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Topic: What is the role leadership plays in wellness?

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Member since 05/15/2012
What is the role leadership plays in wellness?
11/06/2012 / 9:06 pm    #-24

I recently went to a wellness symposium one of the speakers, a CEO was talking about how he was leading by example by enrolling in wellness programing and encouraging others to join him.

Someone else chimed in that middle management support of wellness programs is also just as important as a top down approach. What do you think?

How can leadership play a role in wellness programing adoption and utilization? What is the most effective strategy leadership can take to improve wellness?


Member since 02/18/2013
Re: What is the role leadership plays in wellness?
02/18/2013 / 10:23 am    #-23

Hello there!
What a great question-as a leader development specialists, I often have to address gaps in the culture of an organization and whether we are talking about wellness or change or conflict, the only way any intitiative really takes hold is when the culture says "this is how we do things around here" and it is adopted by everyone.
If leaders want to engage in organizational wellness, they need to bring in a specialist who can integrate all roles, levels and positions into the process. Culture is truly developed when all parts of the company are aligned with the message. You can't ask everyone to want to do it or to be truly engaged or emotionally invested, but it should be an expectation that everyone needs to be involved. it is the only way anything really succeeds or sustains.

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Member since 07/16/2012
Re: Re: What is the role leadership plays in wellness?
02/18/2013 / 11:14 am    #-22

Hi Kate,

As a Corporate Wellness Coach I can tell you from experience if leadership is not on board for wellness your engagement rates will be low. I think of it this way... Leader support validates the level of importance of wellness. If I am an employee and my executive team does not see value in it, why would I? But it starts before that. We have to look at our overall culture of an organization and are we being consistant with what we preach? If we are not consistent, we are not sending a message that will stick. Consistent culture and leader support will ultimitely hold more weight than any program or campaign you will ever run. It is the foundation for every successful program! I agree with Allison, if it becomes the cultural norm, people will respond.

Best of luck to you!