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Topic: HR Compliance Training & Best Practices

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Member since 09/16/2010
HR Compliance Training & Best Practices
12/23/2010 / 12:45 am    #1

Learn HR best practices through training / webinar programs to streamline the HR processes and meet the HR compliance regulations. This section constitutes of HR compliance and Sexual Harassment training, checklists, best practices and news for HR professionals.

Dealing With Harassment in the Workplace
Workplace harassment can be destructive. Learn the in’s and outs of legal requirements and best practices to ensure a workplace that is free of harassment.

Organizational Crisis Management: Human Factor Issues
Learn best practices of managing human factor issues occurring due to workplace crises.

Pregnancy in the Workplace: Strategies to Protect Your Organization from Pregnancy Discrimination Claims

This Pregnancy Discrimination claims related training will provide essential strategies for ensuring that those rights are observed while at the same time allowing for the smooth operation of your organization.

Wellness Programs - Ethics and Engagement issues - Going beyond legal requirements
Learn how to select the wellness program most effective for your team with respect to ethics and also benefits of increasing the engagement.

W-2’s?, 1099’s?, Independent Contractors? Protect Yourself with Proper Classification
Learn how to differentiate employees and independent contractors as per IRS rule and understand the correct process to compensate them.

Managing Unemployment Insurance Costs: 2011 Update

This webinar provides an update of federal and state UI issues, assesses the risks and costs associated with UI taxes and benefits, and discusses effective UI tax management and cost control techniques.

Health care Reform: Pain or gain for Employers?
This health care reforms webinar will discuss the various categories of employer under health Care reform, impact of the reform and the steps to be ready for upcoming implementation dates.

The Employee Misconduct Boot Camp: the Psychology and Law of Managing Difficult Behavior
Conducted by a forensic psychologist, private investigator, and CEO of an employee relations consulting firm, this one-day virtual seminar/boot camp will cover just about every angle of employee misconduct and show you how to handle it in an efficient and effective way. From the technically-savvy-but-interpersonally-clueless manager to the potentially violent employee – and everything in-between – this webinar will help you navigate employment laws and psychological traps that can escalate an already-difficult situation.

Making Correct Employee- Contractor Classifications
This webinar will describe the distinctions that must always exist between contractors and employees based on standards used by the federal Department of Labor and how to draw the distinction and maintain it.

Webinar on - Garnishments: Complete and In-Depth
Learn in details how to accurately and completely process garnishment orders through the payroll department in compliance with federal and state requirements and regulations.

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