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How to Dramatically Improve Your Batting Average When Hiring Sales Reps

How to Dramatically Improve Your Batting Average When Hiring Sales Reps
September 26, 2012 at 3:30 - 4:30 PM ET
Jeffrey T. Geyer, Sr. Vice President(Boston Biometrics)
Tired of recruiting and training sales reps with just a 5% to 20% success rate in developing medium and top sales producers? At last there is a pre-employment test to improve your batting average to 70% or more. Consistent quality of hire has always been an elusive goal and this is often most obvious when hiring sales producers. What is needed is a low cost, efficient, objective, accurate and scientifically-validated method to understand who can excel at achieving and exceeding your sales goals and who will struggle and fail to achieve your sales standards and objectives. A comprehensive predictive indicator that does not have a disparate impact against any of the protected classes of job candidates.

Boston Biometrics ( has just such a test – The Boston Test. The test is based on the science of behavioral biometrics . . . also known as movement-based biometrics. It is a simple test that takes only 20 minutes to complete. There are no questions and answers. As a result, there are no cultural, educational, nor language biases. It is available in all major languages.

The Boston Test ( requires no special knowledge. The test cannot be manipulated to the job applicant’s advantage. It is totally objective and non-discriminatory. It has been independently validated and proven to be EEOC compliant – well within the parameters of the 4/5ths rule. Its exceptional accuracy has also been proven through 3rd-party, double-blind validation studies conducted by a renowned clinical psychologist.

The Boston Test is based on the proven science that your movements are a direct reflection of how your brain is organized and processes information. By incorporating a specific job description along with testing current employees in your company, we can establish a job specific custom target profile for top sales producers, consistent with the culture of your company.

• The Boston Test reveals 13 essential attributes that are identified and correlated among productive employees currently in your company.

• The exercise can be administered to all prospective candidates as an initial step in the screening process.

• New candidates that match the attributes and preferences of current successful employees are recommended based upon level of match.

• A simple, 20 minute exercise that cannot be manipulated by the applicant making it impossible to game the results to win the job.

• A world class process with a validated reliability unparalleled in effectiveness.

By attending this webinar, you will come to understand that you no longer have to risk hiring sales people that will fail. Attendees will learn how to consistently beat the odds and save thousands in turnover and potentially save millions from opportunity loss.

At the conclusion of the presentation, we will provide ample time to answer your questions.
Who Should Participate
Managers and direct supervisors accountable for sales productivity and development of top sales producers. Human Resource professionals and stakeholders that are accountable for the sourcing and screening processes of job applicants.
What You Will Learn
Consistently sourcing and hiring top sales producers no longer requires a revolving door with high turnover. The Boston Test will accurately identify candidates that can readily adapt to the culture of your company and become medium and top sales producers, dramatically increasing productivity and substantially reducing turnover. You will learn how you can save time, resources and money by working with Boston Biometrics to develop a Custom Target Profile for your sales position(s), a proven benchmarking roadmap for success and incorporate The Boston Test into your pre-employment screening process to consistently identify the best talent to match your company's needs.
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Jeffrey T. Geyer
Boston Biometrics

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The presenters were fantastics & the information fascinating. Enjoyed the connection between data performance and success metrics. 5 / 5
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