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Integrated Talent Management

December 13-14, 2012
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
Integrated Talent Management is all the buzz in the industry as vendors build out their product platforms and move away from offering Best of Breed Solutions to integrated solutions that manage the whole life cycle of your employee base. Most firms have an existing infrastructure that needs support, with many best of breed providers within their technology stack, that are not integrated.

The IHR Talent Management certification program will help individuals who deal with the different areas on Talent Management get a better understanding of the big picture of moving their organization to an Talent road map that can seamlessly drive user adoption, key performance metrics and most importantly align the right people with the right jobs throughout their career.

Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a wide spectrum of HR functionalities learned. The IHR is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds value to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field.

Conference Webcast Schedule
Jennifer Marants, Facilitator(

Managing, enhancing and perpetually stimulating an organization’s indispensable talent is no easy task. In conjunction with executing business goals and objectives, the human resource function drives business functionality and achievement through supporting talent. Talent is our people and their capabilities: right people + right jobs = exceptional output! Research has proven a very strong correlation between the relationship of talent management and business goals. It is essential to perfect the process of talent management in order to attain organizational excellence. Over the years we have seen phenomenal developments in technology to aid in the talent management process, thereby making it more substantiated and defined. With aligned technology-enabled talent management methods in place we see increased workforce productivity and subsequent improvements in quality of work. One might say that Integrated Talent Management is, in other words, business excellence technology.
Thank you for joining the 8th virtual event for the Integrated Talent Management community. This community has recently celebrated its first year anniversary and has enjoyed tremendous response and success since its inception. Thanks to the remarkable talent of the team at, the Integrated Talent Management Welcome and Introduction webinar will: Discuss and define Integrated Talent Management in today’s market (meeting needs and niche)  Talk about and member value added benefits  Illustrate the Integrated Talent Management community and matrix wheel  Describe the virtual event (how to navigate and enjoy all that the event has to offer)  Explain the Institute for Human Resources and how to earn your certification. Thank you for joining and enjoy the education!!


Learn how Kenexa helps it clients implement best practices across all parts of the Integrated Talent Management cycle utilizing technology, content and services.
You will see how Kenexa's Integrated Talent Management Suite helps organizations attract, assess, hire, onboard, manage, appraise, educate, develop and promote their workforce to maximize performance and business outcomes.
Kenexa's "2x Integrated Talent Management Platform" provides a central repository for employee Talent Records, includes job descriptions and competency libraries and competency management tools for use across all Talent Management processes to help in assessments, interview questions, goal setting, development planing, succession planning, learning strategies, and workforce planning.
See Kenexa's market-leading Recruting Solution and how companies attract, assess, process and hire the best candidates and how an employee moves from being a candidate applying for a job, through candidate assessments, hiring and onboarding processes. Follow the employee continuing on through Goal setting, competency assessments, performance appraisals, development planning, learning (formal, informal, elearning, social and mobile learning), succession planning, compensation recommendations and more...
Get a view of Kenexa's next generation Onboarding solution that takes onboarding way past traditional orientation and forms. Onboarding with Kenexa is a driver of 1st year performance, engagement and retention, by combining formal and informal learning, collaboration, and other tools and providing access via any mobile device. Learn how to maximize the efficiency of your Talent Management processes and maximize the performance of your workforce and the business success of your organization with integrated Talent Management solutions comprised of technology, content and services that are available everywhere (PC, phone, tablet) in the world.
Kenexa's Talent Management Suite is a SaaS solution available for use by both midsize organizations and large global organizations.

Wendy Axelrod, Managing Partner(Talent Savvy Manager, LLC)
Jeannie Coyle, Managing Partner(Talent Savvy Manager,LLC)

Did you know there is a practical way to accelerate talent development that is rarely used, and well within your company’s reach without new processes, tools or heavy dollar investments? Imagine having managers who powerfully integrate talent development, at the source. They make every day a development day, constantly reshaping the work to make room for growth in both development and business results. These Exceptional Development Managers (EDMs) visibly move the dial on talent development results. Yet research reveals that in many cases only 10% of managers actually do this.

Learn from the experiences and stories of exceptional development managers (from companies such as Merck, Microsoft, Siemens, Corning, IBM, and Intel) who have the know-how to: astutely provide tailored stretch assignments, elegantly increase employees’ self-awareness, use development partners wisely, and shape the environment to drive development. They tuck five targeted practices into their daily management routines without adding more work to their load. Using these five practices they expertly make the workplace developmental for their employees, giving them what they really want…hands on help to grow their skills and ability to take on new roles. As a result, these managers enjoy the benefits of increased engagement and retention. And, because their developmental actions are tied to department goals, their actions lead to even greater performance results.

