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Topic: Mid Level Marketers - Exempt or Non-Exempt

Messages (4) Visitors (1745)

joseph.hernandez, phr
Member since 04/12/2012
Mid Level Marketers - Exempt or Non-Exempt
04/12/2012 / 3:16 pm    #1

In general, are mid-level marketers exempt or non-exempt. In this position, a 4 year degree is required. Understanding of marketing concepts/theories is also essential. Ability to use independent judgement in creating marketing materials is also a essential. Decides which projects to pursue based on some independent thinking.


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Member since 12/01/2011
Re: Mid Level Marketers - Exempt or Non-Exempt
04/13/2012 / 11:04 am    #2

In our organization, mid-level marketers are considered exempt. Much like you, they require a 4 year degree, but I would say there is a large degree of autonomy when it comes to how to accomplish the projects they pursue. We do have a high-level of control over what projects are assigned. The independent nature of the position, specifically the degree of independence over how they direct their own work and the level of education and training required to do this is the primary reason for our justification of their exempt status.


Member since 04/18/2012
Re: Re: Mid Level Marketers - Exempt or Non-Exempt
04/18/2012 / 11:44 am    #3

New here - but JoeHRnold, thanks for the clarification on your exempt policy! Very helpful.

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Member since 05/29/2012
Re: Mid Level Marketers - Exempt or Non-Exempt
05/29/2012 / 4:58 pm    #4

Based on the FLSA, as long as the wage is adequate to support this determination, I would agree that this sounds like an exempt position based on the professional category. (Currently the wage must be at or in excess of $455 per week.)

As a caveat, I would hesitate to use a 4 year degree as a qualifier. Additional education BEYOND a 4 year degree would be a safer measure, in my opinion.

"Professionally exempt work means work which is predominantly intellectual, requires specialized education, and involves the exercise of discretion and judgment. Professionally exempt workers must have education beyond high school, and usually beyond college, in fields that are distinguished from (more "academic" than) the mechanical arts or skilled trades. Advanced degrees are the most common measure of this, but are not absolutely necessary if an employee has attained a similar level of advanced education through other means (and perform essentially the same kind of work as similar employees who do have advanced degrees).

Some employees may also perform "creative professional" job duties which are exempt. This classification applies to jobs such as actors, musicians, composers, writers, cartoonists, and some journalists. It is meant to cover employees in these kinds of jobs whose work requires invention, imagination, originality or talent; who contribute a unique interpretation or analysis."


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