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Topic: Providing Payroll & HR Outsourcing Services Since 1997 in Malaysia

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Member since 07/20/2007
Providing Payroll & HR Outsourcing Services Since 1997 in Malaysia
07/23/2007 / 9:16 am    #1

Are you having these problems with your Monthly Payroll & HR Management in Malaysia ?
-Obsolete Payroll software
-Software Bugs on your Payroll software
-Frequent computer breakdowns (hardware)
-Yearly changes in statutory requirements eg.
Income Tax charts, EPF Charts, Borang E
-Frequent changing of payroll staff due to high staff turnover
-Leak of confidential information, such as staff remuneration

With our experienced and professional team of experts, Binary Gateway Sdn. Bhd. can take on all your payroll & HR problems with no initial investment and at the same time reduce overheads of your payroll department.

We will process your payroll for you monthly, at your office or off-site and churn out reports, both statutory reports and customized reports based on your requirements. Examples of these reports are:
-Payroll register (in grouping by sector , department or category)
-Payroll Reconciliation (last month's basic pay + staff movements = current month's basic pay)
-Journal Report (for accounting purposes)
-Audit Trial
-Bank Advice/Banker's List (auto bank transfer & cheque payments)
-Deduction/Allowance Summary
-EPF Borang A
-Socso Borang 8A
-Income Tax Borang CP39 (monthly), CP8A, CP159 & EA (yearly)
-Pension Funds listing
-Amanah Saham Bumiputera
-Lembaga Tabung Haji listing
-Adhoc reports as and when required

Payroll & HR Outsourcing Service Benefits
With Flex-Pay's Payroll Outsourcing service, you'll:
-Saves time and cost
-Eliminates the cost of hardware, software and supplies used in payroll administration, reports, pay slips and forms
-Eliminates yearly annual upgrades for software enhancement
-Eliminates the problem of software and computer hardware becoming obsolete
Payroll management services ensure that our software and computer hardware stays current with the latest statutory requirements and new systems features
-Eliminates staffing problems and retraining
-Frees you from worrying about payroll department staffing problems and retraining new staff which could delay the delivery of your employees? payroll
Lets you focus on core functions
Frees you from routine work so that you can devote those resources to your core business and more productive responsibilities
Efficiently manages your payroll
Supports your payroll with our specialists and the entire resources of Flex-Pay
Improves your decision-making capabilities
Improves management planning, scheduling and track vital statistics with Flex-Pay payroll management services reports
Professionally manages HR compliance issues
Avoids penalties, unnecessary fines and we continually monitor employment-related legislative changes to help keep up with compliance issues
Manages and administers your unique requirements
We ensure that your special requirements relating to your payroll is customized to your needs and take into the consideration your corporate policies, benefit guidelines and nature of workforce when managing your payroll
Better security and confidentiality
Eliminates you from the problem of payroll information leaking out which is highly sensitive and confidential

At Flex-Pay it is our business to ensure that a powerful security control is in place to prevent unauthorized access to our payroll system and our payroll team of specialists are strictly bound by our security procedure and
confidentiality requirement

You'll will also be ensure of better confidentiality since our payroll specialists are not associated with your company's
employee and process outside your company's premises
We ensure that you receive immediate response to inquiries through our philosophy of 'Commitment to quality service and responsive, knowledgeable support'

We have been providing payroll & HR outsourcing service to several multi-national and Local corporations since 1997.

Call us now for our full scope of services & quotation!

Tel: +6 03-23301129
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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