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Topic: I-9 disaster

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Member since 11/11/2011
I-9 disaster
12/20/2011 / 10:17 am    #1

I am the office administrator of a small business. I take care of payroll and HR.

Before I was brought on board, the company dd some hiring and the I-9's are a disaster.

Here are my problems.
I-9's were filled out signed before employees started. Some were signed in June 2011 but employee did not start until say July or August.

I-9's were signed by employer weeks or even a month after employee fills out I-9.

My questions are:

Should the I-9 be signed and dated, by employee, be used as the date of hire or date they actually started?
If the employer part should have been signed within days of said employee fills out their I-9, how can I fix the dates the employer did?

In our payroll system, when the employee is added in as a new employee, should I use the date as the actual hired date or actual start date?

I'm lost on where to go and how to proceed.

Ie: Joe Smith signes I-9 on June 13, 2011
Joe Smith did not start until July 27, 2011
Joe Smith was added to the payroll system on June 15, 2011

Shouldn't these dates match each other?


Member since 05/18/2005
Re: I-9 disaster
01/12/2012 / 5:33 pm    #2

Hi - I'm not an I-9 expert, I'd reccomend checking online, pages like:

Also, I don't know if you use talent management or hiring software, but lots of programs (like ours at PeopleMatter, but we do service-industry HR, so that might not be for you) have employees fill out the I-9 and W2 in either the application or onboarding process. Our software also does background and tax credit checks. All the information is step-by-step and then everything is organized and save in one place. The manager and employee know what they have completed and what's left.

If you're having problems with this type of thing, I would look for HR software that suits your needs!

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