashboard is often a manual process plagued with data inconsistencies that require hours of data clean up prior to running any analysis. See how a Cloud solution enabled recruiters to consistently enter data into a FREE Google docs spreadsheet document while also automatically pulling data from a talent sourcing CRM database thereby creating a real-time pipeline metrics dashboard.
Who Should Participate
Corporate Technology professionals supporting HR systems, HR and Recruiting Leaders, HRIS and Talent Management Data Management Administrators, HR Generalists, Recruiters, HR Administrative staff. Anyone who is interested in streamlining their current manual spreadsheet HR data tracking and reporting practices will benefit from this session.
What You Will Learn
1) How to eliminate hours of redundant data entry, analysis and reporting by leveraging FREE online "Cloud" based tools (ie.Google Docs) 2) How recruiters can use these tools to automate candidate tracking and pipeline reporting 3) How Talent Management teams can use these tools to validate new competencies
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Presented by
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Carl Kutsmode
talentRISE LLC

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Event Sponsors
talentRISE is a “Talent Management” consulting firm that helps employers address operational and strategic challenges related to the acquisition, development and retention of a high performing, diverse workforce.
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