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Online Staffing and Sourcing

January 14-15, 2013
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Online Staffing and Sourcing is: the ability of a corporation, organization or legal entity to clearly define and identify, source, screen and select viable candidates for open positions using software and internet technologies. Learn about the latest online staffing ideas by attending workshops from your desk!

Do you want that competitive edge in your professional space? Do you want to assert your knowledge of current HR topics, trends within your domain? Why not set yourself apart from your peers and get certified with and the Institutes for Human Resources (IHR).

The Institute for Human Resources (IHR), the certification and accreditation process arm of, has a program for you! Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a wide spectrum of HR functionalities learned. The IHR is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds value to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field.

Conference Webcast Schedule
Claire McGowan, Community Facilitator (

Welcome to the Institute for Human Resources – Online Staffing & Sourcing. Thank you to everyone for your participation and your support of the Online Staffing & Sourcing community. We are excited about our speaker line-up for this event and have a variety of informative sessions for you to explore.

Online Staffing & Sourcing is the ability of a corporation, organization or legal entity to clearly define, indentify, source, screen and select viable candidates for open positions using software and internet technologies. Technology has, and will continue to change the recruiting industry and in this new age of recruitment, it is important for HR professionals responsible for staffing and sourcing to keep abreast of IT trends, developments and best practices. To assist HR professionals in remaining competitive in this space, the Institute for Human Resources (IHR) Online Staffing & Sourcing certification program was launched in March 2011. This is our 8th Virtual Event and to date and over 7,000 HR professionals have registered for our programs.

Please join Claire McGowan, IHR Community Facilitator, for a quick summary of Online Staffing & Sourcing at During this brief 15-minute session, Claire will provide an overview of the Online Staffing & Sourcing community, introduce you to the Advisory Board, explain IHR’s Online Staffing & Sourcing certification program, discuss how you can host an educational session, share the calendar of future events and provide useful tips on how to navigate through the upcoming virtual event.

This is a great opportunity to converse with industry experts, get involved and be a part of the community. We look forward to your participation, save your seat today!

Samantha Sandell, Lead, Client Training(Monster Worldwide, Inc.)

With all the changes to technology and recruitment in the last 15 years and more importantly as the competition for top talent increases, Recruiters and Human Resource professionals are under increased pressure to find new and innovative ways to attract top talent - usually with no or minimal additional budget. This session is designed to support you as you ‘up your game’ by taking you through step-by-step approaches to increasing the size and level of engagement of your talent pool. We’ll look at not only thoughtfully targeting your audience, but also increasing your understanding of your brand including being able to communicate it effectively. By the end of this session you will have an increased knowledge of innovative ways to source proactively on sites you are already using, as well as new sources that are just waiting for you! In addition, you will be able to initiate a revamp of your employer brand and get those seekers coming to you. Sound like a lot of work? Think you don’t have the time? As the title states this session will take social, sourcing, and candidate engagement back to basics and give you easy to implement changes that you can easily make starting today. It's important not to mistake this with a beginner course, although it can be used that way. Its intention is to cut through all the noise and give you real life steps and checklists, but most importantly inspiration.

At the heart of great companies are great employees - and great employees attract other great people. Let me help you embark on your path to employer greatness.

John Flato, Vice President of Consulting(Universum Group)

Many companies desire to develop a strategic campus recruiting program. What does that truly mean? Industry expert, John Flato, Vice President of Consulting at Universum, has vetted this concept with peers in the campus recruiting function, and has developed ten key components of a truly strategic program, based on best practices from companies who have implemented or embraced each element extremely well. In this one-hour presentation, John will provide names of companies who truly stand out as some of the best in class for each point he makes.

John will discuss the use of senior executives in the recruiting process, the measurements and metrics used to insure that programs are meeting the expectations and reporting them to management, the appropriate use of intern and co-op programming, and executing the process flawlessly to ensure success. He will also talk about the use of the right people in the recruiting process and the importance of post-offer follow up to ensure that the candidates start their employment with positive attitudes.

