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Online Staffing and Sourcing

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Online Staffing and Sourcing

April 17-18, 2013
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
Online Staffing and Sourcing is: the ability of a corporation, organization or legal entity to clearly define and identify, source, screen and select viable candidates for open positions using software and internet technologies. Learn about the latest online staffing ideas by attending workshops from your desk!

Do you want that competitive edge in your professional space? Do you want to assert your knowledge of current HR topics, trends within your domain? Why not set yourself apart from your peers and get certified with and the Institutes for Human Resources (IHR).

The Institute for Human Resources (IHR), the certification and accreditation process arm of, has a program for you! Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a wide spectrum of HR functionalities learned. The IHR is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds value to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field.

Conference Webcast Schedule
David Whitmarsh, Vice President of R and R, Revenue and Research(

Welcome to the Institute for Human Resources – Online Staffing & Sourcing. Thank you to everyone for your participation and your support of the Online Staffing & Sourcing community. We are excited about our speaker line-up for this event and have a variety of informative sessions for you to explore.

Online Staffing & Sourcing is the ability of a corporation, organization or legal entity to clearly define, indentify, source, screen and select viable candidates for open positions using software and internet technologies. Technology has, and will continue to change the recruiting industry and in this new age of recruitment, it is important for HR professionals responsible for staffing and sourcing to keep abreast of IT trends, developments and best practices. To assist HR professionals in remaining competitive in this space, the Institute for Human Resources (IHR) Online Staffing & Sourcing certification program was launched in March 2011. This is our 9th Virtual Event and to date and over 7,000 HR professionals have registered for our programs.

Please join us for a quick summary of Online Staffing & Sourcing at During this brief 15-minute session, you will be provided an overview of the Online Staffing & Sourcing community, introductions to the Advisory Board, an overview of IHR’s Online Staffing & Sourcing certification program, discuss how you can host an educational session, share the calendar of future events and gain useful tips on how to navigate through the upcoming virtual event.

This is a great opportunity to converse with industry experts, get involved and be a part of the community. We look forward to your participation, save your seat today!

Stephanie Littler, Response Manager(NetHire)

Can search engines see the jobs on your career site?

Are potential applicants able to easily find your company and the positions you have available on search engines and social media?

Are you communicating with previous applicants or those waiting for you to have positions available to let them know when new positions are posted that they may be interested in?

Open up the communication channels and start building your talent pool today!

Skilled people are becoming harder and harder to find and that is why you as an employer need to stand out from the crowd and brand yourself as an employment leader in your industry.

Stop waiting for potential applicants to see your job on a job board and build your own talent pool of people who want not just to have the positions you have available but to work for your organization.

During this presentation we will go over various strategies to increase your employer brand through organic recruitment, social media and SEO.

Following this session, attendees will:

Understand the importance of building a talent pool and be aware of various strategies to create one
Identify the components of a successful social media branding strategy
Identify and understand various barriers that employers face in building and maintaining an effective talent pool

Join Stephanie Littler, Response Manager from NetHire ( and ). NetHire is leading the industry in networked online social recruiting and hiring by harnessing the hiring power of the entire Internet, social media and search engines.

Thank you and looking forward to speaking with you all soon!

David Spector, Global Head of Mobile(TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications)

Consumption of information has changed. Mobile and portable devices have exceeded desktop computers in terms of sales, years sooner than predicted. User habits have changed too – a third of all Internet searches are performed on mobile devices and access to predominant social networks is now via mobile in the majority.

The mobile revolution has made an indelible impact on recruitment too. Candidates are increasingly searching for career opportunities using their mobile devices, which include tablets as well as handsets. This audience is also frequently connected to their social networks on the same devices, at any given moment in time. For recruiters, this represents a compelling opportunity, as well as the necessity to ensure they have a mobile optimized presence for the opportunities they offer to prospective candidates.

