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How to Blog Your Way to Increased HR Effectiveness

How to Blog Your Way to Increased HR Effectiveness
December 11, 2012 at 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET
Nina Amir, Owner/Founder/President(
Businesses, solo-entrepreneurs, authors, and individuals alike are finding blogs a useful tool for educating and engaging readers. HR professionals can add this exciting social media tool to their tool bag and as a way to:
•       Educate
•       Engage
•       Produce handbooks and other published material
•       Tie into social networks
•       Increase visibility

During this session you’ll discover how and why to blog and the many ways you can use a blog to reach employees and customers as well as to work smarter, not harder. Additionally, you’ll learn how to integrate social networks and blogs in the most effective manner. You will learn:
•       how to use a blog as an employee communications vehicle. You can not only speak to employees with pertinent posts, but you can also elicit employee engagement by featuring employees on the blog and getting them to write for the blog and comment on it as well.
•       how to write a book, handbook, or other useful employee communications, HR, or company resource right on your blog, so the blog does not end up becoming a source of more work but rather a way to more efficiently get your work completed.
•       how you can take your blog posts and tie them into other social media your company is already using—or should be using—such as Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, LinkedIn groups, and Twitter accounts.

Used correctly, a blog can be the center-point to all your HR activities, including filling positions internally and externally. It allows communication to happen within your company in a more immediate fashion and in a manner that feels open and welcoming, top down as well as bottom up and even opens the door to the outside world if you like.

Who Should Participate
  • HR professionals
  • Corp. communications professionals
  • Employee communications professionals
  • What You Will Learn
    What you will learn:
  • how to use a blog as communications vehicle
  • how to write a blog
  • how to tie your blog into other social media
  • How to engage employees with a blog
  • How to produce a book, handbook, or other useful printed employee communications, or company resource right on your blog
  • How you can tie blog posts into other social media,such as Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, LinkedIn groups, and Twitter accounts
  • Recommended Resources
    How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir Blogging to Drive Business by Eric Butow & Rebecca Bollwitt The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith
    Human Resources Management
    Organizational Development
    Strategic HR
    Employee Satisfaction/Engagement
    Creativity and Innovation
    Communication Programs
    Change Management
    HR As Consultant
    Small Business
    The HR Practitioner
    HR Administration
    Social Media And Employee Communications
    Presented by
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    Nina Amir

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    File List
    Name Comment Rating
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of James Jones James Jones
    Delta Health Center, Inc
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Norha Leach Norha Leach
    Dorel Juvenile Group
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Stephanie M. Sylvester Stephanie M. Sylvester
    Consultant (HR) Maryland
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Shaunna Blanchard Shaunna Blanchard
    Superior Energy Services Inc
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Mark Avallone Mark Avallone
    HR Management Association of Chicago
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of PC Palmer PC Palmer
    Self Employed
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Jennifer Henry Jennifer Henry
    The Steritech Group, Inc.
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Audra Mead Audra Mead
    Citizensfirst Credit Union
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Tiffany Hakes Tiffany Hakes
    The Comex Group
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Shawn Flate Shawn Flate
    4 / 5
    Very Good Presentation
    Image of Shannon Persia Shannon Persia
    Triad Engineering Corp
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Ed Gorenak Ed Gorenak
    Bramalea Community Health Centre
    3 / 5
    Good Presentation
    Image of Trina Wamboldt Trina Wamboldt
    Urban Systems Ltd.
    I'm keen to help people learn about blogging and I will pick up Nina's book. 5 / 5
    Excellent Presentation
    Image of Miriam Berger Miriam Berger
    A Hire Authority

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