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Advertise Here DEMO DAYS - Employee Engagement

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
Virtual Demo Days where you can view the latest and greatest HR products and services! Are you interested in learning about what’s out there? Want the scoop on the hottest trends from HR experts?

Each virtual demo is free of charge to attend and no more than an hour. Online Q&A to follow.

Please Note: DEMO only, no certification granted.

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Ginger Black, Marketing Director(EScreenz)


Will Smith
Vice President - EScreenz

Ginger Black
Marketing Director - EScreenz

Creating and maintaining an effective employee communication program is an important part of improving employee engagement. EScreenz™ is a new, interactive desktop-messaging solution that creates excitement within an organization by providing a compelling approach to strengthening internal communication efforts. Employees become more engaged in the communications process as EScreenz both complements and reinforces existing communication channels.

On a daily basis we speak with managers and directors who want to help their employees become more connected to corporate objectives as well as provide their executives with a new way to improve the corporate culture. During those conversations we hear that traditional forms of communication do not meet these objectives. For example, the sheer number of e-mail often overwhelms people, and while intranets are great repositories of information, information can be dated and challenging to find.

Using the power of digital media and a patent-pending hyperlink capability, EScreenz’s interactive slides are distributed throughout an enterprise on desktop and laptop PCs. EScreenz™ messages take readers directly to essential information deep within your intranet or on the internet.

In this presentation you will learn how EScreenz™ gives HR personnel a new way to easily create and deliver high-impact messages encompassing a wide range of employee news and information such as:
• Executive messages and corporate objectives
• Urgent notification
• Training reinforcement
• HR news, updates, and benefits communications
• Employee recognition
• New hires and promotions
• Safety tips / reminders
• Compliance
• New products and customer wins

Both executives and employees find EScreenz™ to be a compelling, valuable solution that addresses the on-going need for improved communications that keep employees actively engaged with business goals.

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