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Topic: Health Care Cost Report: Why healthcare costs keep rising

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Member since 06/27/2012
Health Care Cost Report: Why healthcare costs keep rising
09/17/2012 / 5:08 pm    #-24

Using claims data from private insurers, The Health Care Cost Institute found that there were “price increases across all categories of service” in the healthcare industry in 2011. They cite unit price increases as the primary driver of this change.

The traditional fee-for-service system is broken, and things are not likely to improve unless new models are adopted.

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Member since 05/18/2005
Re: Health Care Cost Report: Why healthcare costs keep rising
11/01/2012 / 8:34 am    #-23

New model found here: for individuals. Contact us at we represent the top two companies in the industry and offer DEEP discounts for business accounts.

We treat common and acute conditions Quickly, Easily and Conveniently. Your employees will use and love the program and your business will enjoy the savings and increased productivity we've shown over the years in our accounts.

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