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COMPENSATION DEMO WITH XACTLY Results Beyond Revenue: Motivating Your Sales Team for Big Successes

COMPENSATION DEMO WITH XACTLY Results Beyond Revenue: Motivating Your Sales Team for Big Successes
December 3, 2012 at 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET
Gary Cottrell, Principal Solutions Consultant(Xactly Corporation)
Erik Charles, Principal Incentives Strategist(Xactly Corporation)

There's more to incenting your sales team than just rewarding revenue. You need something that will motivate the team to perform beyond expectations. Today's complex selling environment demands that HR professionals implement compensation and incentive plans geared toward achieving competitive levels of growth. We'll show you how to keep your sales team focused on all the right measures including tips based on proven research to help HR professionals drive winning behaviors and develop focused, diligent reps who consistenly reach quota. When done right, automating your incentive compensation boosts rep productivity and company profits. You'll potentially see 36% faster revenue growth. When done wrong, you waste time, energy and resources. What's worse: you might actually discourage your reps from selling. We'll touch on some best practices for incentive plans:

* Choose effective and clear incentives to align reps with company goals. You may consider tailoring incentives to your unique sales force for even better results.

* Communicate your plan thoroughly. By incenting right - and effectively communicating changes - you'll help sales reps sell more.

* Pick the right metrics for your growing organization. Make sure they motivate success and deliver the results you want.

* Use an automated dashboard. Everything from prospect to payroll is visible for you and your reps. You can see how the team is progressing towards goals, how the product mix is being sold, and how industries are being penetrated.

Instead of guessing what will motivate your team, you'll know the best rewards to get your reps to move the revenue needle.
Who Should Participate
HR Professionals supporting efforts to make sales compensation a more strategic part of the company's operations.
What You Will Learn
You will learn how to keep your sales reps focused and on target and avoid common incentive compensation pitfalls. You will learn best practices for incentive plans. And you will learn how to keep your fingers on the pulse of your sales reps' performances.
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Presented by
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Gary Cottrell
Xactly Corporation

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Erik Charles
Xactly Corporation

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Event Sponsors
Xactly Corporation
Xactly Corporation is the market leader in on-demand sales performance management. The company's SPM Suite™ enables sales and finance executives to optimize sales compensation programs easily and affordably.
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