Industry expert, John Flato, will present a one-hour program on Ten Components of a Strategic Campus Recruiting Program. John has led the campus recruiting function at three companies and also served as the Career Services Director at a prestigious MBA school, has helped scores of companies design, measure, implement and improve their campus recruiting programs for nearly ten years. John will not only present the ten components, but will augment these with company/organizational examples of those who exemplify each component extremely well. The speaker has more than 20 years' experience in the campus recruiting space, has won awards from NACE and EMA, and is a frequent speaker on campus recruiting topics.

Christopher Young, CEO(Async Interview)

Traditionally, phone screens and a series of in-person interviews have been the best practice in recruitment. There has been a significant shift to video technologies for a myriad of reasons: reduce the time-to-fill; allow candidates and employers added flexibility and to make the overall process more efficient. Never heard of video interviewing? Join Christopher Young, CEO and Founder of Async Interview for this one hour webinar that will commence with a brief background on what video interviewing is as well as the two types of tools (pre-recorded/video screening and live video interviewing) that can transform the way that the hiring team manages the recruiting process.

Both pre-recorded and live video interviewing tools allow employers to reduce travel and save time in the interview process. But how much travel will be reduced? And where will the time be saved? Who will save it? This presentation will dig a little deeper into the ROI of video interviewing (e.g. reduced time-to-fill, increased recruiter productivity, reduced travel costs, etc.) In addition, Christopher will share various intangible benefits of implementing video which include (consistent candidate experience, fair interview questions and more objective hiring manager feedback). Together, the list of intangible benefits and ROI will help justify video interviewing as a solution for the majority of organizations seeking to improve their recruitment process.

Participants will leave this session having a better understanding about what video interviewing is, the benefits of implementing it and how to build a business case for it in order to present to hiring managers and executive leaders.

Mark Murphy, CEO(Leadership IQ)

Leadership IQ researched 20,000 new hires and learned that 46% of them failed within 18 months. But even more surprising than the failure rate was that when new hires failed, 89% of the time it was for attitudinal reasons. Only 11% of the time it was for a lack of skill.

Technical competence remains the most popular subject of interviews because it’s easy to assess. But it’s a lousy predictor of whether a newly hired employee will succeed or fail in your unique organization. Attitude is the factor that successful organizations like Google, Apple, Southwest Airlines and the Ritz-Carlton hire for, and attitude is what your organization should be hiring for.

Based on Leadership IQ’s top-rated research and CEO Mark Murphy’s bestselling book, Hiring for Attitude will teach you some of today’s cutting-edge hiring practices that reveal if candidates have the right attitude to fit your culture.

Just a few of the things you’ll learn by attending Hiring for Attitude:

•       One question to reliably assess a candidate’s “coachability” and what their last boss really thought of them (coachability is the #1 reason new hires fail)
•       Key research results from Leadership IQ’s hiring studies including the results of our work with textual analysis that reveals if someone is a high or low performer just by the pronouns and verbs they use during the interview
•       6 words that make behavioral interview questions ineffective
•       One sentence to say when you think candidates are lying to you
•       2 quick tests to discover the attitudinal characteristics your organization must include in interviews
•       Why interviewers should never ask “tell me about yourself” or “what are you strengths and weaknesses?”
•       One question that reveals if somebody goes “above and beyond”
You’ll also learn how today’s best companies are recruiting for attitude including how to write pitches that attract high performers and repel low performers. You’ll find out how top organizations are building talent pipelines of candidates with the right attitude, and how they are using Hiring for Attitude to create even higher engagement among existing employees.

Steven Rothberg, President and Founder(

Virtually every member of Gen Y -- today's college students and recent graduates -- and about 90 percent of Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers care enough about only one electronic device to carry it with them virtually everywhere they go: their cell phones.

