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Labor Scheduling Optimization for the Energy Sector

Labor Scheduling Optimization for the Energy Sector
December 5, 2012 at 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET
Robert Dunn, Senior Account Manager(Synerion North America Inc.)
The intense competition in the energy sector is forcing companies to continually seek out improvements in business results and as such, effective labor management has become more important than ever for the Energy, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas industry. Effective Labor management helps to optimize production and increase efficiencies - pivotal to reducing costs, improving performance and increasing margins – key objectives in many Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.

Management is constantly challenged to increase production while ensuring that operational costs remain in check. Management must manage labor in a way that they are able to easily match proper employees to the most critical tasks, thus ensuring projects are optimally staffed as they move through production. Proper Labor Management processes and systems greatly streamline the time to complete complex workload projects by enabling managers to identify and eliminate wasteful labor costs every step of the way.

Labor costs are without question a very large, variable operational expense and, as such, management is constantly challenged by the balance of payroll cost containment and increased production demands. To maximize yield and operate at full efficiency, production organizations must equip their management with real-time information to monitor staffing, analyze budget performance and control labor costs, all while continuing to focus on increasing production and profit margins.

Within this session we will highlight the importance of managing labor and increasing labor effectiveness in order to operate more efficiently and increase overall productivity and profitability.

The goal of this session is to outline the labor management challenges facing the energy industry and the need to adopt workforce management solutions in order to operate more profitability and efficiently into the future.
Who Should Participate
  • Any HR/ Workforce Management professional
  • Operations Management
  • Executive Management
  • What You Will Learn
    In this session attendees will learn about:
    • Key Competencies for Effective Labor Management
    • Obstacles to Effective Labor Management in the Energy Sector
    • Automated Time and Labor, Scheduling and Forecasting – Key to Success
    • Aligning Your Workforce with Business Demands
    • Labor Management Challenges and Solutions
    Recommended Resources
    American Payroll Association, Time and Attendance Automation Study
    Workforce Management (Time & Attendance)
    Performance Management
    Workforce Planning and Analytics
    Labor Relations
    Law and Legislation
    Predictive Modelling
    PM Metrics
    Presented by
    speaker spacer
    Robert Dunn
    Synerion North America Inc.

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    Event Sponsors
    Synerion North America Inc.
    Synerion provides comprehensive workforce management (WFM) software solutions and services that enable organizations to effectively plan and manage employee performance and optimize business processes.
    File List
    Name Comment Rating
    Image of Nick Cihak Nick Cihak
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Linda M. Dobron Linda M. Dobron
    Department of State of NJ/Office of Human Resources
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Kathy Maurer Kathy Maurer
    Iasis Molecular Sciences
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Iliana Howes Iliana Howes
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Western Wayne Family Health Centers
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Nikki Cooper, MBA, SPHR Nikki Cooper, MBA, SPHR
    Hyatt Corporation
    5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Mark Avallone Mark Avallone
    HR Management Association of Chicago
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Roger Rosas Roger Rosas
    Human Resource Professional
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Akasha Xiong Akasha Xiong
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Laurie StCyr Laurie StCyr
    Specialty Granules Inc.
    5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Jarrad Richter Jarrad Richter
    Inland Revenue Department
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Kathy Dunbar Kathy Dunbar
    City of Peoria, AZ
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Sally Larrabee Sally Larrabee
    Process Control Outlet Inc
    5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Patricia Terry Patricia Terry
    Terry Management
    I would have liked to see more energy sector-specific information as it relates to WFM. 5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Miriam Berger Miriam Berger
    A Hire Authority

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