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Topic: Pay raise alternatives in an economic downturn

Messages (3) Visitors (209)

Member since 02/14/2008
Pay raise alternatives in an economic downturn
06/16/2009 / 3:05 pm    #1

Annual raises are coming up again. However, we are feeling the crunch of the economy. Hours have been cut, the summer picnic cancelled, etc. However we still wish to recognize the hard work and effort put in by some employees. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives to raises?

Member since 10/07/2009
Re: Pay raise alternatives in an economic downturn
10/07/2009 / 2:43 pm    #2

Have you given any thought to Gainsharing. Gainshairing is self funded



Member since 12/31/1969
Re: Pay raise alternatives in an economic downturn
10/13/2009 / 3:07 am    #3

There are too many incentives like granting fthe ew hardworkiing people a paid vacation to a nearby resort for few days, flight tickets to a near by destination,which is ususally a holiday destination, you can book the tickets in the low season so it dosen't cost too much, alternativley a gift voucher or tangible gift and a certificate of appreciation, this will some times have better than money effect on the employees,,



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