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COMPENSATION DEMO WITH NPK TOOLS Using Competitive Compensation Pricing to hire and retain the highest quality people.

COMPENSATION DEMO WITH NPK TOOLS Using Competitive Compensation Pricing to hire and retain the highest quality people.
December 3, 2012 at 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET
Darwin Hanson, President & CEO(Talent Management Evolution)

If you need the best possible information and the best possible analyses in order to hire, motivate and retain highest quality people, CompXpert is the software solution for you.

Most companies agree that hiring, motivating and retaining highly skilled workers is fundamental to their success, but few approach their labor market as rationally as they do their consumer markets. The key to maximizing competitive advantage is combining all available information to properly allocate your internal labor resources against the external labor market where you compete for talent.

Once the commitment has been made to use external benchmarks to guide compensation, the struggle for the compensation department is to perform the analysis as productively and efficiently as possible. How can you possibly manage, evaluate and analyze all the various types of data available? How do you balance your internal value and labor strategy against the external market for pay decisions? Is your evaluation process efficient and reliable? Is the vendor subscription data you gather at a high cost reliable? For sake of getting the process complete, do you just quickly match your job titles to the market titles, call it good and then run out of time to analyze your competitive strategy?

CompXpert helps companies from all sizes and industries to get the best value out of their market data. With CompXpert you and your compensation team are able to quickly:
• Prescreen your market data with over 30 individual metrics that ensure the integrity of your market data investment
• Market price jobs and develop market composites for all components of Total Cash
• Develop a comprehensive picture of the competitive market position for your company jobs, both for on-off valuations and the annual complete benchmark development process
• Design new and update existing salary structures using sophisticated analytical tools
• Apply a flexible but consistent labor market strategy throughout the enterprise
• Organize your survey submission process – not just a simple export of matched employee data but with a full featured submission, collect and add to the vendor request general policy practices in the vendors exact template with all survey job profiles and descriptions.

With CompXpert, making better competitive pricing decisions is a snap. We have a CompXpert solution that not only fits your analysis needs today, but will grow with you as your needs change both tomorrow and far into the future – all at a price that fits your budget perfectly!
Who Should Participate
All compensation professionals that are interested in getting the most impact out of their investment in survey data; both internal and external consultants and business practitioners
What You Will Learn
    How you can easily get your information into this tool
  1. Assurance in the integrity of your high cost and valued market information
  2. How you can quickly and easily create market composites
  3. The quickest and easiest way to report your information back to the Survey Vendors
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Presented by
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Darwin Hanson
Talent Management Evolution

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NPKtools provides integrated software solutions, information services, and consulting support to help compensation professionals increase productivity, reduce cycle-times, and improve the information on which pay decisions are based. Our goal is to provide independent pay market expertise and best-in-breed analytical systems to enhance business advantage for our clients, now and over the long term.
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