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The Webinar Manifesto: Never Design or Deliver Bad Webinars Again!

The Webinar Manifesto: Never Design or Deliver Bad Webinars Again!
September 20, 2012 at 12:00 - 1:00 PM ET
Matt Murdoch, Director(FranklinCovey )
Treion Muller, Chief eLearning Architect(FranklinCovey )
We're declaring war-on bad webinars. And we want you to join us. Like most revolutions, this one is both against something and for something.

We're against mundane talking head PowerPoint presentations. We're against doing things the same way we used to. We're against working alone in silos.

We’ve tolerated and nurtured the webinar as it is for years. We’ve made some real advances and done some very cool things. We’re closer than ever to getting past the machine and up next to the people. But, we still have a long way to go. And, we don’t believe that webinars can continue to evolve incrementally, like some single celled amoeba waiting another million years to get closer to the edge of the ooze and start growing some legs. We must speed up the evolutionary process. This needs to be more caterpillar/butterfly and less dinosaur/human.

And so we’re declaring war—on bad webinars, and we want you to join us.

We're for captivating our audience through eloquent delivery and beautiful design. We're for pushing the limits of our technology. We're for amplifying what works and what doesn't. We're for synergy and sharing. We’re for better transformational webinar design and delivery.

Learn directly from the organizers of this movement-two of the industry's leaders in webinar design and delivery. Join the movement and discover how to ensure your webinar experience is not a bad one.

Based on our newest book, The Webinar Manifesto, this session will lay out the several Webinar Manifesto Principles that you must live by if you want to design and deliver killer webinars.

Who Should Participate
HR Professionals, Training Managers, Marketers, Sales people...and anyone who uses webinars to teach, market, or sell.
What You Will Learn
1. Don't Default: Learn four steps to move beyond the default settings of your webinar platform so you can creatively enhance the learner's experience. 2. Shut Down the Ugly: Discover the keys of beautifying all aspects of your webinar: from the email invitations, to PowerPoints, to handouts and the webinar experience itself. 3. Captivate or Alienate: Come away with the skills to engage your audience and hold them virtually accountable through what they see, hear and do during the webinar.
Recommended Resources
Book: "The Webinar Manifesto: Never Design, Deliver, or Attend Crappy Webinars Again."
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Presented by
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Matt Murdoch

View Profile
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Treion Muller

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Event Sponsors
Franklin Covey Co. (NYSE: FC) is the global consulting and training leader in the areas of strategy execution, leadership, customer loyalty, sales performance, and individual effectiveness.
File List
Name Comment Rating
Image of Christina Rupp Christina Rupp
Employment Security Department
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Marian Buday Marian Buday
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Misty Fallis Misty Fallis
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Dalene Crowder Dalene Crowder
Verizon Telecom
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Éllia Ryan Éllia Ryan
The Potential Center
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Lisa Hodges Lisa Hodges
Self Employed
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Melinda Wade Melinda Wade
Automobile Club of Missouri
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Janet Batchelor Janet Batchelor
Wells Fargo & Company
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Robert Gound Robert Gound
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Andrea Robinson Andrea Robinson
Wells Fargo & Company
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Tracy Adams Tracy Adams
Crowe Horwath LLP
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of David Ward David Ward
Ward Consulting .
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of John Hudak John Hudak
Hydro Designs, Inc.
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
I am soooo interested in getting a copy of your e-book!! And remind me about the site/manifesto when it's available please. Great session - try and convince to have you do some coaching sessions for future conference presenters! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Matt Nelson Matt Nelson
Kiewit Energy Canada Corp
I thought the presentation was done very well great slides and interaction with the audience. Thank you very much! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Doreen Ridley Doreen Ridley
Lennox International
I would be interested in getting an email regarding their Webinar Manifesto and the launch of their website. 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Paula Whipple Paula Whipple
Avant Assessment
I would like to know when the website and book are available 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Gwen Burbank Gwen Burbank
St. George's University
Matt and Treion practise what they preach. This webinar was excellent in terms of content visual appeal learner engagement and inter-activity. I would like to obtain your free ebook when it is published. I'd like to connect with you both on LinkedIn and Facebook. I have a great article I could share on connectivity for leaders. Let me know it you want a copy. Many thanks for a great webinar! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of John Langille John Langille
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Fredericton, NB)
please add my email address to the list of people wishing to: 1) receive future communications from Matt and Treion and 2) details on the future release of their new e-book. wonderful presentation today probably one of the most interactive webinars that I have attended. Would have loved to have had the mics 'on' to see how people respond to the interaction! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Michael Lipman Michael Lipman
Standard Life investments
Shutting down the ugly is a common theme in many courses dealing with presentations... more time spent on visual captivation techniques would have been great. 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Thank you for your interactive session 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Alastair Dijksman Alastair Dijksman
Real Comms Ltd
Thanks very good. Would also love to see a copy of the book mentioned when it is released. 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
The slides with less writing were more striking and engaging but it makes it more difficult to revisit the slides without the audio in order to refresh my memory later. 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation

Do you have any comments that you would like to share about the value of this session?

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