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Call for Speakers - Third Party

The Institute for Human Resources (IHR) is extending its certification program to partners that also offer educational HR webcasts and learning activities. Typically and IHR manages all aspects of a webcast, but this partnership is ideal for businesses that prefer their own groups of attendees, direct their own registration and broadcast systems, and utilize attendee lists for follow-up. 

Why submit your program to the Institute for Human Resources? will provide exposure for approved IHR sessions by posting your event onsite and adding to weekly upcoming webcast promotions, giving your company exposure to more than 200,000 HR members worldwide.

Your program would be reviewed by IHR to determine if it meets the accreditation criteria to be included in the IHR certification program.  Any webcasts passing the Institute requirements will be tagged with an IHR credit code that you must forward to your attendees for their records.

As a third party provider, you will be responsible for ensuring your registrants receive:

  • Login information
  • Post-session code information. If desired, your attendees will be able to enter their code on their member profile and track their own certification credit progress. 

Note that HRCI has different requirements for their credit approval. We do not submit third party programs to HRCI as we are unable to track registrants.  For information about HRCI accreditation, click here

Interested in presenting a webcast but DO NOT have the technology and capability to manage your OWN webcasts? Feel free to contact to find out more Webcast Info or Submit a Topic for presentation.

About the Institute for Human Resources Certificate Program:
The ultimate goal of the Institute for Human Resources (IHR) is to provide certification to industry professionals in particular areas of HR. In doing this, we are able to build talent pools of highly skilled and trained professionals with critical niche skills and networks that can share best practices across these key HR disciplines. The certification and accreditation process is developed through an independent board of advisors who are industry experts and have access to the latest technology, best practices and thought leaders in their space. This helps to ensure the certification process is relevant, meaningful, and current.  The Certification Programs will support the development of HR Professionals to achieve the highest caliber of knowledge and expertise in each of the areas.

Abstracts for presentations from knowledgeable corporate HR professionals, are solicited to provide sessions and fulfill accreditation requirements for professionals undergoing certification and industry specialization.

IHR Certificate Programs
Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits & Legal Risk
Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution
Contract Workforce & Talent Exchange
Core HR: Payroll for HR and HRIS
Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities
Employee Wellness
Integrated Talent Management
Online Staffing & Sourcing
Performance Management
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Rewards & RecognitionQuality of Hire
Social Media and Employee Communication
Technology Enabled LearningCompensation
Workforce Management
Workforce Planning & Analytics

To submit your presentation we recommend that you have the following information gathered, and formatted, prior to clicking on the link below.  You will only be able to save your submission when all fields are completed.

Please carefully review your presentation before you submit it. How it appears in the form is how it will appear on Please ensure that you have reviewed the information for grammar, spelling and correct formatting.
  • Title; the title must not be more than 100 characters and should be something that defines what you will speak about.
  • Description; the description must be at least 250 words and should describe what will be covered in the session.   Explain why this session will be good for conference attendees to attend.
  • Contact Information; phone number and email address attendees and can use to contact webcast organizers.
  • Registration Link; website for registration.
  • Short Description; this description must be at least 100 words, and is used to promote your session.
  • Who Should Participate; in most cases this will be any HR Professional, but if your session is more for managers or specific industries, this is the place to specify.
  • What You Will Learn; List at least 3 things that the attendees will learn from your session. (Minimum of 30 words)
  • Recommended Resources; Where can people find more information about your session topic or discussion?
  • Speakers; who is presenting?  Each speaker must have a complete profile on in order to be recognized by the system.   A complete profile includes a photo and bio (in the “about me” section) of the profile. If the "About Me" is not complete please include a description of the speaker.
  • Categories; What areas of Human Resources does this topic relate to?
Once you click Save then you can upload your documents.
These documents will be made available to all members.  Documents to include:
  • Your Slide presentation, in Power Point or PDF
  • Any other handouts or forms you would like to demonstrate during your presentation.

As a Speaker at the IHR event you recognize that a successful workshop requires a joint effort.  Your agreement represents your willingness to commit to the process and terms. Failure to adhere to the timelines will result in being removed from the curriculum.  

Submit Presentation

As a third party provider to the Institute for Human Resources (IHR) program, we have created several valuable resources that will allow for the successful marketing of your program.

IHR Approval Stamp
The official IHR Stamp of approval is available to you for pre-approved sessions for use on all promotional material as well as your organization’s website.

Certificate of Achievement/IHR Code for Your Attendees
Example of a Certificate format.  IHR will forward a customized Certificate for your webcast session once approved.  As a third party provider, you are responsible for providing the attendees of your event with a Certificate of Achievement for their certification information and IHR code to track on their certification profile.   

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