This timely session presented by David Spector, Global Head of Mobile at TMP Worldwide will demystify the components of an effective mobile recruitment communications strategy including an overview of mobile usage and trends, the mobile user experience, best practice approaches for design, development and content, mobile marketing and engagement tactics and making the most of metrics from mobile.

Following this session, attendees will:

• Understand the importance of a mobile optimized digital presence from a recruitment perspective.
• Identify the components of a successful mobile recruitment communications strategy.
• Appreciate the need for context with respect to content and the importance of location and social interaction via mobile devices.
• Recognize approaches for future careers site development that consider ‘mobile first’
• Recognize the possible calls to action that the site visitor can perform, including applying from mobile devices
• Be aware of the possibilities for marketing and engagement tactics that mobile provides
• Understand what can be measured in relation to a mobile recruitment strategy

David Daly, Research and Business Development Associate(DeGarmo Group)

How do we ensure best practices in our interview process? Over five years of training interviewers, I have seen all the nay-saying, eye-rolling, and heavy sighs expressed by experienced interviewers when I try to break them from the way “they have always done it.” Such resistance is certainly not universal, but it can be contagious when even a small number of intransigent veteran interviewers provide resistance to change regarding how to interview. Confronting, or preempting, such resistance can significantly enhance the quality of an employment interviewing initiative. Overcoming such obstacles can be a challenge for any interview trainer. With that in mind, one of the focuses of this session will be sharing tricks and tools I have learned over the years to help get buy-in to the process.

After we get buy-in, it is also important to ensure the interview process is built in the most effective manner possible, and that the interviewers themselves possess some of the most important skills. As such, we will discuss interviewer and interview process best practices to ensure your interview process is effective.

The objective of this session will be to address employment interview best practices in the context of practitioners who are, for one reason or another, resistant to these practices. Guided by focusing on the interviewer, the interviewee, the interview itself, and tracking the interview, a framework will guide discussion to identify how we can establish buy-in and better articulate, educate, and train for interview best practices. An additional focus will surround that ABSOLUTE MUST DOs for every interview.

Jeffrey T. Geyer, Sr. Vice President(Boston Biometrics)

Are you tired of recruiting and training sales reps with just a 5% to 20% success rate? At last there is a pre-employment screening process to help you consistently select top sales producers who are the best fit for your organization's unique needs. Just think…a process to improve your batting average by up to 70%; a process that will allow your organization to save time, resources and money as well as provide dramatically reduced turnover rates.

Consistent quality of hire has always been an elusive goal and this appears often most obvious when hiring sales producers. What is required to combat this is a common sense method to attract top sales talent, combined with a low cost, objective and scientifically-validated technique in order to properly understand who will excel and who will struggle to achieve or exceed your company’s sales goals.

Movement-based biometrics, or behavioral biometrics, is a new method of pre-employment testing which gathers information about a test subject in a natural and unvarnished way. It is based on the proven science that one’s movements are a direct reflection of how their brain is organized and processes information. By combining a specific job description with profiles of your top sales producers, a biometric process can be utilized to identify high caliber sales talent that will compliment your organization’s sales mission, unique characteristics, culture and competitive environment.

Boston Biometrics ( has invested decades in research, development and refinement of a biometric process to identify effective sales talent. Combine Boston Biometrics biometric process with advanced sourcing strategies and a formula for success derived.

Carol Quinn, CEO(Hire Authority, Inc.)

Motivation-Based Interviewing (or MBI) is an effective interviewing method for accurately assessing applicant motivation and for hiring high achievers. It can be used to fill every job opening, requires no extra interviewing time, and is easy-to-learn.

Traditional behavior-based interviewing does a reasonable job of assessing the candidate's skills, but it is not effective as a predictor of future performance, because it fails to take motivation into account. Think of skill as being analogous to a car. Think of motivation as fuel. A car without fuel runs great - going downhill. Using MBI is a more effective way to assess a candidate in terms of skill and motivation which enables you, the interviewer, to more accurately predict what kind of results you can expect that person to achieve.

