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Topic: Leadership Mentoring - USA and India

Messages (3) Visitors (591)

Member since 06/22/2005
Leadership Mentoring - USA and India
03/26/2012 / 5:09 pm    #1

If you have experience and insights to share regarding leadership and cultural differences between leaders in the United States and leaders in India, I'd appreciate hearing from you. This work is related to some internal mentoring work that will be done.

Today I had a discusion with an IT leader who wants to better connect IT leaders in India with IT leaders in the USA, and helping leaders in both countries understand cultural differences in how leaders lead may be helpful. This could include intepersonal communication approaches, willingess or unwillingness to challenge/respectfully "push back."

In short, what things may leaders in the USA need to understand about how leaders in India lead their staff and what things may leaders in Indial need to understand about how leaders in the USA lead?

Also, if you have any tips on articles or sites to visit that can help identify issues and explain differences and similarities, I'd appreciate the tip.


Member since 05/12/2011
Re: Leadership Mentoring - USA and India
03/30/2012 / 3:22 pm    #2

Some of these webcasts may be of help..


Member since 06/22/2005
Re: Re: Leadership Mentoring - USA and India
03/30/2012 / 4:04 pm    #3

Thanks for the suggestions, Nazia! I'll relay them to my colleague who is working on this mentoring program.


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