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Topic: Seeking to Transition to Human Resources - Which School?

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Member since 04/26/2012
Seeking to Transition to Human Resources - Which School?
04/26/2012 / 7:45 pm    #1


Previously, I was an Executive Assistant and Office Manager. I was laid off in 2010. I have been researching Master Certifcate in Human Resources Management programs, and I have narrowed it down to two institutions - Cornell University and Villanova University.

Cornell is rated #1 by HR Professionals, however, Villanova's program seems to be MUCH more comprehensive offering a foundation and courses in the very basics of HR Management.

I do not have any real experience in HR, nor do I have knowledge of it's practices. I also do not hold any other degrees, however I did attend a technical school years ago where I was enrolled in a business management course. I do plan on obtaining my PHR after I complete whichever course I take.

Which program would you recommend to me?

I have listed the programs for both institutions below. Please see the attachment links beside the main courses for a syllibus of that course. Both courses are priced about the same ($200 difference).

Cornell Master Certificate in HR Management is comprised of:
Human Resources Management Course - Cornell HR Management Course
Two Electives:
Human Capital Management
Employee Relations
SPHR/PHR Prep Course

Villanova Master Certificate in HR Management is comprised of:
Human Resources Management Course - VillanovaU HR Management Course
Organizational Effectiveness Course - VU Organizational Effectiveness Course
Two Electives:
Essentials of Project Management
Maximizing Team Effectiveness
Strategic Organizational Leadership Newly Updated!
Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager
Essentials of ROI Methodology
Essentials of Business Analysis Newly Updated!
Essentials of IS Security
Essentials of Commercial Contract Management
Essentials of Government Contract Management
Six Sigma Green Belt
Lean Six Sigma
Six Sigma Green Belt-Healthcare
Six Sigma Green Belt-Financial Services

After reviewing both programs, I'm sure you can understand my concern. It seems as though Cornell's program is tailored to those who are already HR professionals, or who have a foundation such as a Bachelor's in HR Management, however, the enrollment specialist claims otherwise.

What do you think?


Member since 05/29/2012
Re: Seeking to Transition to Human Resources - Which School?
05/30/2012 / 1:18 pm    #2

This is probably not what you were looking for, but I say pass on both programs for the moment. Instead, I think you would be better off looking into a Bachelor's in HR. Once you are enrolled you can seek intern positions in HR in order to start getting some of the experience you need. After you graduate and have some exempt level experience, THEN consider one of the master certificates. You won't be able to take the PHR until you have several years of exempt level HR experience anyway and I would recommend that you hold off on taking the prep courses until you are closer to taking the exam. That way the knowledge is current and fresh. :)


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