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Leadership Development Programs: Should You Be Using Them?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
Leadership Development Programs are effective at (1) increasing the caliber of the workforce, (2) enhancing efficiency in the organization's education and development activities, (3) reducing turnover and related expenses, and (4) focusing organizational attention on specific strategic priorities. Amid rapidly changing technologies, faster cycles of innovation, and hyper-competitive markets, why do some companies consistently outperform their competitors? Strong leadership is the differentiator. Leaders play a key role in creating and sustaining business success. Likewise, high potential employees (HIPO's) are the emerging leaders in your organization and need to be identified and nurtured.

Learn how leading organizations are using new insights and tools to help develop and sustain their leaders in order to tackle the tough challenges of leading change under pressure, building effective teams, and developing leadership throughout the organization.

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Grey Scott M.S., SPHR, Content Manager (HRCI - HR Certification Institute)

Integrating the Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) or Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) certification into your organization’s HR leadership development programs can help your organization:

·         Create a clear path for professional growth within your HR department

·         Focus professional development dollars

·         Provide cross-training across all HR disciplines

A certified HR staff ensures that your staff is aware of the current practices in the HR field and can apply this knowledge to your organization. To become certified, HR professionals are tested on all aspects of general HR principles including strategic business management, workforce planning and employment, HR development, total rewards, employee and labor relations, and risk management.

Once certified, your staff will be required to maintain their PHR, SPHR or GPHR certification by participating in HR-related professional development activities over a three-year period. These HR-related professional development activities assures that certified HR staff members are staying current on best practices in the field and can be relied upon to align with your organizational and department-level goals.

By integrating HR certification into your HR leadership development program your organization will benefit by


·         Ensuring professional development activities are in alignment with organization-level goals resulting in an increased return on investment

·         Increased employee loyalty, motivation and retention

·         Knowing that HR staff has mastered and can apply core HR competencies though out all aspect of your HR program


Participants in this webinar will learn:

·         What is HR certification

·         How earning HR certification can help your employees’s careers

·         How an certified HR staff will benefit your organization

·         Exam eligibility, development process and exam content


This webinar has been designed for:

  • Training and leadership development managers and directors
  • Executives seeking to improve the caliber of their HR staff
  • Professional-level HR practitioners seeking certification

Lee Klepinger, President(Impact Achievement Group, Inc.)
Sean Murray, Founder & CEO(Realtime Performance Inc)

This session is not about how to be a great trainer, or assign metrics, or how to design e-learning, or even how to get more buns in seats. It is about what your organization needs to do to ensure that people learn and use that learning to achieve business results - ROI.  There are two major considerations – training factors and organizational factors. Combined, they have the greatest overall impact on how learning contributes to business success.  We will review the critical considerations to accomplish both and share two powerful “best practices” case studies. 

Training factors require a purposeful framework for management and leadership development that provides continuous learning, reinforcement, and application. Unlike many interventions that piece together disparate pieces of various vendor solutions, an effective framework considers the “missing links” between learning experiences and job application. Some would describe this as creating a fine tapestry versus a poorly constructed patchwork quilt. The key question for you is: “Do you have a quilt or fine tapestry?”

The organizational factors are the “5As”:

1. Alignment

2. Anticipation

3. Alliance

4. Application

5. Accountability

This is the time, more than ever, to re-examine your training function and make all of your learning interventions (classes, simulations, e-learning, coaching, internships, etc.) more efficient and effective.  By applying diligent attention to the effective integration of organizational and training factors, you can immediately identify areas for improvement that will help you achieve your business goals.

Join us to learn:

·         The keys to creating a comprehensive leadership development framework, using a multi-vendor approach.

·         How to integrate tools that assist in the transfer of learning experiences to job performance.

·         How the 5As will impact your results and visibility within your organization.

·         How true ROI can be realized by considering both training and organizational factors.


This webinar has been designed for:

·         CLOs and Human Resource Directors/Executives

·         Leadership Development Directors

·         Organizational Development Directors

·         Executive sponsors and strategic leaders responsible for leadership bench strength

·         Anyone interested in increasing leadership training & development ROI

Cynthia Clay, President & CEO(NetSpeed Learning Solutions)

Is your organization nimble enough to respond to the challenges ahead?
The ability of your organization's leaders to manage effectively through continuing, successive challenges has never been greater. Managers are being called to be move beyond "hunkering down until the storm is over" approaches to leading others. Instead, leaders must be resilient, adaptable, innovative, and honest to steer their teams through the next crisis of the day.

At the heart of NetSpeed Leadership® are these five leadership guidelines:

  • Create an Optimistic Climate
  • Build Collaborative Relationships
  • Encourage Exceptional Performance
  • Focus for High Impact
  • Cultivate Trust
Skilled leaders, relying on these principles, bring a sense of stability to the organization.

In this climate, are there cost-effective solutions for developing managers and supervisors?
Yes! NetSpeed Learning Solutions develops better leaders and more engaged employees with face-to-face and virtual learning. Our clients quickly launch programs, develop skills, reinforce learning, and measure the impact.

Learn how you can offer dynamic, facilitated management training (in the classroom or on the web) with web-based performance support blended with the engaging power of social media.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Train managers, supervisors and professional staff in practical management skills they can use immediately
  • Maximize your training dollars with interactive, web conference delivery of training
  • Combine asynchronous and synchronous delivery methods
  • Reinforce, track and measure the impact of training with simple web-based tools
  • Develop skilled leaders who can guide your teams through successive challenges

This webinar has been designed for:

  • Training/Learning Managers and Directors
  • Human Resource and Organization Development Directors
  • C-level Executives who want to improve productivity, engagement, and retain their talent

Cile Johnson, Group Director, North America Business Development(Center for Creative Leadership)
Chad Merritt, Regional Director for Business Development (Center for Creative Leadership)

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary leadership—and, therefore, leadership development. Yet believers in development are finding their advocacy falling on ears understandably deafened by the economic crisis.

Ironically, this is a unique time to develop leadership throughout your organization. Think about the opportunities...

  • Individuals' views of the world and perceptions of themselves are shaken, therefore unfrozen - and may be more open to positive change than ever before.
  • As we emerge from the recession, the war for top talent will be engaged at an even more fevered pitch; investment enhances satisfaction and retention.
  • Your company's investment in leadership can be an accelerator of recovery and growth.

How do we make the case for leadership development in this environment? During this session, we will explore several of CCL's development methodologies, practices, and research to help fellow believers craft their case for this critical investment.

What Will Participants Learn:

Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • Making the case for leadership development
  • The components of effective development
  • The causes and consequences of derailment
  • The conditions for learning and change

Tiffany Lopez, Vice President of Sales(BizLibrary)

You are invited to attend this event, which is designed to provide you with the best trends and practices for developing an effective leadership development program to build your organization's bench strength. We'll share best practices from Fortune 500 companies that have successfully met these challenges and offer you many tools for implementing leadership development initiatives in your organization. Importance of Leadership Development Reasons Leadership Development fails Leadership Development Trends & Best Practices Multiple Learning Platforms for Leadership Development Aligning Leadership Development with Business Strategies.

Sponsors for this event:
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