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April 4-5, 2012
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
Payroll Systems incorporate human resource management (HRM) with payroll, tax information, child support, compliance, time and attendance and payroll technology. Stay up to date with the latest Payroll practices, technologies and legislation.

Do you want that competitive edge in your professional space? Do you want to assert your knowledge of current HR topics, trends within your domain? Why not set yourself apart from your peers and get certified with and the Institutes for Human Resources (IHR).

The Institute for Human Resources (IHR), the certification and accreditation process arm of, has a program for you! Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a wide spectrum of HR functionalities learned. The IHR is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds value to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field.

Conference Webcast Schedule
Robin Nadorozny, Speaker Seeker - Payroll( has launched a total of 16 Institutes for Human Resources to offer certification to HR professionals in their specialized area of expertise. Payroll kicks off today with a two-day virtual event. Payroll, in the broadest definition includes all methods of payment for time worked, including deductions for benefits and taxes, for employees by their employers. The purpose of this introductory webcast is to give you an overview of the program, who will be presenting, how to interact with the speakers and provide feedback after each session, how to visit the virtual exhibit hall, network with peers and more. Topics being presented include the following: April 4th 11:00 am Using Process Modeling to Improve Payroll (and other HR) Performance Metrics, Roger Smith, Payroll Prof 12:00 pm Payroll Administration for International Assignments: Your Road to Success; Sue Wines, SIRVA Global Compensation and Payroll Services April 5th 12:00 am Calculating Overtime: Are you in Compliance; Vicki Lambert – one of our Advisory Board Members – The Payroll Advisor 1:00 pm Lets Play Nice – Human Resources and Payroll Communications; Colleen Flores – Payroll Architechs/D&F Consulting, LLC 3:00 pm Changing Your Payroll Schedule – Strategies for Success; Jennifer Popolizio – HR Shared Services(Aetna Inc.). Speakers of the webcasts will share their thought leadership with the participants, who have the option of writing a certification exam through the Institute upon successful completion of the course, which is a 12-month program. Details will be given specifically on what is required in order to gain certification through the Institute for Human Resources. All of the webcasts being presented (with the exception of this introductory tutorial) are also approved for HRCI recertification credits.

Roger A. Smith, CPP, Owner/Payroll Management Consultant(

This webinar is about improving performance.
In the old days, the leader of a group often had face-to-face contact with his or her (probably his) employees. He couldn’t really tell if they were being productive or not, but could only see who was at their workstation. Today's workers are often hidden from view, and perhaps even performing their tasks at remote locations (including their homes). It is important to evaluate and improve the performance of the organization, rather than simply keeping track of attendance at work.
The work performed by Payroll (and other HR Departments) can best be described as a series of processes which can be defined, measured, and evaluated. These processes each have initiating events, a series of process steps, and concluding events.
Process modeling is a best practice used today in many payroll departments, as well as in HR departments and many other areas of a successful business or other organization. The models can also be used to develop revised processes which will lead to performance improvement.
This workshop is an extensive introduction to process modeling purposes, tools, and techniques. We will discuss payroll performance metrics, how they are developed, measured, and evaluated. Then we will discuss how process modeling can be used to document, measure, and improve processes. Next, we will demonstrate development of process models and recommended techniques and standards. We will discuss examples of how process modeling has been successfully used to improve payroll processes.
We will conclude with a question and answer period at the end of the session.

Sue Wines, VP, Global Compensation and Payroll Services(SIRVA, Inc.)

International assignments continue to grow in importance as organizations pursue global business strategies. PricewaterhouseCoopers reported in “Talent Mobility 2020” that international assignments have increased by 25 percent over the last decade and they predict an additional 50 percent growth by 2020. One result of this trend is the growing recognition of the need for comprehensive systems and procedures for the administration of international assignment compensation.

Managing international assignment payrolls successfully in both the home and host countries requires a high degree of collaboration, an expert understanding of the deliverables required, and global oversight of the process.

HR/Payroll resources responsible for this administration must pull together to create and maintain the assignment balance sheet, to reconcile the local payroll delivery results, to coordinate data collection and reporting with multiple internal and external teams, and to provide updates to assignees when compensation elements will change.

In this session, we will review why International Assignments are important to our global businesses, why the administration of these assignments is complicated, and how to build a successful payroll administrative process from the ground up.

We’ll help you identify the key roles that are critical to the success of your global mobility program delivery, where to find the resources to administer your payroll program, how to create a standardized process that will fit your payroll organizations across the globe and, finally, how to measure your success.

We’ll also share some best in class international assignment administration models that are producing positive results for global businesses today.

Whether an organization chooses to manage its global mobility program internally or outsource that management to an expert outsource provider, these tips on developing a collaborative, coordinated approach to long term international assignment compensation management will help ensure your success in achieving global business goals.

