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Performance Management

May 6-7, 2013
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
The IHR Performance Management certification program includes activities that ensure goals are consistently being met, the performance of an organization, a department, employee, or even the processes to build a product or service, as well as many other areas.

Do you want that competitive edge in your professional space? Do you want to assert your knowledge of current HR topics, trends within your domain? Why not set yourself apart from your peers and get certified with and the Institutes for Human Resources (IHR).

The Institute for Human Resources (IHR), the certification and accreditation process arm of, has a program for you! Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a wide spectrum of HR functionalities learned. The IHR is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds value to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field.

Conference Webcast Schedule
Amanda Norris, Regional Sales Director(

Welcome to the Institute for Human Resources Performance Management's 7th virtual event. Thank you to everyone for your participation and support. Over 1500 attendees have joined us to increase their expertise in Performance Management. They have been their journey to set themselves apart from their peers. Don't get left behind! Come join us and learn how to become a leader in Performance Management.

This two day event is the 6th since the Institute’s launch in June of 2011. Join Amanda Norris, one of's Community Facilitators as we take a look at what has been happening within the Institute for Human Resources Performance Institute.

During this short, 15 minute session we will review the progress of the Institute to date. We will review the certification program - have you signed up yet? If not, there’s still lots of time. Get an update on the hours accumulated to date. Find out what you have missed, and take a look at what is coming up for the next couple of months.

During this session we will:
• Introduce you to the Advisory Board
• Introduce you to the Institute and the Certification program
• Help you learn how to become an expert in the area of Performance Management

If you are new to the Institute for Peformance Management this introduction will cover not only our past accomplishments but also explain why you should continue to participate and be a part of this community.

For those with questions regarding the Institute and its content this is your chance to share your ideas.

Looking forward to your participation in this event.

J. Matthew Becker, M.Ed., PCC, Leadership and Career Coach(Authentic Excellence LLC)

Do you jump at the opportunity to proactively address the performance issues of your staff? Or do you typically choose to ignore the situation in hopes that the problem will simply go away? In reality, rather than going away the problem usually continues to fester and eventually impacts the whole team.In this webinar, Coaching for Performance, you will be introduced to a process you can use to handle these difficult conversations effectively.

Addressing performance is the least favorite activity for most leaders. However, failure to handle these situations effectively will drastically impact the success of both the leader and the team as a whole. Unfortunately many leaders either choose to ignore the situation or utilize an approach that only exasperates the problem.

Performance Management in the business world today requires a new set of skills. In order to accomplish the goals of the organization and his or her team, a leader depends upon complete commitment from every member of the team. Utilizing a coaching style will help leaders to instill ownership within their individual team members while unlocking their potential.

Coaching for Performance is designed to enhance a leader’s management skills and prepare them for the changing demands of their employees in today’s global marketplace. Participants will evaluate where we’ve come in our approach to coaching, and where we must go as leaders to not only survive but to thrive, and truly maximize the potential of our employees and corporations. You will learn how you, your team, and your organization can benefit when you master the skills of coaching.

Libby Gill, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author(Libby Gill & Company)

How do you keep your workforce engaged and excited? What can you do to assist management in aligning employee value to organizational vision?

In her dynamic presentation, executive coach and bestselling author Libby Gill shares a conceptual framework as well as concrete takeaways for creating client expectations that get measurable results.

The author of the award-winning You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work and Life, Libby’s interactive webinar will help HR executives, leaders and managers create an engaged and effect culture by providing clear directives, actionable feedback, and ongoing accountability.

Libby is the former head of communications and public relations for Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting. She is now CEO of Libby Gill & Company, an executive coaching and consulting firm. She has shared her success strategies on CNN, NPR, the Today Show, and in BusinessWeek, Time, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.

Her clients include ABC-Disney, Avery Dennison, Deloitte, Eli Lilly, GoDaddy, John Frieda, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Safeway, The Conference Board, Wells Fargo, and many more.

Here are some comments from Libby’s recent clients:

PayPal, TechnologuKathy Martin
“I previewed more than 20 speakers for our leadership event, but kept coming back to Libby Gill. The warmth and intelligence that I saw in her video were exactly what I wanted for our group of high potential future leaders. And Libby delivered far more than
we’d hoped for.”

Warner Bros., Scott Millward
“Your presentation was a HUGE hit with our global HR team. The place was still buzzing today about challenging the INRs, using the CSE method and various ways to cross your body parts. We’re already talking about how to leverage you and your approach for our senior execs. Nicely done!”

Global Pharmaceuticals, Courtney Rice
“Libby was absolutely fabulous…a perfect blend of credible business experience, fascinating life circumstance (without being cloying—this is tough to pull off) and helpful insight into how to reframe stagnant perspectives and effect real change. The best part is her enthusiasm and humor—and her skillful avoidance of the type of rah—rah cheerleading cliché trap that many speakers fall into. I am not alone in feeling this as her talk sparked a long and interesting discussion among conference participants.”