You can play an essential role in transforming managers into EDMs to accelerate talent development. This role includes: showcasing the results of your current EDMs and tapping into practical ways to equip more managers to become EDMs. Join us for this thought and action provoking discussion, A template will be provided to support your next actions toward increasing the number of EDMs and their impact on talent development.

Jenny R. Craig, International consultant, speaker, author, clincial therapist(Live Your Power)

This curriculum takes leaders on a journey into their mind and body to discover the steps needed to make a positive changes in themselves and their organizations. In terms anyone can understand, learn the neurological and psychological secrets to uncover how to change habits in their mind, boost self-confidence, tools to lower stress and how to create a positive work-place.
The goals for this program will include:
~Uncover the nine steps to making long term personal change
~Discover the tips and exercises for self-awareness every successful executive needs to know
~Learn how to increase effective communication and negotiations
~ Learn the psychological secrets to managing differences
~Learn how to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts
~ Learn Emotional Intelligence tools (With Harvard University now stating emotional intelligence is more important than your IQ and technical skills combined, the EQ tips are more important than ever)
_Increase you own internal power
~Learn how to stop self-sabotage - An insider’s look into how you get stuck, sabotage, and stop your own progress
~Learn how to manage energy vampires and other negative people at work
Leave this seminar with tools and tips to motivate, inspire and begin to implement change in your workforce today.
Recent Testimonial: Jenny is a brilliant forerunner in the field of emotional intelligence. Her uncanny ability to translate the latest emotional intelligence research into practical tools and trainings are invaluable for companies to succeed in the global economy and athletes to break through to their next level of success. Her knack for getting athletic teams to synergize and taking athletes to their next level of success is truly a priceless gift. Gene Landrum, PhD, Founder of Chuck E. Cheese, professor emeritus, author of 21 books and tennis champion



You need to find the right talent, at the right time, in the right place, for the right price. So you created a workforce plan to identify and build your talent pool. Now it’s time to work the plan. But where do you start?

Like most organizations, you’re relying on lean workforce. And if your organization needs depend on highly skilled staff, talent pool shortages are giving you an even bigger headache. New imperatives threaten your already lean workforce and your profitability. The most successful companies are integrating talent management solutions now to ensure their competitive advantage in the future. Where can you find a talent management solution that could really make a difference at a price you can afford?

Join us for a quick overview of Infor Enwisen Talent Management, and see why you should consider Infor for a talent management solution to help you:

•       Drive huge differences in business outcomes.
•       Focus your time and energy on the resources and people who are going to have the greatest impact on the organization.
•       Align your talent with your most critical business objectives.

Register for this webinar that presents a strong business case for integrated talent management, where we’ll address such issues as:

•       With the 55+ segment growing faster than the rate of the entire workforce, will your succession plan fill the gap?
•       You see a shortage in executives, managers and engineers, but can talent acquisition alone help?
•       Engaged employees have higher profitability. Can you afford not to engage your workforce?

Talent Management is officially a strategic priority. New and emerging talent management strategies, tools and techniques are providing real business value. Register for this webinar and learn how you can capitalize on these opportunities to build a more competitive talent base.

Corliss McGinty, consulting(Soft Solutions)

This program will focus on what leaders have done in the past that is not working. The Ten Steps will show you what is required of leadership of today's workforce. The roadblocks to success are relatively easy to change and being aware is the first step. This isn't rocket science but what I've seen over the last 25 years in HR in terms of what is working and what no longer is.

It will be easy to take notes and please let's have this interactive! I'm interested in your observations as well. No doubt we have a different workforce with influences from generational gaps, emotional intelligence vs. skills & knowledge, a humble attitude, Communicating vision and how people connect to that, and to personal growth opportunities for managers desiring to go to the next level.

I hope this is a high level discussion in a strategic sense. It's not about the basics. I use these concepts when designing leadership processes for all levels in an organization from way back to current research. It will be in the context of best practices for seasoned HR professionals and those wanting to get that perspective for their own career growth.

Many ideas are from leadership books I will recommend and some from my own experience, especially getting to know some great visionary leaders that are growing in this economy and also by coaching employees and being able to establish rapport to get their truths about being a leader and a follower! The important thing is to learn YOUR leadership style that works and gets the results you desire!

