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Topic: AODA: Does my company qualify?

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Member since 09/21/2011
AODA: Does my company qualify?
09/22/2011 / 9:41 am    #1

I currently work for a medium sized software company (~160 employees). We are located in Ontario. We create accounting/auditing software that is used by accounting and auditing firms. These firms use our software to audit other companies. I'm not sure if we qualify as a third party as our product is not used by the general public.

Your thoughts are appreciated.



Member since 05/13/2010
Re: AODA: Does my company qualify?
09/29/2011 / 1:41 pm    #2

Hi Barbara, a lot of Ontario based companies are asking the same question. I have spent the last year researching and developing tools & resources to help our clients comply with the legislation. The deadline is fast approaching on January 1, 2012. For organizations who do not comply, fines can be over $100,000 per day of non-compliance.

To answer your question, yes, your company needs to comply with the legislation. The legislation applies to all employees working in the province of Ontario who are involved in your business processes such as marketing & advertising, selling, payment (billing or collecting money), support, delivery even if you don’t have physical premises that people may visit.

This legislation applies to every organization in Ontario that provides goods or services directly to the public OR provides goods or services to other third parties (other organizations).

I have some good information I can provide to you if you send me an email at Anyone who is reading this post is welcome to contact me as well.



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