Sharon Williams, ABC-Disney
“We’ve seen a lot of great speakers here at Disney, but Libby’s presentation was one of the most inspiring I’ve seen in a long time. She managed to blend practical business information with deep insights about personal responsibility and leadership. After a very challenging year, our group was ready to get back to work, totally re-energized by her empowering message.”

Susan Carvalho, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
“Libby, your delivery is so inspiring, I felt as though I could have sat in the theatre all day wanting to hear more! Thank you!”

Renee Fuller, Kellogg’s
“Libby has fantastic communication and interpersonal skills that shine through in her presentation. She has truly been an inspiration to individuals that want to fulfill their dreams.”

Reut Schwartz-Hebron, Founder(Key Change Institute)

Sometimes an initiative to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and entire organizations hits a wall.
•       Managers and teams are provided with clear best practices, effective behaviors, and data-driven rationale. People understand the desired change and why it is needed but new desired behaviors are not adopted into practice.
•       Politics, power struggles, and other dysfunctional interactions get in the way of adopting needed changes.
•       Multimillion dollar strategic initiatives tank because people actively or passively resist needed changes.
Why are traditional change models insufficient when it comes to overcoming the Knowing-Doing Gap? What does it take to engage people in a way that will allow old habits to be replaced by new ones? How can HR business leaders and other change agents support implementation and execution of change when people are not putting needed changes into practice? How do you measure performance improvement when it comes to implementing change?

In this dynamic presentation, Reut Schwartz-Hebron, Founder of Key Change Institute, and author of The Art and Science of Changing People Who Don’t Want to Change shares case studies as well as groundbreaking neuroscience-based strategies for overcoming the Knowing-Doing Gap.

Reut is the founder of the 5-year old San Diego-based Key Change Institute. Reut’s expertise is in applying implicit neural learning and experience based learning (EBL) to change efforts that are more difficult or are likely to fail. The principles of her trademarked models have been tested and applied for the past 12 years in international Fortune 500 corporations like Avaya, Intel, GSK, and Nike as well as small privately owned companies and agencies. Her system has been applied across a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, telecommunications, government, manufacturing and transportation helping them to achieve effective long term desired results.
This presentation is delivered in a lecture format and also includes involvers, interactive group discussion and review of actual business case studies.

S. Chris Edmonds, Speaker, author, executive consultant(The Purposeful Culture Group)

What separates mediocre companies from high performance, values-aligned companies? Typically, it's all about the organization's culture. When an organization's culture demonstrates consistent trust, honor, and respect of employees, those employees' discretionary energy is applied to daily tasks and opportunities. That translates into engaged and inspired staff, WOW'ed customers, and increased profits.

Senior leaders of high performance, values-aligned cultures are extremely intentional about managing their organization's culture each day. They spend more time talking with leaders and staff about the work environment than they do performance metrics. Senior leaders who demonstrate care and concern for their people inspire staff to thrive, to solve problems, and to love their work and their customers.

Chris will share results and analysis of his global Performance-Values Assessment, noting respondents’ rankings on proven best practices. This enables attendees to consider how well their organizational culture meets those standards.

Under Chris' guidance, culture clients have consistently boosted their customer satisfaction and employee engagement rates by 40% or more and profits by 30% or more over an 18 month time period. This webinar will help you understand how leaders inspired employees to generate those gains and how HR professionals can utilize these practices as part of their performance management initiatives.

Brief bio about author: S. Chris Edmonds is an organizational culture change consultant. Successful senior leaders hire Chris to help them with their most important asset: their corporate culture. Most senior leaders put more thought into their products and services than their culture, yet culture drives everything that happens in their organizations. His services include high-impact keynotes, executive briefings, and executive consulting and coaching.

Christina Haxton, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant & Author(Christina Haxton, Sustainable Leadership, Inc.)

The Art & Science of Performance Management: How to inspire and engage today's workforce

What if your company archived the words "Performance Management" and "Annual Review" and like the word "icebox" they too became extinct?

Maybe it's about time. Here's why:

Building a high performing organization requires both skill and talent when it comes to the human part of the success equation.

What motivates and inspires high performers who are paid to think and are made up of a highly diverse and bright workforce may surprise you!

Common sense tells us using "a longer whip and a sharper spur" doesn't result in motivation and loyalty -- just resentment and employees who are not engaged. An actively disengaged or unengaged workforce leads to your employees stealing your pens and post-its. On top of this, the stress felt by everyone, including the engaged team member, then results in high absenteeism and unprecedented turnover. The bottom line is there is a negative effect on your bottom line!

