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Topic: MBA for HR Profesionals

Messages (4) Visitors (185)

Member since 09/26/2010
MBA for HR Profesionals
09/30/2010 / 12:14 pm    #1

The field of Human Resource Management (HRM) focuses on achieving corporate strategy through the effective management of people in organizations. It examines the link between people, satisfaction, and productivity. Effective HRM results in a higher quality of work life, higher productivity, and an improved readiness for change. The role of the human resources manager within a corporate environment has been undergoing rapid change. In the past, personnel managers served primarily as administrators, policing and maintaining the organizational status quo. However, the role of the modern human resources manager has become more ambiguous, shifting in the direction of business partner, employee champion and change catalyst, and focused on strategic leveraging of human capital. The human resource manager's role is also moving toward one of internal consultant in order to help line and upper-level managers better manage their people, increase productivity, promote innovation, change management, build capabilities together in order to impact on the business results of the company

In this escenario HR professionals need to undestand about marketing, finance,operations and sales and it has become very important for HR managers to have a strong business background, as well as clear strategic and financial experience. This is why companies are now hiring MBA candidates for HR positions.

Taking a look to the Top US MBA program neither of them focus on HR but some have really good electives or they have labor and industrial schools.

In your experience which MBA would you consider ?


Member since 09/30/2010
Re: MBA for HR Profesionals
09/30/2010 / 7:09 pm    #2

I agree that an MBA is important for HR professionals. But it can be hard for some to do, simply because of money and time.

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Member since 03/04/2009
Re: MBA for HR Profesionals
10/01/2010 / 10:18 am    #3

I think it is essential for HR professionals to get an MBA - it gives us much more credibility when working with internal clients and senior managers to impact business results. I agree that the corporate HR role is evolving and in order to stay on top of our game we needs to make sure we learn the language of the business – not just HR. Cost is definately an issue. I am fortunate to work for a company that paid for the MBA - however there are many options out there. You don't have to attend a well-known school, as long as the MBA program is accredited, you should be good.


Member since 06/22/2005
Re: MBA for HR Profesionals
10/05/2010 / 2:42 pm    #4

Having the MBA education, and more importantly the experience, helps people to see me as a business management professional who is focused in HR.

I took the Executive MBA route since I was already in a HR management role, with a family and couldn't take off a couple of years without continuing to work. Plus the experience and conversations were extremely valuable since everyone else is a working professional. I got real life business discussions. I chose Claremont Graduate University - Drucker School of Management for a few reasons:

Flexible program - meeting my personal/work needs
Classmates - international and national perspectives with working experience. This was invaluable.
Management program - not heavily focused on the Business meaning finance. It offered strong emphasis on the other disciplines in management
Strategy and Leadership focus - Drucker offered a certification in Strategy and Leadership which would be like a minor in college. In the HR profession, these are two huge factors to being seen as a partner instead of "just HR."

I am sure there are other MBA and EMBA programs with great programs. The program doesn't have to be on the top 10 MBA list, it has to be a program that matches your personality, goals and work/personal life.


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