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Solid (Boring) Foundations = SMART (Sexy) Growth that You can Tweet, Like, and Post about!

Solid (Boring) Foundations = SMART (Sexy) Growth that You can Tweet, Like, and Post about!
June 27, 2012 at 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET
Before an organization can become more efficient and productive and implement all of the cutting edge (sexy) growth strategies available to today’s HR Professional, they must first build a solid (boring) foundation that can stand the trials and challenges of today’s ever shifting workplace.

Chris will share with you the step by step process of how to build this solid foundation and have fun doing it so that you can begin to focus on the strategic areas of talent acquisition that will help take your team to the next level. You will learn how Social Media will contribute to your foundation and how you will be able to cascade this information through social channels to your internal and external clients. Chris will also tie in how to work with (not against) your corporate social media policy, integrate and brand your website messaging and take a deep dive into recruiting metrics. You will also learn how SMART Sourcing will help your organization be more efficient, save money and help you build better relationships with your lines of business so that you can turn your Talent Acquisition team into a business solution provider instead of just an order-taking service center.

If you are looking to create a more productive, highly functioning team, this webinar will help you focus your efforts internally to do just that. By combining proven techniques, cutting edge social media examples, and real world case studies, your organization will be able to benefit from Chris’ industry knowledge, energetic presentation style and fun learning environment!
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HR Professionals, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition, HR Business Partners, Leaders
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What You Will Learn
Participants will learn the foundations for building a solid recruiting department and how to work Social Media and SMART Sourcing into all aspects of the department’s growth. Participants will also learn how recruiting metrics play a role in the foundation and how talent acquisition can be a strategic business partner.
Sponsored by
SunTrust Banks, Inc., with total assets of $172.6 billion on September 30, 2011, is one of the nation's leading financial services holding companies.
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Chris Stanzione

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Name Comment Rating
Image of Efphraim Thompson Efphraim Thompson
Regina Medical Center
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of John Hunt John Hunt
City Of Alpharetta
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Lin Bennett Lin Bennett
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Rose Byma Rose Byma
The City of Calgary
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Katrina Montoya Katrina Montoya
Nabors Industries
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Denise Stormo Denise Stormo
Retail Pro International
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Tina Andersen Tina Andersen
Raytheon Company
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Amber Weaver Amber Weaver
Duckwall-Alco Stores Inc.
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Dalene Crowder Dalene Crowder
Verizon Telecom
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Margaret Wash Margaret Wash
Rug Doctor
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Sandra Fischer Sandra Fischer
Giant Eagle, Inc.
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Jelena Basaric Jelena Basaric
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Lourdes Maduro Lourdes Maduro
Omron Corporation
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Russell Thomas Russell Thomas
The Washington Hospital
Great speaker not too heavy on the power point wonderful! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Pamela Lucas Pamela Lucas
Clarity Consultant
Presenter spoke a little bit fast 3 / 5
Good Presentation

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