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“People Are Our Most Important Asset”: MAXIMIZE the ROI of your Workforce with Integrated HCM/WFM

“People Are Our Most Important Asset”: MAXIMIZE the ROI of your Workforce with Integrated HCM/WFM
June 13, 2012 at 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET
Ed Colby, HCM/WFM Strategic Consultant and Technology Evangelist(PRO HCM - HCM/WFM Strategic Consulting)
Morne Swart, Vice President, Product Management(Sumtotal Systems Inc)
For years, we have heard the adage “People are Our Most Important Asset”. Although most of us would agree that this statement is true, we also recognize that many organizations fail to manage their people asset as closely and carefully as they do their other critical assets (property, plant, equipment, money/finances). As such, they fail to realize the maximum Return on Investment from this asset that they could otherwise attain.

Attend this webinar to see how and why a fully integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) strategic solution including both Talent Management (TM) and the burgeoning discipline of Workforce Management (WFM) leads to a significantly higher-performing organization…an organization where the people asset truly is managed as carefully and effectively as other critical corporate assets! See how TM and WFM work together in a complementary and synergistic way to lead to higher individual, group, and organizational performance.

For the past 10 years, most HCM industry literature and organizational HCM initiatives have been focused on Talent Management …the quest to acquire, train, develop, reward, and retain the most qualified and productive workforce. While TM is a necessary and critical component to developing and enhancing individual and organizational capabilities and potential… it does not in and of itself ensure optimal organizational performance and results.

While focusing on developing and ensuring the capabilities of their workforce, many organizations misuse or underutilize this asset on a daily basis by failing in practice to make full use of its productive potential. This happens when organizations do not have the tools to ensure the full availability and utilization of its employees; or the tools to monitor, measure, and manage their daily activity and performance according to expectations. It is one thing to have great and capable employees, it is quite another to make sure that “the right number, of the right people, with the right skills, and at the right cost; are in the right place, at the right time, working on the right task, and performing to expectations”…each and every day! Organizations face compliance exposures and lose significant net effective capacity by failing to make full, effective use of the total potential of their existing workforce asset. This often leads to lower productivity, higher costs, lower margins and profit, and lower quality and timeliness of service. This obviously has a consequential negative impact on employees and customers…impacting both the top AND bottom line!

Just as important as is Talent Management in helping build a high-performing organization is Workforce Management, which focuses on ensuring the full availability, utilization, and productive use of the workforce on a daily basis…as well as managing compliance with all work, leave, and pay rules. Workforce Management is more than just Timekeeping and paying people right. It has matured into a strategic suite of critical application tools and practices that result in a de facto net effective increase in operational capacity and performance! Individually, each of the discrete WFM applications (Timekeeping, Attendance, Absence and Leave Management, Scheduling, and Workforce Analytics) provides significant operational and financial value. The combination of Workforce Management and Talent Management (including Learning Management) in a fully-integrated HCM solution adds exponential value in driving higher employee and organizational performance. The intersection and full integration of WFM and TM is not only a natural, but also a NECESSARY step if organizations are to fully manage, leverage and optimize their people asset!

Workforce Management as a management discipline has not traditionally been viewed as being part of HR or Finance’s role…more often it is relegated to Operations. However, the current economy and growing global “war for talent” makes it imperative that both Talent Management as well as Workforce Management be utilized to be able to fully optimize the human asset…so that organizations make the most effective use of the talent they already have in place and perform at their top competitive capability!

Who Should Participate
* HR/Finance/Operations/Payroll Leadership of all levels of all industry segments and company sizes * Anybody interested in how to rapidly improve organizational performance through sophisticated HCM practices and technology
What You Will Learn
What you will learn: • Overview of fully Integrated Human Capital Management • Where WFM fits in the overall HCM Strategic Model • How and where WFM and TM intersect in a singular, closed loop solution • The synergistic value of an Integrated WFM/TM/HCM strategic solution – how it facilitates managing people as an asset! • The rapid time to value and ROI of WFM solutions
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Presented by
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Ed Colby
PRO HCM - HCM/WFM Strategic Consulting

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Morne Swart
Sumtotal Systems Inc

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Event Sponsors
Sumtotal Systems Inc
SumTotal Systems, LLC, the largest independent provider of integrated HR solutions, is increasing the performance of some of the world’s most successful organizations, and is the only HR solution provider to deliver Talent Expansion.
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