Most young adults see their cell phones as important to carry with them as their wallet and keys and the significance of their cell phones has only grown as most of those young adults have graduated from feature to smartphones like iPhones, Androids, and Blackberrys. Indeed, some studies are now projecting that in 2013 the large majority of college students and recent graduates will own smartphones.

If your organization's web site and recruiting message are not fully accessible to your most sought after candidates on their mobile phones then those candidates will end up becoming employees of your competitors. In this presentation, Steven Rothberg of niche job board will:

•       Define mobile marketing;
•       Provide examples of mobile marketing for consumer and recruitment marketers;
•       Show how mobile marketing for recruiting has grown;
•       Discuss why employers should embrace mobile marketing;
•       Detail which age groups are the most receptive to receiving text and other messages via their mobile devices; and
•       Walk attendees through an actual cell phone text messaging campaign deployed by a federal government agency.

In this highly interactive and humorous presentation, learn why your organization needs to have a mobile recruitment marketing strategy and how best to implement it so you can recruit the candidates you need and stay within your budget.

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Jason Whitman, Vice President, Client Services(

Companies recruiting online face the challenge of knowing where their candidates and hires come from. What job sites, search engines, social networking sites and other sources provide the best return on investment? Measuring the ROI of recruitment advertising should be a major priority for any recruiting professional.

Top recruiters understand that without accurate candidate source data, you can’t conduct that analysis. But most companies don’t know there is a problem with their process, and it’s those companies that are spending billions of dollars per year on online recruitment advertising. Yet the key advantage of online recruitment advertising is that it’s 100 percent measurable.

The technical aspects of candidate source tracking are often easy to implement, but companies need the initiative to pursue automated tracking and conduct ongoing analysis to understand how their online recruitment sources are performing. They also need to adjust strategies and budgets to maximize recruitment advertising investments.

In many cases, it may require not taking no for an answer, either from an ATS or a job site, and that’s OK. Not knowing the return on your advertising is not OK. These challenges can easily be conquered by asking specific questions and putting simple tracking measures in place. This webinar will cover the four steps in optimizing recruitment advertising budgets:

Assign: Make it someone’s job to track and measure your recruitment advertising.

Automate: Implement automated candidate source tracking.

Analyze: Review your cost-per-applicant and cost-per-hire data.

Adjust: Shift budget to sites and sources that deliver the best ROI.

Irina Shamaeva, Partner, Chief Sourcer(People Sourcing Certifications)

Dealing with a Hard-to-fill Position may be frustrating. Your company needs the specialist “yesterday”, yet you seem to have exhausted all possible ways to locate the right potential candidates. This presentation offers 10 ways to improve, expand, and streamline uncovering the right talent and making the first-time connections in social networks following the best practices. It should help to make online hunt for professionals less frustrating and more enjoyable and productive.

The first four tips apply before you even start searching for target professionals. Going back and deepening that part of the candidate search process may also help to uncover additional untapped resources. Research and do your homework to identify keyword synonyms, target companies, and less-visited events and membership sites to use in your search. The next three tips offer sharpening your search skills and combining different online resources for candidates pre-qualification. The last three tips cover the best practices on interacting with potential candidates in online social environments and offer advanced ways to automate tracking professionals who may be open to moving on to another company.

The webinar will cover how to use the following technologies as part of your Sourcing Toolbox:

• Keyword Tools • LinkedIn Skills Section • X-Raying Membership Sites • Email Look-up Tools • Advanced Search on LinkedIn • LinkedIn Signal

Do Your Homework
#1 Research Terminology
#2 Find Target Companies
#3 Locate Memberships
#4 Locate Events

Expand Search Results
#5 Use Synonyms
#6 Do Not Use Degrees
#7 Convert Contact Lists into Profiles

Be a Social Recruiter
#8 Represent Your Brand
#9 Personalize Your Messages
#10 Follow Online Activity of Potential Candidates


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IHR Certifications
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