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HR Today - Doing More with Less

HR Today - Doing More with Less
August 2, 2012 at 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET
Alan Preston, President and CEO(Just Enough HR)
Doing more with less is standard operating procedure these days; HR departments and their budgets have been cut significantly. But doing more with less is not just about leveraging technology - it’s also about leveraging relationships to gain the support and cooperation of managers at all levels.

Just like any service organization, HR needs to put its customers first. But in some cases, internal relationships can become adversarial. Those who work more closely and collaboratively with their internal clientele are more highly valued and are much more likely to have influence in their organizations. Working on internal relationships can make a big difference.

Ask yourself:

1.       Do managers send their employees to you, expecting you to make decisions that are rightfully theirs?
2.       Do you notice that your managers don’t know what’s in your Employee Handbook?
3.       Do you have problem children who seem to need an inordinate amount of handholding?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you'd benefit from spending some time on enhancing these important relationships. You may in fact be enabling the very behavior that stretches you to the breaking point!

Streamlining HR doesn’t mean forgoing any of the critical responsibilities you have, it simply means becoming more efficient and effective by spreading the work around a little more evenly. Engaging a team of supportive colleagues outside of the HR department can have profound effects on the employee experience in your organization.

In this session you will learn to work best with each of your internal clients – especially those managers who tend to defer too much of their duties to HR. Learn to push back without alienating others as you build more collaborative, supportive relationships.
Who Should Participate
HR Generalists with outsized employee groups Sole Practitioners ("departments of one") HR Professionals at any level who strive to increase their influence
What You Will Learn
Techniques for building stronger relationships with internal customers. New opportunities to be more efficient, freeing up resources. Strategies for increasing influence and projecting credibility. Methods for leveraging inexpensive technology to improve service to internal customers.
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Presented by
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Alan Preston
Just Enough HR

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Preston Leadership
File List
Name Comment Rating
Image of Elise Van Tonder Elise Van Tonder
Executive HR Consulting Ltd
2 - Poor Presentation 2 / 5
Poor Presentation
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Linh Giang Linh Giang
Peo Canada
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Jenielle Jones Jenielle Jones
Regional Nursing Services
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Christy Whaley Christy Whaley
Amicitia American School of Fes
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Michael Klein Michael Klein
"I hate to be critical but it sounds like you want to get better at what you do. I felt like too much time was spent ion the setup and not enough time on ""the meat"" . This may not have been universal I suppose it depends on the background one comes from. Thanks for sharing your time and your passion." 3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Ed Gorenak Ed Gorenak
Bramalea Community Health Centre
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Rafael Gonzalez Rafael Gonzalez
Delta Partners Group
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Céline Schmitt Céline Schmitt
Lallemand Inc.
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Shelby Samuels Shelby Samuels
Myron Corp
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Catheryn Kendall Catheryn Kendall
St. Joseph Media
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Amy Rolak Amy Rolak
GFI Software
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Michelle Prenovost Michelle Prenovost
Virginia Mason Medical Center
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Jessie Gunn Jessie Gunn
United Way of Amarillo and Canyon
Great information that I can use in my workplace! Thank you 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Rhonda Couchie Rhonda Couchie
Anishinabek Nation
Great job - enjoyed the presentation. 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of V P V P
I would like more information in the slides itself rather than just pictures. 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
no 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Jane Gallant Jane Gallant
Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Sandy Lovell Sandy Lovell
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Allen did a fantastic job of keeping the presentation interesting. The flow and the persentation were very well managed and the information was more than helpful. 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of William Foster William Foster
United States Air Force
Great candid discussion. I believe HR fights for the seats at the table or as I put it relavency. Even though HR accounts for a significant portion of the business costs we are often discounted. If you can lay out to management (and your staff) how they fit into the business model and why what they do is important to the overall success of the company you win. 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Toni Summers Toni Summers
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Great delivery. 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Vicki Tardino, Ph.D., SPHR Vicki Tardino, Ph.D., SPHR
The Boeing Company
It was EXCEPTIONAL aligned with the thinking changes I see as sorely needed. I plan to recommend this to my colleagues... THANK YOU! The speaker was very articulate presented at a good pace nice examples. 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Laurie Hayden, PHR Laurie Hayden, PHR
The Dutch Group
Thanks so much for a great webinar! Very good information shared. 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation

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