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Topic: Focus on "What NOT to DO"

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Member since 09/03/2010
Focus on "What NOT to DO"
10/12/2010 / 1:17 am    #1

Drucker suggested that choosing what not to do is a decision as strategic as its opposite. Drucker's theory of "purposeful abandonment" exhorted business leaders to quickly sever projects, policies and processes that had outlived their usefulness.

"The first step for an organizations Growth is not to decide where and how to grow. It is to decide what to abandon. In order to grow, a business must have a systematic policy to get rid of the outgrown, the obsolete, the unproductive."

The most dangerous traps for a leader are those near-successes where everybody says that if you just give it another big push it will go over the top. One tries it once. One tries it twice. One tries it a third time. But, by then it should be obvious this will be very hard to do. So, as Drucker advises, "Don't tell me what you're doing, tell me what you stopped doing."

My guess is this holds true for individuals as much as organizations...

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