Colleen S Flores, CPP, Vice President(Payroll Architechs/D&F Consulting, LLC)

Do you ever have the feeling that your Human Resources and Payroll Departments are fighting like cats and dogs? That you cannot win, no matter which department you belong to?

In this webinar, learn how to be team players and make your departments cheer for each other!

In this ever changing world of laws and regulations, both in the Human Resources and Payroll disciplines, each need to be aware of the other’s changes and how these laws affect each other.

Human Resources tend to be grey in areas of legislation; Payroll tends to be black and white. Let’s learn how to be a happy yellow so that each discipline comes to an agreeable conclusion that is beneficial to the company, and keeps the company in compliance.

Nowadays, believe it or not, Human Resources and Payroll are practically connected at the hip with all the Human Resources/Payroll interfaces that keep Human Resources and Payroll talking together. Let’s try to make it a companionable association that will be beneficial to everybody!

Companies, especially in these hard times, are always looking for ways to drill down to the bottom line. Human Resources and Payroll Professionals can assist in this goal by understanding the importance of combining their efforts in the goals of the company to make the company a profitable entity.

Since the economy has changed over the last few years, companies are combining Human Resource duties with Payroll duties and visa-versa. Therefore, the importance of these disciplines is becoming more and more apparent.

Start this important initiative by gathering your Human Resource and Payroll teams to attend this webinar as a team effort! Go Team!

Jennifer Popolizio, Head of Payroll Operations - HR Shared Services(Aetna)

Changing a payroll schedule can cause significant disruption and financial strain to your workforce. It may be difficult to demonstrate the efficiencies that can be gained by changing your payroll practices. These factors often prevent an organization from making a strategic change in the way they pay their employees. This webcast will explore the strategy and steps of changing your payroll schedule in a way that will minimize this disruption and help your workforce plan for any financial impact. In addition, we will discuss metrics that may be taken into consideration when determining the success factors of making such a change.

We will explore ways to analyze your current payroll schedule to determine the “best” time to implement a change. Who are the parties that you need to influence to sponsor your change and how do you get them on board with your proposal? What “measures” of success will be important in your organization? We will investigate various ideas to assist your employees through the financial impact. Tips will be shared for testing your current payroll software, preparing your vendors for the change and other earnings and deductions considerations.

It will include a case study of how one of the nation’s leading diversified healthcare benefits companies changed their payroll schedule with minimal disruption to their employee population. It will explore the strategies, timeline, communication plan, and implementation plan. It considers how the enterprise aligned its practices to achieve an optimal payroll schedule along with lessons learned and principles for improvement.

Vicki M. Lambert, CPP, Founder and Director(The Payroll Advisor)

Calculating overtime pay for nonexempt employees sounds so simple. Common folk lore says you simply count the hours the employee works beyond 40 hours a week. Then you multiply that by 1.5 times their hourly pay rate and you’re done right? Not so fast. The truth is that overtime rules and the mathematics required to arrive at the correct calculation can be extremely tricky. Overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act is based on a unique term, created in 1938, known as the regular rate of pay. And calculating the regular rate of pay is more complex than it appears. What’s included in the calculation? The reasonable cost of meals, lodging, nondiscretionary bonuses, commissions, on-call pay, shift differentials, cash benefit payments from Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, the list goes on… And that’s just computing the regular rate – we haven’t even touched overtime yet! For example when a bonus must be included in calculating the rate what overtime does it apply to? When the bonus is paid or when the bonus was earned? What if the bonus spans a long period of time such as a quarter or a full year?

Then what happens if you get it wrong? Nobody pays attention do they? According to the Department of Labor, 300 new wage and hour investigators were hired in 2009 to respond to complaints and violations. By the end of 2010 the DOL announced they had collected more than $300 million in back wages for more than 385,000 workers.

Penalties for overtime violations can be severe with the possibility of fines, imprisonment or both! Add civil suits to the mix and the results can be devastating to any business no matter how large or small! And just to make it interesting, most states use the same definition to calculate overtime as the FLSA does. So one error can earn you double the penalties.

Vicki's Book information: This book covers all facets of the federal wage and hour laws concerning paying employees, including minimum wage and overtime. It explains the requirements and gives clear examples for calculating overtime correctly under the Fair Labor Standards Act when bonuses or other payments are included. It discusses requirements needed to categorize employees as exempt. The book explains the factors that the IRS uses to determine who is an employee and who can be classified as an independent contractor. The publication is one of the required text books for the Payroll Practice and Management series offered through continuing education departments throughout the country. Written in an easy to read format it can be used to train employees in your payroll department or as a stand alone reference guide.

To purchase this book, please go to this link:

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