Sean Conrad, Senior Product Analyst(Halogen Software)
Nancy Wilkinson, Regional Sales Manager(Halogen Software)


With the Halogen Talent Management Suite™ — the only HR software built from the ground up to drive higher performance — it's easy to build a world-class workforce that is aligned and delivering on your business strategy. How easy? Find out by attending Halogen’s Talent management tools for building a world-class workforce.

Date: December 13, 2012
Time: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET
Demo Expert: Nancy Wilkinson, Regional Sales Manager, Halogen Software

At many companies talent management is fragmented, leaving executive leaders, managers and HR professionals unable to align their workforce with the organization’s business strategy, goals and objectives. The good news is that there is a better way — an automated, integrated and easy-to-use cloud-based solution that integrates all talent management functions.

In this one-hour demo, Nancy Wilkinson, Regional Sales Manager, Halogen Software will show how the Halogen Talent Management Suite integrates fully and seamlessly to provide users with a consistent and intuitive experience. The session will cover the features and functionality of each module in the suite and how they address the entire employee lifecycle — including, performance management, 360-degree reviews, learning management, succession planning, pay for performance, job descriptions and talent acquisition. Specifically, attendees will see the following Halogen products in action:

• Halogen eAppraisal™
• Halogen e360 Multirater™
• Halogen eLearning Manager™
• Halogen eSuccession™
• Halogen eCompensation™
• Halogen Job Description™
• Halogen eRecruitment™

Please plan to join us to learn how the right talent management tools can help you develop your workforce as a strategic, sustained competitive advantage.

Scott Lockhart, HR Consultant(Human Resource ROI, LLC)

Managing expectations in the workplace is crucial to the success of any organization, department, supervisor, or individual. One of the most common reasons for low employee morale or poor performance is the lack of communicating clear expectations. Discover when and how to communicate clear expectations and goals during the interview process to validate your candidate selection criteria. You will learn how to reinforce those expectations on their first day of employment and beyond. Understand the true meaning of performance management as it relates to your organization. Comprehend the importance of organizational, departmental, and individual goal alignment and integration within your organization or work team. Identify the various performance accountability measures within your organization or department to monitor individual or team performance. Use the SMI approach to set, monitor, and influence the overall performance management process. Recognize the performance monitoring process so you can better influence the potential outcomes by gaining commitment and understanding. The SMI approach will help you set achievable goals, performance measurement tools, and guidance. Find out how performance management can impact employee engagement and satisfaction. Master the art of setting SMART goals for you, your team and/or organization. Determine how to use the SMART goal approach for setting both professional and personal goals, along with career planning. Recognize the importance of goal alignment by using the SMART approach from the top down. Learn why employees must all be in alignment and what happens when goals are not understood, agreed upon, or managed properly. Discover how important communication is in the performance management process.

David Chaudron, PhD, Executive(Organized Change)

Imagine that your boss has just walked in your office and said, "We just lost another key employee in Samantha's department. I think it's time we implement a 360 Feedback System and she will be the first manager to go through the new system." You have two options: immediately start panicking, OR think about the need, start asking questions and get back to your boss with a plan.

Putting together a feedback system for management is not rocket science, but there often assumptions people make when choosing what to do. Not making the right choices for your organizations can result in mis-guided feedback and usually waste a lot of time and money.

There are options and a number of factors you must deal with to be successful. Dr. Chaudron will discuss these factors and his experience implementing them.

Evan Glassett, GPHR, Leadership Coach/Talent Development Professional(Private)

Developing Your Corporate High Potentials

Talent development isn’t new. High Potential development isn’t new. So why is it important for us to continue to update our skills and our knowledge about High Potential Development? It’s important because the field of High Potentials is changing. No longer are High Potentials at the lower level or middle manager level of the company. In many cases they are the new hire that comes fresh from college or from another job and they are ready to groom, prepare and promote but they need that experience, mentoring and opportunity in order to get to that next level.

You can see them a mile away. They shine when they perform! When they make a mistake, they own it! They take the challenge when its issued, and they grab the bull by the horns when it presents itself. They are focused on the finish line but are naturally looking for opportunities to help those around them to succeed by building stronger relationships, teams and players.
How do they do it and what do we need to do to get the most out of them? What are the signs that you need to recognize so that you prepare them for what lies ahead? How do we keep them from learning from us and then leaving the company so that someone else will benefit from the skills they obtained working with us?

Come learn how to develop and retain your next High Potential and make them part of your success!

