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Topic: How to Create Engaged Employees

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Member since 01/17/2013
How to Create Engaged Employees
02/18/2013 / 2:19 pm    #-24

There is a lot to this, but it is actually very simple. Take a look at this video.

The key is to 100% meet the basic needs all employees have. When we look at employees we only see their behavior and from that conclude they are all quite different. But behavior is only what is on the surface. Under the surface, if we look at that we find all people are basically the same from the standpoint of managing them because they all have the same basic needs, the same good values, and ~95% are conformists, some more and some less. If management fully meets their basic needs they will choose to become fully engaged.

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Best regards, Ben
Leadership is a science and so is engagement


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