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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Thursday, October 24, 2013
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Attend the workshops from your desk! With effective implementation RPO can reduce a company’s time to hire and associated costs, increase the quality of candidate pool and ensure regulatory compliance.

Do you want that competitive edge in your professional space? Do you want to assert your knowledge of current HR topics, trends within your domain? Why not set yourself apart from your peers and get certified with and the Institutes for Human Resources (IHR).

The Institute for Human Resources (IHR), the certification and accreditation process arm of, has a program for you! Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a wide spectrum of HR functionalities learned. The IHR is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds value to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field.

Conference Webcast Schedule
Phil Scharf, Regional Representative(

Welcome to the Institute for Human Resources for Recruitment Process Outsourcing! Thank you to everyone for your participation and support. Today marks the sixth virtual event for this great community. We have a very exciting event planned for you with many informative sessions covering the hot topics and trends in this exciting space.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an outsourcing arrangement whereby an external provider takes over part or all of the recruitment functionalities of an organization. The RPO provider assumes responsibility over the hiring process, from job profiling through onboarding, as well as the resources, methodologies and reporting used. With effective implementation RPO can reduce a company's time to hire and associated costs, increase the quality of candidate pool and ensure regulatory compliance.

This introduction to the event will give you an overview of the Institute for Human Resources certification program as it specifically relates to Recruitment Process Outsourcing. You will learn about the opportunity to become certified with the Institute for Human Resources and what other HR Verticals are available for either yourself or your colleagues. There will be an introduction to this Institute's Advisory Board and faculty which ensures that all courses and educational components are state-of-the-art and relevant to current trends in the industry. We will also give an overview of the speakers and their topics. You will be given guidance on how to chat online with colleagues and access the virtual exhibit hall which includes floors for our Sponsors, speakers and suppliers, prior to and during the entire two day event. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, as it relates to the overall program, prior to the event's commencement.

Kim R. Davis, President/CEO(DreamJobs)

Does your organization have high volume needs for various hourly positions? Do you want to improve your attraction and attrition rates? Insure a cultural organizational fit? Join this informational session to gain insight into utilizing technology to fill your high-volume positions. Some jobs and industries have a history of high turnover, poor interview attendance rates, and inadequate candidate traffic. Jobs go unfilled, revenue is lost and employers end up hiring warm bodies, only fueling the high attrition problem for the organization. Since applicant pools are so limited, little candidate screening is done, and organizations fail to define adequate candidate expectations. This is not a new problem and now you can use this technology with integrated candidate sourcing to your advantage. Use technology to find the best fit candidates, improve your metrics and quality of hire.

Firms need to know how to separate candidates from talent acquisition pools and recognize why potential candidates are not applying for open positions with their firm. Recruitment automation allows organizations to eliminate human intervention up to the point of an interview with the hiring manager. This automated process is efficient, fast and it does a better job of screening candidates for fit while at the same time level setting candidate expectations. As a result, hiring managers only interview candidates that are fit and are interested in the position. Candidates are informed in real time about their chances of hire. Hear the case studies of success of firms using recruitment automation to their advantage in the war for talent.

John Wilson, CEO(WilsonHCG)

Beyond the traditional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) model that focuses on cost and scale, RPO has been redefined to include comprehensive, value-added services that strategically benefit buyers’ businesses. Through a high-touch process, a customized recruitment solution is crafted based upon each client’s needs and desired results.

There is more to recruitment process outsourcing than sourcing, recruiting, onboarding and metrics. RPO has been redefined to incorporate a suite of services including employment branding, in-depth market research, SEO strategies, social recruiting, career website consultation, recruitment technology implementation and workforce planning.

Without a comprehensive approach in place, companies are using a group of tactics to make up their recruitment strategies. But a strategic combination of business services and the latest technologies as part of a detailed plan helps companies reach their organizational goals and realize a dramatic impact on the quality of their recruitment processes.

The redefined RPO model doesn’t just improve the recruitment function though, it creates a well-rounded employment brand that works in multiple capacities to attract candidates and retain employees while improving the candidate experience and increasing hiring manager satisfaction. Clients have also reduced their time-to-fill thanks to the organic growth of their talent networks in utilizing this redefined RPO model. And they have reported the quality of candidates both in skillset and culture fit have improved as well.

Join John Wilson, CEO of WilsonHCG, to learn more about why traditional RPO buyers are transitioning to this redefined RPO solution and how their bottom lines have benefitted from this comprehensive recruitment approach.

Allison Kruse, Global Digital Talent Manager(Aon Hewitt)
Geoff Webb, Sr. Sourcer(Aon Hewitt)

Since 2006, Sourcing and Social Media have played an integral role in the world of Recruitment and Staffing and have even more so in the RPO world. As our clients become more and more demanding with fewer financial resources, we are forced to work smarter and develop Sourcing and Social practices that are cost effective, strategic and scalable while at the same time, remain cost sensitive.

In this session Geoff Webb of AON/Hewitt, a recognized leader as one of the Top 100 Social HR professionals, and Allison Kruse, a global digital manager on the AON/Hewitt RPO Global Sourcing Leadership team, will walk through some of the reasons for developing a dedicated Candidate Generation team, the reasons why it works for clients and how it can impact on the social strategies of your clients. They will discuss who needs to own what part of the social strategy, what social strategies are scalable for clients and who retains ownership of social media content. To conclude this session, the duo will dig deeper to explore and clarify the differing roles of a Sourcer verses the roles and responsibilities of a Recruiter.

Over the past decade or so we’ve talked a lot about Social Media and Recruitment and how it could all be used together. If you are a Recruiter or Sourcer who finds it difficult to get their minds wrapped around candidate engagement and using Social Media channels for anything other than multi-posting services, this will most certainly be a webcast session you will not want to miss.

Dee Williams, Founder & CEO(Identifize Consulting)

With 7.2 million people in the world, 313.9 million people in the US (2012) and a US labor force of approximately 155.835 million (includes 11.777 mil. unemployed, Jun. 2013) professionals walking around, how can we fill the gap of what’s missing and beat the talent shortage?

The Conference Board CEO Challenge 2013 revealed Human capital is a top challenge leading operational excellence, and innovation. These results were fascinating because it truly allows RPOs to add value to companies and address each one of these challenges using the RPO Partnership Model.

What is the RPO Partnership Model?

Partnership +Transparency x Innovation = RPO Partnership Model

It’s an RPO model where RPO firms and companies create real partnerships where transparency and innovation are the number one goals. This model also allows RPO firms to partner with their client company to address the talent shortage from an internal and external perspective. It gives them an opportunity to take a strategic approach on fulfilling the needs of their partner company.

This webinar will focus on some of the many ways that RPOs can address the talent shortages to support your overall organizational goals:

1.       The RPO Partnership Model
2.       Why and where is the Talent Shortage?
3.       Building Collaborative/Cross-Functional Teams
4.       Optimizing and Managing Talent Through the ATS – This should not be a black hole
5.       Going Beyond the Resume
6.       Stop Creating Reasons to Say No!
7.       Build the Relationship…it goes a long way
8.       Director, Recruitment Innovation - Innovation Must Live!

If you’re an RPO firm, or thinking of using an RPO Firm, this webinar will provide a positive outlook on how to develop a strong partnership that addresses talent shortages, and key operational challenges that are needed to support organizational goals and objectives.

Sponsors for this event:

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