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Only as Old as You See: Considerations for an Aging Workforce

Only as Old as You See: Considerations for an Aging Workforce
November 8, 2012 at 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET
Patrick Huot, Director(Transitions Optical)
Given that the U.S. workforce is aging and many employees are staying in the workforce longer, it is imperative for HR professionals to make sure their benefit packages take the overall health needs of this population into account. This session shares a research-based look at the importance of a quality vision benefit, specifically, to help maximize the eye/overall health and performance of employees age 40+.

As will be explained by Pat Huot, director of managed vision care and online retail at Transitions Optical, Inc., employees become more prone to vision problems and eye diseases after age 40, and are also at higher risk for chronic conditions that impact eye health. The session will include a detailed look at how these conditions impact medical costs and productivity loss across a workforce.

Huot will then offer a detailed review of how HR managers can help avoid the costs associated with age-related eye health conditions by offering and promoting to employees a comprehensive vision plan that includes an annual eye exam and the right eyewear options. A comprehensive eye exam can provide early detection and disease management, and many of today’s eyewear technologies have the ability to not only correct vision, but to enhance it and protect the eyes from short-term and long-term damage, such as from ultraviolet radiation and glare. However, Huot will detail primary research by Transitions Optical showing that older employees are only slightly more likely to enroll in their vision benefit, and have limited knowledge of their risk for eye-related health issues.

Given the gap in vision benefit awareness and usage among employees age 40+, employee education tools can be an important part of an HR professional’s strategy to get the most of their vision benefit. The session will conclude with a review of available educational resources, along with additional tips to educate employees about the value of their vision plan and the importance of using it to protect their eye and overall health.

Who Should Participate
HR professionals and HR managers interested in reducing medical costs and productivity losses within their workforce.
What You Will Learn
  • How a vision benefit can make a positive impact for employers and employees
  • Reasons to focus on the overall health of the aging workforce
  • How vision and eye health change as employees age
  • How eye-related systemic diseases, eye diseases and vision problems impact medical costs and productivity
  • Current perceptions of vision benefits among older employees
  • Tips and tools to educate employees about the value of their quality vision benefit
  • Recommended Resources
  • Employee education tools on (select HR professionals portal)Click here
  • Click here
  • Click here
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    Human Resources Management
    Workforce Planning and Analytics
    Presented by
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    Patrick Huot
    Transitions Optical

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    Transitions Optical
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    Name Comment Rating
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
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    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Michelle Rudlong Michelle Rudlong
    Ameriprise Financial Inc.
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Laurie Rhind Laurie Rhind
    LRhind Consulting
    5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Kathy Maurer Kathy Maurer
    Iasis Molecular Sciences
    5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Bethany Kaplan, PHR Bethany Kaplan, PHR
    The University Of Iowa
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Nick Bakios Nick Bakios
    Darden Restaurants Inc.
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Tiffany Workman Tiffany Workman
    Heartland Dental Care
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Brian Diehl Brian Diehl
    Parker Hannifin
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Kesha Miles Kesha Miles
    Cox Media Group
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Paula Taufer Paula Taufer
    Westminster College Salt Lake City
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Michelle Albert Michelle Albert
    Question that I asked was not answered regarding the effect of smart phones I-pads Kindle and computer usage of the aging workforce and overall workforce productivity. Looking for studies and research in this area. How are we affected by these new technologies primarily health and productivity wise? 3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Very informative and thought-generating presentation. Great information to have when consideration changes to benefit plan and to supplement employee wellness campaign. 5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Joe Altamirano Joe Altamirano
    SOL Casinos
    Well done and very organized leading to a solid progression of information. 5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Miriam Berger Miriam Berger
    A Hire Authority

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