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Automate your spreadsheets – Using Excel and VBA Part 1

Automate your spreadsheets – Using Excel and VBA Part 1
November 14, 2012 at 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET
Roy Farrell, Managing Director(HR Value, LLC)
*Please note that this webcast does not qualify for an HRCI credit.

C-Suite credibility requires mastery of planning techniques and the ability to model pay and performance options quickly and clearly for a busy, non-specialist audience. This requires an enabling technology.

Technology promises to deliver solutions, but often falls short. Core HR technology solutions are built to address the very important compliance and administration tasks of their profession, largely driven by Payroll, Benefits, and record keeping. It is very difficult to develop robust planning tools or administer multiple approaches with a payroll system

Even when using 'The Best’ software, you are tied to the capabilities and functionality of your HRIS system that often delivers a rigid and plain vanilla process. Add-on packages claim to solve your problems, but you soon discover you simply trade one set of limitations for another, or create information silos that restrict meaningful analysis - all at a considerable expense

And there is little interest in spending more money on expensive systems or system modifications that cannot demonstrate a positive ROI.

There are also many tasks for which there are no dedicated applications. These tasks need to be accomplished, and your day becomes consumed with paperwork or repetitive spreadsheets, which leads to higher costs and lower productivity. This is not what leadership wants.

There is an alternative. The bottom line is that you already have powerful software and a network available for employees to use, so the investment in software and computer infrastructure has already been made.

Spreadsheets provide all the power you need to administer even the most complex programs. VBA allows you to automate the spreadsheets, and develop powerful and sophisticated business tools in Excel. We will give an overview of:
• Why the Macro recorder simply doesn’t work
• The basic principles of the VBA language
• The concept of a VBA project.
• The concept of a VBA procedure.
• How to manage and use VBA modules that store VBA code
• The basic operation of the VBA Editor

In addition, we will show some specific examples of what can be done to simplify any process, and the specific VBA code that is used to automate many time-intensive processes.

This is the first of a two part VBA training course. We will show you an alternative to cumbersome spreadsheets, expensive system modifications, or costly “add on” software that usually trades one set of limitations for another and creates data silos. Excel and VBA can be part of an HRIS strategy that uses the core HRIS for what it does well, and Excel and VBA to give you all the ‘good stuff’ you need to be an effective business partner. Part 2 will focus on using GUIs to develop a flawless and foolproof workflow.
Who Should Participate
Anyone who wants to learn a new way to overcome the technology barriers to being an effective business partner.
What You Will Learn
  1. There is an alternative to your rigid HRIS and cumbersome spreadsheets that is cost effective and powerful
  2. Excel with VBA can create powerful and sophisticated business solutions that rival applications costing millions of dollars
  3. We will present a 'road map' to the VBA process
Recommended Resources
There are many books on VBA
Human Resources Management
Core HR: Payroll for HR and HRIS
Performance Management
Rewards and Recognition
Technology Enabled Learning
HR in Canada
HR Industries
Presented by
speaker spacer
Roy Farrell
HR Value, LLC

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Event Sponsors
HR Value, LLC
You want solutions, not more software. We provide the technology solutions to help manage customers, employees and information, so you can align talent, rewards with key business drivers. We have the tools to administer even the most complex prog
File List
Name Comment Rating
2 / 5
Poor Presentation
Image of Linda M. Dobron Linda M. Dobron
Department of State of NJ/Office of Human Resources
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Regina Stephenson Regina Stephenson
Quanex Building Products Corporation
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Kristin Harrington Kristin Harrington
Kronos Incorporated
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Kristal Morales Kristal Morales
CFE Management Group, LLC
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Debra Lucibello, PHR Debra Lucibello, PHR
Advantage Sales And Marketing
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Rami Gaulden Rami Gaulden
The Promotion Network
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Barbara Kang Barbara Kang
Attendance on Demand, Inc.
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Barb Hipsher Barb Hipsher
Federal Mogul
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
2 / 5
Poor Presentation
Image of Lidwine Sadki Lidwine Sadki
Solta Medical Inc.
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Kelly Carson Kelly Carson
Lundy Law
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Annette Cassada Annette Cassada
Guilford County
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Tanya Thompson Tanya Thompson
Trinity Mother Frances Health System
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Christine Johnson Christine Johnson
Fhlbank Topeka
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Christina Lample, CPP, PHR,SPHR Christina Lample, CPP, PHR,SPHR
RCM Technologies, Inc.
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Ricki Davidson Ricki Davidson
Chickasaw Nation
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Treasa Ashir Treasa Ashir
Packers Plus Energy Services
3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Samantha Hill Samantha Hill
Halliburton Energy Services
4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Michelle Rancourt Michelle Rancourt
Easter Seals New Hampshire
5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Kathy Maurer Kathy Maurer
Iasis Molecular Sciences
As an itermediate Excel person whose role really hasn't had the opportunity to use it much seeing the spreedsheets you have developed and learning about VBR really has me wanting to see and play more. could you please send me the information. We are a very small company and plan on growing in the near future. HR is my assisgnment so being able to set us up correctely while we are small would be wonderful. Thanks in advance 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Great info. I think you said to include name and email address here for the VBA codes you mentioned in your presentation: Thanks! 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Colleen Jones Colleen Jones
Go Rentals
Great Presentation! Wished it was longer! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Dorothea Hills Dorothea Hills
I appreciated the layman as opposed to technical language used to explain VBA. Thank you! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Kristina Kalso Kristina Kalso
Carhartt Inc
I would like a copy of the presentation and the excel files and examples please. Thank you! 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Pami Maugham Pami Maugham
FedSys Inc
I would like the excel spreadsheets that he used. Thanks! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Anna Rush Anna Rush
MedExpress Urgent Care
I would like to have a copy of the codes and the handouts please. 3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Renee Sheen Renee Sheen
Bell Hospital
I would like to see the examples as that is more of a hands-on approach. 2 / 5
Poor Presentation
Image of John McAteer John McAteer
McAteer Consulting Limited
I'd like to receive the exell files offered Thanks 3 / 5
Good Presentation
Image of Allyson Yates Allyson Yates
Logan Aluminum Inc
Please email me the examples. Thank you 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of Wendy A Mosley Wendy A Mosley
Christiana Care Health System
Please email me the excel files that were presented in the webcast 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation
Image of John Zinck John Zinck
Toronto Hydro Corporation
Please forward the Excel templates related to this presentation. Thank you! 5 / 5
Excellent Presentation
Image of Garrett OBrien Garrett OBrien
The HRIS World
Would like to see if Roy is interested in presenting some guest posts to our blog ( on his work... 4 / 5
Very Good Presentation

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