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Topic: Starting out in the HR world

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Member since 04/25/2012
Starting out in the HR world
04/25/2012 / 2:16 pm    #-24

First off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Eddie, I graduated from Penn State University with a major in Economics (2010). I currently work in management at UPS and looking for forward my career. For the last two years I have been managing 100-115 people daily. Working with people every day for the last few years I've adapted a taste for finding talent and would like to move my career towards the HR side. Just wondering the best place for me to start and what I should look for in a position. When I search for HR positions they all require 5+ years of experience, but I can't get the experience without starting somewhere. I'm a young, smart and highly energetic person that can adapt to any situation. If you someone could help me out and lead me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.



Member since 11/06/2007
Re: Starting out in the HR world
05/02/2012 / 11:00 pm    #-23

Hi Eddie,

I've been in management for years and obtained a Master's in HR in 2007 and it has still been difficult to break into the field. I think one reason for me is I have been unable to accept entry level positions to get my foot in the door. In talking with peers in the HR field, I've been told that joining SHRM ( or the local chapter for your state and doing volunteer work in HR will help get your foot in the door. I'm working on that now.
Good luck to you,



Member since 04/18/2012
Re: Starting out in the HR world
02/18/2013 / 2:37 pm    #-22

Hi Eddie....welcome. The only advice to get you into this great field is to start at the bottome. The other women said she wasn't about to start from the bottom, but guess what, YOU DO. I graduated with my BA in Advertising/Marketing. Worked for a bit and realized I would love getting into the HR field. Kmart was hiring for an "HR Team Member". I took an $8 an hour hit, but thought what it could do for me in the long run. 5 years later I left Kmart with sooo much knowledgement and was very greatful for the opportunity to learn there. Now, I am at a place making $55,000 a year. 5 years experience/no Masters in HR....just hands - on - training. In this field, people don't look for Masters in HR as much as they would other professions. They look for years of experience as well as if you have your PHR or your SPHR. Look at some requirements: you won't find too many that say "Masters in HR" but you will find almost all of them saying PHS or SPHR. In order to receive these certificates you will need to be in the HR field for I beleive 3 or 4 years to sit for the PHS. They just revampt the qualifications. I hope this helps.

Don't forget, if you get a medeocore entry level HR job - most have college reimbursment programs (if it's a Masters you are really looking for). Again, they are looking for your PHR and SPHR's.


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