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Sales and Social Marketing 101 and Beyond - Event 1

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
Expand your Toolbox to Target your Sales and Social Marketing to HR Professionals

VIRTUAL EVENT SERIES: Sales and Social Marketing 101 and Beyond
HRmarketer and will help you help yourself!

EVENT 1 of 4
HRmarketer and are joining forces to offer a series of 4 virtual events, each with 4 informative webcast sessions on marketing, technology, PR and tools to build your company’s image, brand and sales. Whether beginner or expert in the field of sales, PR, and marketing, you can customize your own expertise upgrade by choosing sessions to help you do your job more effectively with the latest social media, technologies, trends, and best practices. Check the lineup of sessions for the next event and register now.

Conference Webcast Schedule

There’s been a real evolution of search engine optimization (SEO) over the past couple of years. gShift refers to this SEO evolution as Web Presence Optimization (WPO).

WPO is about optimizing content across your organization’s entire web presence – website, social media, blogs, press releases – to improve your organic rankings in the search engines. It’s about dominating ALL search starting points so prospects and customers can find your business during all phases of their online research.

And content marketing is the key. Keyword optimized content is the real engine that drives your ‘findability’ efforts. Create great content for your prospects and customers to consume, be ubiquitous, relevant and timely and you will begin to crush your competitors in the search engines. Think of SEO as the by-product of Content Marketing and Social Media as the delivery agent.

In this discussion you will learn about:

•       Why SEO is important to a business and in a digital marketing budget
•       The shift that is taking place in SEO and how social media and social signals matter now more than ever before
•       How and why it all starts with content marketing
•       How you can apply WPO to your business – including a keyword research workshop and case study review on web presence optimization

About gShift Labs
gShift Labs’ industry leading Web Presence Optimizer™ software system is helping companies across North America achieve top organic rankings in search engines by simplifying and standardizing how a website gets found on the internet. Organizations of all sizes benefit by reducing the time and resources required to analyze and improve organic search optimization. Since mid 2009, gShift has received industry recognition including YTA StartUp of the Year, CIX Digital Media winner and named to the Branham300 Up and Comers List.

For more information:

This webcast is not available for HRCI or IHR certification

Andy Benkert, Online Marketing Specialist(
David McInnis, CEO(Traffic Shapers dba Cranberry)
Sarah-Beth Anders, Product Marketing(Achievers)
Jeanne Achille, CEO(Devon Group The)

Social media has created a world of unlimited marketing potential: it's incredibly easy to share your company stories with HR journalists and analysts. Unfortunately, your audience is more complex than ever. The lines are blurring between traditional media and a vocal community of bloggers, HR professionals, and thought leaders. Call them "influencers" or "social voices" . . . whatever the buzzword, you need to reach the right people. But how do you find them? Join us for an interactive panel of social media communicators moderated by Kevin Grossman,        
Chief Strategy Officer for We’ll discuss how to navigate the changing media and influencer landscape, what makes a compelling story, and how to pitch it to the right people.

- How to target journalists and influencers who care about your news
- Effective methods to pitch news and story ideas
- Best practices for building relationships with media and online influencers

This webcast is not available for HRCI and IHR certification

Meghan M Biro, CEO(TalentCulture)
Sarah White, HR Technology Strategist(
William Tincup, Executive(Tincup & Co.)

Social influencer lists are everywhere. Top 25 Online HR Influencers. Top 50 Social Media Influencers. There's an influencer list for everyone. But what's the true value to the rest of us today? Are we just over-stimulated or under-whelmed? And how do we identify the influencers who matter to our business? Join us for an interactive panel discussion moderated by Kevin W. Grossman, chief marketplace evangelist at We’ll discuss how to look beyond follower counts and determine the true value of thought leaders. We’ll also examine why content, authenticity and relationship building are so vital – and why it's important for the audience to make their own decisions about what influence means to them.

- How to identify online thought leaders with meaningful impact
- Ways to build relationships with influencers that increase brand visibility
- Best practices for content campaigns and targeting the right audiences

This webcast is not available for HRCI and IHR certification

Susan Linman, Other(Dunthorpe Marketing Group Inc)

This webinar presents the lead lifecycle model, a new approach that fits the reality of B-to-B marketing in this digital age. The lead lifecycle model is a comprehensive approach for marketing teams required to improve their contributions to sales success.

The traditional model of marketing program silos has widened the chasm between marketing and sales teams, and between companies and the prospects and customers they hope to attract. The leads generated through these programs are rarely optimized for sales engagement, and marketing teams often move on to the next program before the leads are cultivated, nurtured and converted to sales engagements.

This trend is attracting comment from industry experts and analysts. Forrester Group believes “the sales funnel’s value as a framework is over, and a new model—the customer life cycle—provides a better fit with modern marketing as it puts the customer at the center of the effort, involves the entire brand experience, and describes an ongoing relationship.”

Join us as we explore these emerging trends:

The shift in power from sellers to buyers
The growing divide between marketing and sales
The lead lifecycle model and how it represents best practices in the digital age
Sales conversions and revenue contribution success stories

This webcast is not available for HRCI and IHR certification

Sponsors for this event:

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