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How an Effective Talent Network Helps You Source Top Talent

How an Effective Talent Network Helps You Source Top Talent
January 25, 2012 at 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET
Organizations are constantly challenged with finding better talent. Everyone understands this conceptually, yet putting a strategy into practice is difficult for many companies. Recruiting organizations are regularly challenged, not only to find better talent but to find it faster and at lower price point. Building and leveraging your own Talent Network will help meet those goals.

We will discuss both the challenge of populating the Talent Network as well as the use of SMS and email campaigns to engage with your talent. Can you build your Talent Network through Social Media, your Career Site, or even from your job ads themselves? How are you managing the drop off rate of the candidates who click on your job ad yet never complete the application process? We'll share specific examples of companies improving their job distribution strategy and how this approach enables organizations to reduce costs and get a better return on their recruitment spend.
How does your recruitment strategy differ if you’re recruiting for a Millennial as opposed to a baby boomer? How would implementing a mobile recruitment strategy affect your ability to reach out to Millennials? Is your recruitment strategy aligned with your corporate goals?
Once we’ve explained different means to populate your Talent Network, the next question becomes how will you engage with those people? Are we adding to the recruiters full schedule or can we help them be more productive using more targeted campaigns? We’ll show how recruiters can run recruitment campaigns, reaching more candidates in less time.
For many companies, the challenge isn’t finding more applicants, it’s finding more qualified applicants. We’ll show how you can rate your talent and provide hiring managers with more data to better utilize their time. We often hear of organizations that are able to identify candidates for a hard to fill position but struggle to bring them on board. We will cover different engagement strategies to help with those efforts.
Recruitment strategies are constantly evolving and this presentation will cover both tactical approaches to filling positions quicker and also longer term strategic objectives of finding and landing top talent through building and leveraging your Talent Network.
Who Should Participate
The presentation is geared for anyone involved with recruiting, either in the trenches filling roles, generating strategic recruiting direction, or responsible for the overall recruiting operations.
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What You Will Learn
You will learn why a Talent Network is essential, why conventional recruiting is becoming more inefficient, and how you can differentiate your recruiting organization from others! The presentation will guide you find better talent faster, and at a lower price point.
Sponsored by
Smashfly Technologies
Smashfly Technologies
SmashFly Technologies — transforming recruitment marketing via a powerful, user-friendly Recruitment Marketing Platform that completely embraces job distribution, career site management, and CRM, with actionable analytics into the entire strategy.
Presented by
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Richard Oasis
Smashfly Technologies

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