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Topic: Having the right employee benefits can attract and retain good people.

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Member since 09/12/2012
Having the right employee benefits can attract and retain good people.
09/12/2012 / 12:47 pm    #-24

The recession is causing a host of problems for employees every day such as:

Delinquent taxes
Identity theft
Dealing with collection agencies
Landlord issues

Having to cope with these and a multitude of other issues results in employees losing focus at work causing distractions, lost productivity and possible data breaches.

HOW MANY SICK DAYS HAVE YOUR EMPLOYEES TAKEN THIS YEAR? Are they really sick or just dealing with ID theft, the IRS, traffic tickets, the car repo man, collection agencies, landlords, divorce lawyers, police, mechanics overcharging for services, cell phone over charges, etc. And when they are at work are they focused or worrying about those types of common issues.

By offering employees access to a TOP law firm in your state and the best identity theft protection in the market, you can create a win-win position for your company. As post-tax benefits, not only do the employees not have to pay taxes on these benefits but they can deduct the cost from their personal taxes. The benefits can be set up as a payroll deduction or as a bank draft, but either way, it costs your company NOTHING.

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