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Topic: Communication and Professionalism

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Member since 05/18/2005
Communication and Professionalism
10/26/2012 / 2:41 pm    #-24

I have a member on my team that needs help getting to the next level. She has the smarts but lacks confidence. This in turn does not build confidence in others that work with her. She stumbles over her words with “Umms” and “like” in every sentence. I have coached her on this but I am not getting that far. Any ideas?

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Member since 04/18/2012
Re: Communication and Professionalism
10/30/2012 / 3:22 pm    #-23

Is your issue with her "communication" or her lack of confidence? Very big differences there. Her lack of confidence might be due to her being put into a position that she wasn't qualified. She should have been completley trained and you probably would have less "communication" issues with her - her lack of confidence is coming through verbaly. No one should have to be put into that situation - and what's's those people who are being written up or facing poor performance evaluations. It's the supervisor who should be the one to take full blame.


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