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Recognizing and Rewarding Across Cultures; 4 Factors for Success

Recognizing and Rewarding Across Cultures; 4 Factors for Success
July 31, 2012 at 3:30 - 4:30 PM ET
Maureen Bridget Rabotin, Global Executive and Leadership Coach(Effective Global Leadership)
Cross Cultural Awareness is no longer a nice to know skill in today’s global workplace. To be truly successful, we need to go beyond learning about national cultural influences, and onto acquiring intercultural competencies that effectively recognizes and rewards employees across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

What are the 4 factors for successfully motivating and engaging employees and colleagues across linguistic and cultural boundaries?
•       Respect <hich starts with oneself. Being culturally aware increases our knowledge of ourselves, allows us to become more attentive to the cultural influences we bring to the table, and how we can adapt to better influence and align expectations of those we need to influence. Several different levels of culture exist within an Organization: national, corporate, functional and team cultures. As in any system, they can be leveraged or they can be challenging. Understanding how they come into play from simple project management to complex strategic planning is the foundation to success across all levels of culture.
•       Relationship: being mindful of how we create, maintain and add value to relationships Through initiative and competitive collaboration, we raise the bar both in who we are and where we want to go. Not only networking through hubs and webbing but developing those face-to-face and virtual relationships through teamspaces and time outs.
•       Recognizing emotions and energy through empathy allows us to create those connections that thrive during the highs and lows in today’s volatile and ambiguous environment. Uncertainty and complexity are here to stay. Simple recognition of efforts while framing the why of what needs to be done and when not how consolidates fundamental appreciation.
•       Rewards: using The International Profiler by WorldWork enables global executives to reward themselves and those who develop a global mindset while learning how to refocus their energy as challenges and opportunities present themselve. This developmental tool identifies a global mindset based on 10 qualities with 22 intercultural competencies for global executives.
Who Should Participate
Learning and Development Specialists, Training and Talent Management Professionals and HR specialists concerned with Global Mobility, High Potentials and Leadership Development
What You Will Learn
How to identify the impact of cultural influences in recognizing and rewarding employees in global organizations, Which qualities help global executives focus their energy, and What are the 4R Principles that go beyond cultural identities?
Recommended Resources
Culture Savvy – working and collaborating across cultures by Maureen Rabotin (ASTD 2011),, Where in the World is my team by Terry Brake , developmental tools and articles found on,
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Presented by
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Maureen Bridget Rabotin
Effective Global Leadership

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Effective Global Leadership
Effective Global Leadership coaches and facilitates workshops for executives who navigate — and succeed in — the new global economy and multicultural business environments.
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