André Blom, CEO(EhrmVision International)

Human capital is considered to be a significant asset in our economy. Some even argue that it is the only true asset left as a differentiator from your competitive peers. The enormous amount of publication around the theme “talent management” that is offered by the established consultancy firms might indicate a sense of urgency for a different approach.
So what is going on in the domain of “Human Resource Management”?

As a starting point the webcast takes you on a short “HR-reconnaissance flight” over the (future) labour market that provides clear and comprehendible insights on the dynamics, trends and impact of Globalization, Information Technology and Socio-Political-Economic dimensions. It will be no surprise that “everything” alters with a rapid pace and that we are continuously facing a catch 22.

Attending my keynote is the best way to really understand how deal with the everlasting changes and how to invest, develop and capitalize the value of human resources. Weaving together theory, data and best practise with personal anecdotes and observations from hundreds HR-business cases I have found a way of clarifying what's at stake, how to align the interests of all stake and shareholders involved and how to conduct Human Treasury Operations. HR is not just about employee’s benefits and compensation issues or recruitment and talent management; it’s imperative to manifest excellent outcomes and values for your markets.

Be aware, you will be challenged to ask your selves; “is it time for human treasury operations or proceed and continue to amortize human resource again and again on the balance sheet until bankruptcy is inevitable”? Be assured, the keynote is not just confrontational; “you'll get inspired and empowered in guiding your organisation to a robust & future proof performance”.

Monica Hemingway, Director(APTMetrics, Inc.)
Robert Satterwhite, Partner(The Partnering Group)

In the last 15 years there has been an explosion of technology-enabled candidate and employee assessments driven in large part by growing access to a low-cost, high-speed internet. HR Departments have attempted to leverage this technology to increase the scale, efficiency, and pace of their human capital processes. For example, web-based content for candidate hiring (e.g., multiple choice tests) and executive feedback (e.g., 360s) are considered the norm. Yet most of these tools suffer from one of two problems:
1) they are simple derivatives of paper-and-pencil assessments, which fail to fully leverage technology in an environment where companies are increasingly global, competitive, and recession-oriented and employees progressively online, mobile, and demanding; OR
2) they are overly complex, providing add-ons (e.g., rating the flight risk of potential successors) that managers will rarely, if ever use given the extensive demands of their day jobs in an ever-changing business landscape. In this virtual session we will use case studies to discuss how to leverage technology at the three most important points in the employee lifecycle: selection, development, and high potential identification.

Our program will answer a series of key questions, including:
1) How can companies use web-based assessments to measure globally, but hire locally?
2) How can organizations handle the deluge of candidate applications in ways that ensure the best hiring decisions are made at the lowest cost possible?
3) What practical tools exist that engage and groom individuals so that they are less likely to leave and more likely to grow within the company?
4) How can organizations identify high potential leaders earlier in their careers at a time when HR is dealing with ever-small budgets? These questions and more will be answered during this virtual session with the goal of providing attendees with practical advice for getting the most out of technology.

Curt Steinhorst, President and Founder(The Promentum Group)

In an age where technology shapes all of our interactions, the emerging workforce lacks the basic fuel that drives business success- communication (speaking, relationship building, etc). How well you fit a message into 140 characters - while hip, cool and important - will never be the critical ingredient driving longterm success. Success is driven by good old fashioned face to face relationship building. Companies with employees who speak on their feet, develop rapport, persuade, influence others, work together well have the competitive advantage in today's world. These basic skills that were once assumed present are no longer the standard. If you don't teach your employees, you will lose.

Curt Steinhorst gets it and can help. As the founder and president of the Promentum Group, he provides speech and messaging consultation to a who's who list of famous athletes (Mike Modano, Apolo Ohno), organizations (YPO, KPMG), and leading business executives.

Curt graduated Magna Cum laude in Speech Communication from Texas A&M University, where he served as President of his 10,000 member class. He understands the nuanced demands of public speaking, but he also has a unique perspective in the field of talent management. Curt previously served as the Vice President of Business Development for a boutique talent management group, and he was a top-producing speaker consultant at one of the nation's largest speaker bureaus.

In addition to his current work at Promentum, Curt is a contributor at the Center for Generational Kinetics, an organization that studies the trends that shape each generation.

Curt's expertise is in intergenerational workforce integration, relating his personal experiences leading Gen Y, who prefers texting and twitter to eye contact, to business leaders and managers. Curt's first book, entitled "Prove Your Boss Wrong: 52 Proven Strategies to Influence, Communicate, and Co-Create," is currently in production.

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