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Improving The Quality Of Your Temporary Workforce

Improving The Quality Of Your Temporary Workforce
September 27, 2012 at 3:30 - 4:30 PM ET
Bill Inman, President(
A third of the U.S. workforce is now comprised of temporary workers, who are sometimes referred to as freelancers, contractors or contingent workers. Worldwide, companies will spend an estimated $300 billion dollars on temporary workers this year alone.
Since companies are continuing to dramatically increase their usage and spend on temporary labor, it’s imperative that they ensure that the quality of their short-term workforce is high in order to secure the long-term success of their organizations.
A higher proportion of temporary workers are being sought after for highly skilled, professional areas (such as finance, legal, education and engineering) than ever before, so making sure that you engage the right people for those kinds of temporary positions is business critical. Temporary workers are no longer “just temps” in the modern workplace. They’re working in your facilities, dealing with your clients and handling your intellectual property, so HR managers should be just as particular about their temporary workers as they are when selecting their direct, internal hires.
Our virtual conference - led by Emergent President, Bill Inman – will talk you through which processes should be put in place to ensure the quality of the temporary workers you engage – including various options for background screening, aptitude testing and personality screening for all kinds of temporary workers.
We will also show you how to raise the quality of your temporary workforce as a whole, demonstrating ways in which your company can raise your levels of temporary workforce productivity and compliance, streamline your workforce management processes and help reduce the overall cost of your temporary workforce.
Who Should Participate
HR Executives and anyone with an interest in raising the quality of their contingent workforce.
What You Will Learn
How to raise the quality of your temporary workforce, both in terms of improving the quality of the individuals you engage, as well as raising the overall quality of your temporary workforce as a whole - improving workforce productivity, cost-effectiveness and compliance.
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    Bill Inman

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    Based in Burbank, California, Emergent employs contingent labor throughout the United States. Our mission is to help the companies that use contingent labor increase profitability while decreasing cost and risk.
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