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Creating Stronger HR Pillars - "Talent Acquisition"

Creating Stronger HR Pillars - "Talent Acquisition"
July 16, 2012 at 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET
Jeff Dahlberg, COO/Vice President( LeveragePlus Organization)
While most human resource managers have had some form of formal recruiting or staffing experience; surprisingly the bulk of their talent acquisition knowledge was obtained while performing duties as an HR generalist or in an academic environment with little or no hands-on experience. Even for those with a greater level of specialized and hands-on experience, seldom do these jobs entail; (a) full project development, (b) management, or (c) budgeting. Welcome to your “management seat at the table”.
In this presentation we will dig deeper into what is arguably the most important human resource pillar for any business and surprisingly talent acquisition is one of the least understood pillars.
Without strong talent acquisition management, most companies either under preform or cease to exist over time. At the very least, poor talent acquisition creates a burden on the bottom-line
Companies with poorly managed talent acquisition tend to pay far more in; excessive internal payroll and / or third-party recruiting and staffing fees, low retention rates, on boarding costs, training costs, bonuses, legal liability, and poor work preformance, lower customer satisfaction levels, and post-employment responsibilities such as COBRA and taxes, just to name a few.

Through this presentation the presenter(s) will take you from identifying the three basic acquisition methods found in every organization through developing your own unique and comprehensive recruiting and/ or staffing unit designed to improve ROI.

Whether you’re the company's talent acquisition or human resource officer, director or manager charged with acquiring and retaining the best talent at the lowest cost or just needing to improve the company’s bottom line, this presentation is packed full of practical information designed to help any size organization easily identify, manage or develop the best talent acquisition program.
Who Should Participate
1.Human resource and talent acquisition officers, directors and managers who have a direct influence over any part of an organization’s talent acquisition or those looking to increase the bottom line or increase the overall value of the company’s performance or operations. 2.Human resource professionals of all size businesses, non-profits or government employers who are looking to move into a human resource or talent acquisition management role. 3.Vendors who assist their clients in making informed decisions concerning various segments of talent management (technology, talent management solutions, business solutions, and others)
What You Will Learn
1.The ability to quickly identify an organization’s basic talent acquisition methods 2.To acquire a more in-depth management-level understanding of talent acquisition 3.How to create and implement the most cost effective and efficient talent acquisition program which delivers the highest ROI
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Presented by
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Jeff Dahlberg
LeveragePlus Organization

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LeveragePlus Organization
LeveragePlus Organization is a full service business solutions company
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Image of Nicole Winters Nicole Winters
Baker Hughes Incorporated
2 / 5
Poor Presentation
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Melissa Culbertson Melissa Culbertson
Resource America, Inc.
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Kristen O'Hara Kristen O'Hara
Brand Networks Inc
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Image of Matthew Savino Matthew Savino
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Good Presentation
Image of Marcia Hartwig Marcia Hartwig
AT&T Corp.
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Image of Michelle Dandridge Michelle Dandridge
John Randolph Medical Center
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Image of Melissa Sposato Melissa Sposato
Nonpublic Educational Services Inc
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Aegis Sciences Corporation
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Farmers Insurance
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Consultant (HR) Maryland
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
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Strategichr Inc
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Image of Barbara Braehmer Barbara Braehmer
Intercessio Personalberatung GmbH
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Excellent Presentation
Image of Ericka Browne, SPHR-CA, GPHR Ericka Browne, SPHR-CA, GPHR
Blue Water Thermal Solutions
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1 / 5
Bad Presentation
Image of Kiana Adcock, SPHR Kiana Adcock, SPHR
American Transmission Company
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Wells Fargo & Company
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Manulife Financial Corporation
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5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Dalene Crowder Dalene Crowder
Verizon Telecom
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Jody Blake, SPHR Jody Blake, SPHR
Broward County Govt.
3 / 5
Good Presentation
I felt the information was extremely basic. I was under the impression that I would be provided with tips on how to acquire the best talent in this competitive marketplace not how to select an outsourcing partner to do it for me. 1 / 5
Bad Presentation
Make sure that your using the proper word and that words are spelled correctly. Using boarders instead of borders was just one of the mistakes noticed. 2 / 5
Poor Presentation
Image of Justin Yee Justin Yee
The speaker talked so vaguely about so many topics that it felt like he didn't talk about anything at all. Plenty of general advice without instructions. 2 / 5
Poor Presentation

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