News Flash: Recent studies by brain scientists studying motivation also tell us that reward (yes reward) can be de-motivating. How performance reviews are structured and how supervisors and managers offer "feedback" to change behavior and improve performance is often ineffective and de-motivating.

What's an HR Director to do? Attend this workshop!

If you are an HR Director or leader at any level, you already understand your people are your greatest asset. Now it's time to upgrade our approach to motivating Human Beings 3.0 from the field of brain science, at the intersection of communication, emotion and motivation.


Welcome to a workshop that is inspirational and will provide you with information and thought provoking ideas that you can use.

The data is decisive. Research has shown that the same principle that makes people more productive at their jobs also makes them happier while doing them. Specifically, when people are able to play to their Strengths every day, individuals and companies see better results in many areas.

There is a reason why Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Facebook, Chic-fill-A, Hilton, Disney, eBay, Deloitte, Coca Cola, Cisco, Microsoft, and Best Buy invest in the “Strength Movement.”

For decades, research and ongoing workplace surveys around the world, have explored what makes companies and teams great. These surveys have posed thousands of different questions to hundreds of thousands of managers and employees in 8,000 business units and measured answers against five key business outcomes:

•       Profits, Employee Turnover/Retention, Customer Loyalty, Productivity, Safety,

Analysis of the results show data patterns and identified one question that showed the greatest correlation to the most positive business outcomes:

At work, do you have the chance to do what you do best every day?

This inspirational and informative “Leading from Strengths” event will allow you to understand why investing in Strengths returns the greatest ROI for performance and talent management. It may challenge your thinking and the myths you have likely believed for many years.

Please come see why you should focus on your Strengths to accelerate your performance in 2013 and to become a happier person.

At “Churchill Leadership Group's” we increase Leadership and Team, & Talent Management Effectiveness through a focus STRENGTHS for sustainable business results.

Dan Walter, President and CEO(Performensation)
Samuel Reeve, CCP, GRP, Executive Vice President, Consulting Services(Performensation)

Businesses that have moved into the global marketplace often spend a considerable amount of time and capital setting up regional operations. Finding the right talent to run these businesses is a critical concern, and we often find that companies are willing to pay aggressively for the right fit. As a regional business starts to take root, it is important to bring its pay practices into alignment with the rest of the organization’s pay-for-performance strategy. Doing this effectively and knowing the major factors of concern are critical when rolling out a global pay-for-performance strategy.

This presentation will cover:
1)       Preparing your human resources infrastructure for global operations
2)       Creating pay for performance guiding principles to be shared among regions
3)       Maintaining similar compensation plans that are suitable for each country
4)       Benefiting from a shared global performance program
5)       Developing a single job structure that can be used across all regions, and
6)       The importance of scalable global software solutions.

Performensation invites you to join Sam Reeve in a discussion on Global Pay for Performance. During this webcast you will learn the foundation systems and processes that are necessary to establish compensation and performance programs across the globe. The global expansion into markets of opportunity is a critical growth period for many firms and ensuring your talent is supported by a high performing compensation and performance program is vital. If you are already a part of a multinational company or are soon planning to reach beyond the borders, this webinar will provide you with essential knowledge that you can use in your global pay for performance planning process.

Jason Jones, CSB Head of Sales North America(Cornerstone OnDemand)

This is a demo. No certification credit will be given.

Most performance reviews are a drag. They’re stressful, annoying, a hassle to complete and really very boring. Which is probably why everyone hates them… But we know reviews can be an incredibly valuable source of information for your company, and that’s why we’re on a mission to fix them; to make reviews fun, easy and useful – for everyone.

In this demo we'll be showcasing our award-winning CSB Performance and Analytics tools, and introducing upcoming releases CSB Learning and CSB Goals.

CSB Performance includes everything you’d expect from a performance management tool – but we’ve made it all much, much more awesome. Self-assessments, 360 multi-rater reviews, team reviews and analysis, development plans, the Bendelta Competency library… all wrapped up in CSB’s user-friendly and award-winning interface.

CSB Analytics gives you the tools to go even further with your reviews; view your entire company on a grid of performance v potential, identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, identify rising stars and plan for succession. CSB’s helicopter view and interactive infographics make sure your review data is never just filed away and forgotten.

And introducing:

CSB Goals gives employees a dynamic way to manage goals, measure performance, give and receive recognition, and record achievements. Features include cascading goals, social sharing and feedback, helicopter views of contribution and trophy walls for showcasing achievements.

CSB Learning is a cloud-based Learning Management System for small businesses, giving you access to a powerful suite of LMS tools. Upload and share course content, assign courses, complete assessments, track progress and view transcripts in real time. Engage employees with rewards and badges for learning achievements; they can even share their CSB Learning successes with their social networks.

Sponsors for this event:

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