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Topic: Legally: To Pay or Not to Pay

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Member since 08/20/2009
Legally: To Pay or Not to Pay
08/26/2010 / 3:49 pm    #1

Legally, are we required to pay employees for work they have done outside of their scheduled hours of work, even though they did not have management approval to work outside of their scheduled work hours?

Our Company has a web-based data management system which contains our company’s and our clients’ confidential data. Our employee manual states that employees may not access this system from home or remote locations without Management approval. The manual also states that employees will work there scheduled shift and may not work overtime unless pre-approved by Management. It has recently come to HR’s attention that a number of non-exempt employees have been logging on to this system after scheduled work hours from their home computer. They are not, however logging in to the Time and Attendance system to time stamp for this work.


Member since 07/28/2010
Re: Legally: To Pay or Not to Pay
09/23/2010 / 3:18 pm    #2

We've had a similar issue come up in our office, and basically, this is what it comes down to:

Yes, you have to pay non-exempt employees who work unapproved overtime/hours. However, repeated violations of the employee manual can result in disciplinary action - so if it happens repeatedly, you may have grounds to terminate the violator.


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