It is important to understand where the employee selection process is going awry and fix it. Untrained interviewers, ineffective interview questions and hiring decisions based on skill level alone are the most common reasons bad hires happen. Research has found that ALL high achievers share 3 components; skill, attitude and passion. Skill is the only one of the three that can be added or changed AFTER the hire. That means...if you want a highly motivated team, or an entire organization, you have to hire passionate employees with the right kind of attitude to achieve tough goals. Many applicants who are NOT high achievers are interview-savvy. These applicants often withhold information and present themselves only in a positive light, but interviewers who use motivation-based interviewing know exactly how to expose the information they need to know to make a sound hiring decision. MBI is all about hiring high achievers. It is being used globally and is the only interviewing method with built-in skill, attitude and passion assessment components. This must-attend session is an overview and brief introduction to motivation-based interviewing. It includes a powerful video that’s not available in an archived version.

Yair Riemer, VP Global Marketing(

The Benefits and Importance of Internship Programs for Employers

You've mulled it over with management. It's consistently on the agenda at meetings. And you know that even—actually, especially—small- and medium-sized companies are already reaping huge rewards. In fact, you've been contemplating creating a program for months—even years.

The time is now. This presentation will introduce you to the benefits of internship programs for both students and employers, present recent industry data and statistics on the growth of internships, as well as popular sub-sectors within the market such as virtual internships and social media internships, and present to you the benefits of finding new team members to help grow your business and accomplish your objectives.

About 1.5 million, or 54% of bachelor’s degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed – the highest share in over a decade. That’s the challenge that students and recent graduates face in a current economic environment that sees 8% nationwide unemployment, but 16% unemployment for workers under the age of 25 - more than double the national average.

• And while the job outlook for students is challenging, there is a solution to help students connect with employers and land full-time jobs: internships.

• 7 out of 10 internships turn into full time jobs with the same company the intern interned with. That stat is backed up by internal data. So we know that internships benefit students. That’s obvious. But do they benefit employers too? They certainly do:

• 80% of employers surveyed view internships as a way to find full time hires.

• There are many benefits to starting and running an internship program –

o Finding future employees
o Evaluating potential talent
o Increasing productivity
o Giving back to the community
o Increasing employee retention rate, and more…

Join Yair Riemer, VP of Global Marketing for a presentation on the importance and benefits of internships for businesses of all sizes.

Randall Birkwood, Managing Partner(Ascendant Talent)

Maybe it’s easy to recruit if you’re Google or Apple. But what if your company isn’t a market leader, has little brand recognition, is in unattractive locations, and poorly funds its recruitment programs. Just because your company is a Plain Jane doesn’t mean your recruitment function needs to be.

Randall Birkwood, a pioneer in innovative recruitment techniques, will give you real-world examples of how you can win in the talent market despite the odds being stacked against you.

You will learn how to build a better employment brand, including keys to making your company more attractive to the right kind of candidates. The importance of developing an "elevator pitch", an effective website, and steps you can take to attract candidates that will match your company's culture. You will learn how to effectively present facts to executives to garner approvals, and how to assess candidates in a formal manner which will result in better hires.

This session will spark creativeness and new ideas for your company’s hiring practices and talent acquisition strategies. If you are a HR or Talent Acquisition leader working at a small company, or at a multi-national corporation, this session is for you.

About Randall Birkwood:
•       20 years’ experience in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition.
•       Been a noted speaker and panelist at recruitment conferences in the US and UK (ERE, EMA, IQPC, and Kennedy.)
•       Featured on the list of Visionaries in Employment by the Electronic Recruiting Exchange.
•       Was the subject of the cover story on the “War For Talent” in Internet World Magazine.
•       Been an advisory speaker at General Electric and AT&T for VPs and Directors of HR.

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