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Call For Speakers

To submit your presentation we recommend that you have the following information gathered and formatted, prior to clicking on the link below. You will only be able to save your submission when all fields are completed.

Please carefully review your presentation before you submit it. How it appears in the form is how it will appear on Please ensure that you have reviewed the information for grammar, spelling and correct formatting.

  • Title; the title must not be more than 100 characters and should be something that defines what you will speak about.
  • Description; the description should be at least 250 words and should describe what will be covered in the session. Explain why this session will be good for conference attendees to attend.
  • Short Description; this description should be approximately 100 words, and is used to promote your session.
  • Who Should Participate; in most cases this will be any HR Professional, but if your session is designed for managers or specific industries, this is the place to specify.
  • What you will Learn; List at least 3 things that the attendees will learn from your session.
  • Recommended Resources; Where can people find more information about your session topic or discussion?
  • Speakers; who is presenting?  Each speaker must have a complete profile on in order to be recognized by the system. A complete profile includes a photo and bio (in the “about me” section) of the profile. If the "About Me" is not complete please include a description of the speaker.
  • eLearning Quiz Questions; (Required for HRCI eLearning course classification.)  Submit 6-10 multiple choice quiz questions relating to your webcast for attendees to complete at the end of the webcast.  Please ensure the questions are general to your topic and test the attendees' overall understanding of the content. Each question must offer 4 possible answers including the correct answer.
  • Categories; What areas of Human Resources does this topic relate to?

Your Viewers are Voting… Make the MANAGER'S CHOICE TOP 30!
Presentations don’t have to be the sleepy blah, blah, blah lectures from your college days!
You and your webcast could be on the Manager’s Choice list or the Top 10 Community favorite list for your HR community. Jazz up your presentation to attract the popular vote from members. Wake up your viewers with an interactive or catchy webcast that piques their knowledge and interest. Think outside the box. Add poll questions, some interesting slides, and some educational fun.

Once you click Save then you can upload your documents. These documents will be made available to all members. Documents to include:

  • Your Slide presentation, in Power Point or PDF
  • Any other handouts or forms you would like to demonstrate during your presentation.

By submitting your presentation proposal you are agreeing to the following:

  • As a Speaker you recognize that a successful workshop requires a joint effort. Your agreement represents your willingness to commit to the process and terms. Failure to adhere to the timelines will result in your session being removed.  
  • To attend a live Speaker training session; please register at
  • The recording, article transcript, and podcast of each workshop will be hosted on indefinitely. 

  • Submit Presentation

The presentations will be part of a comprehensive website on the latest learning, trends, best practices, and technologies as they are being applied to job performance improvement for HR professionals. The focus of most of our webcasts highlight: ways to implement, build a business case, get management buy-in, determine ROI, establish key metrics, and manage change in the workforce.
Topics of interest for our members include, but are not limited to:

  • Trends
  • Implementation
  • Global Challenges
  • Effects of Social Media
  • Challenges
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • ROI

Presentation types:
Standard Presentation
This type of presentation typically involves one or two speakers who present information on their topic of choice with the use of PowerPoint slides and/or other media residing on the laptop or the web.  Forty-five minutes are allowed for this kind of presentation with 15 minutes for questions and answers. These presentations will be simulcast live to a virtual audience, and will be recorded for future review. This kind of presentation constitutes the majority of slots on the conference program. These presentations will be submitted to HRCI for recertification credits.

Presenters should have the following qualifications:
  • Expertise in the area
  • At least 2 years of practical experience in the area
  • Excellent presentation skills

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