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What is a Confidential Search?

Posted by Clark, Lorrie at Wednesday, 01/02/2013 3:25 pm
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We all know how important confidentiality can be when it comes to conducting an executive job search and this is for myriad reasons. If you are a company that is thinking about hiring a new team member, you may not recognize the inherent dangers that exist if news of your search hits the wrong target. So what is a confidential search and how is it conducted?

First of all, what is a confidential search? Just as the name suggests, a confidential search is a hunt for top talent that is conducted in a completely confidential way. This means that news of the job search is shared only among a select few members – and by select we mean very select – for a variety of reasons (competition, team morale and security, liability reasons, etc.). Making sure that any candidates already employed are not negatively impacted by the search is also an important part of a confidential search.

How is a confidential search conducted? Firstly, an executive search firm, in consultation with you, will come up with a list of desirable characteristics to look for in potential candidates. By keeping all communication with potential candidates hush-hush, an executive search firm can flush out those candidates employed in other places and gauge their level of interest. If they are interested, it is imperative that their current employer not find out.

What about interviews – they don’t need to be done confidentially, right? Wrong! If not all of your staff members are aware that there is a hiring taking place, don’t announce it by bringing someone in and interviewing them! You might as well flash a neon sign over the boardroom door saying “Change is Coming!” This can decrease team morale and negatively affect the feelings of job security, thereby affecting job performance. Instead, with an interest in confidentiality, an executive search firm that can provide you with a neutral location to conduct interviews means that your search can stay within that inner circle.

Since candidates are often cognizant of the need to keep their own job search confidential, many choose to work with executive search firms to find them positions that meet their qualifications and job needs. Because of this, if your company is looking to hire confidentially, going to an executive search firm with a well-established network of qualified job seekers can make the search that much easier.

For more information about a confidential search and how it is conducted, please contact Permanent Search Group by calling 1-905-276-2006 or visit

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