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December 3-18, 2012
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SEE FOR YOURSELF!’s LIVE Virtual demos will show you what you’ve been missing, how to apply it, and why you need it.

Register to learn:
•       Tools available
•       How to improve functionality
•       Bells and whistles of top rated products

Online Q&A to follow.

Please Note: DEMO only, no certification granted.

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Darwin Hanson, President & CEO(Talent Management Evolution)

If you need the best possible information and the best possible analyses in order to hire, motivate and retain highest quality people, CompXpert is the software solution for you.

Most companies agree that hiring, motivating and retaining highly skilled workers is fundamental to their success, but few approach their labor market as rationally as they do their consumer markets. The key to maximizing competitive advantage is combining all available information to properly allocate your internal labor resources against the external labor market where you compete for talent.

Once the commitment has been made to use external benchmarks to guide compensation, the struggle for the compensation department is to perform the analysis as productively and efficiently as possible. How can you possibly manage, evaluate and analyze all the various types of data available? How do you balance your internal value and labor strategy against the external market for pay decisions? Is your evaluation process efficient and reliable? Is the vendor subscription data you gather at a high cost reliable? For sake of getting the process complete, do you just quickly match your job titles to the market titles, call it good and then run out of time to analyze your competitive strategy?

CompXpert helps companies from all sizes and industries to get the best value out of their market data. With CompXpert you and your compensation team are able to quickly:
• Prescreen your market data with over 30 individual metrics that ensure the integrity of your market data investment
• Market price jobs and develop market composites for all components of Total Cash
• Develop a comprehensive picture of the competitive market position for your company jobs, both for on-off valuations and the annual complete benchmark development process
• Design new and update existing salary structures using sophisticated analytical tools
• Apply a flexible but consistent labor market strategy throughout the enterprise
• Organize your survey submission process – not just a simple export of matched employee data but with a full featured submission, collect and add to the vendor request general policy practices in the vendors exact template with all survey job profiles and descriptions.

With CompXpert, making better competitive pricing decisions is a snap. We have a CompXpert solution that not only fits your analysis needs today, but will grow with you as your needs change both tomorrow and far into the future – all at a price that fits your budget perfectly!

Please Note: DEMO only, no certification granted.

Erik Charles, Principal Incentives Strategist(Xactly Corporation)

There's more to incenting your sales team than just rewarding revenue. You need something that will motivate the team to perform beyond expectations. Today's complex selling environment demands that HR professionals implement compensation and incentive plans geared toward achieving competitive levels of growth. We'll show you how to keep your sales team focused on all the right measures including tips based on proven research to help HR professionals drive winning behaviors and develop focused, diligent reps who consistenly reach quota. When done right, automating your incentive compensation boosts rep productivity and company profits. You'll potentially see 36% faster revenue growth. When done wrong, you waste time, energy and resources. What's worse: you might actually discourage your reps from selling. We'll touch on some best practices for incentive plans:

* Choose effective and clear incentives to align reps with company goals. You may consider tailoring incentives to your unique sales force for even better results.

* Communicate your plan thoroughly. By incenting right - and effectively communicating changes - you'll help sales reps sell more.

* Pick the right metrics for your growing organization. Make sure they motivate success and deliver the results you want.

* Use an automated dashboard. Everything from prospect to payroll is visible for you and your reps. You can see how the team is progressing towards goals, how the product mix is being sold, and how industries are being penetrated.

Instead of guessing what will motivate your team, you'll know the best rewards to get your reps to move the revenue needle.

Please Note: DEMO only, no certification granted.



Labor costs – it’s one of your biggest expenses, and if you’re tasked with managing it, then you know most of the data needed to make decisions comes “after the fact” of its spend!

Infor Enwisen Workforce Management is designed to turn that data into actionable information, in real time, so that you can make impactful decisions that control labor costs in a sustainable process.

Beyond just saving money, Infor’s innovative approach to workforce management helps you monitor/manage compliance risk and drive effective labor allocation from planning through operational execution. All while minimizing time managers spend “in the system”, freeing them up to spend more face time with customers – increasing both productivity and profits.

And for employees, it’s only natural to leverage smartphones—devices on which they manage so many other facets of their lives—to make scheduling requests, view their scheduled hours, manage time sheets, and so on – significantly improving their productivity and your reporting and compliance rates.

You will walk away with a better understand of 5 Ws of workforce management, including Who is hired, When they work, what skillsets are needed, how much they are paid, and where they are allocated geographically by shift.

Wesley Houston, Operations(Grapevine Surveys & Evaluations)

Evaluating the behavior and performance of the employees is one of the most important ways for the businesses to succeed and flourish. Grapevine offers customizable, one-to-one demonstrations. This live demo includes tutorials on how the product works and real-time demonstrations on Grapevine's extensive features. We'd love to show you what Grapevine can do to meet the specific needs of your company.

Discover How To:
•       Easily create a customized 360 survey from Grapevine’s vast template of
questions to get the answers your company needs to know

•       Uniquely “brand” your 360 Survey with your company’s colours, graphics,
skins and logo to create a professional survey product

•       Effortlessly manage all steps of the 360 feedback process, without taking
time from your regular responsibilities

•       Instantly create detailed employee reports with the click of a button, so you
know immediately what your employees think

Designed with the HR User in Mind, Grapevine’s 360 Feedback understands the needs of the HR Professional. Our survey tool assists you in easily creating, distributing, managing, and evaluating all stages of the HR survey process. No special training is required by the user or participants. Grapevine’s exclusive web-based 360 Feedback means there is no expensive software to download and install. There is no need to upgrade computer systems or purchase additional hard drive storage. Yet your company’s information remains secure, private, and confidential.

Grapevine’s 360 Feedback is easy, effective, and simple-to-use. Make your 360 Feedback count with the right questions. Choose from Grapevine’s vast library of questions for instant, ready-made surveys. Or customize your own to ensure you get the information your company needs. Grapevine’s 360 Feedback makes reporting easy. Options range from the individualized reporting to more broad and expansive findings. Plus, your company can see answers in real-time, allowing you to gauge participants’ responses and reactions before the survey is completed. Grapevine’s 360 Feedback offers 40 different skins and options for you to custom brand your survey. Upload your logo for instant branding. Coordinate the survey’s colours and themes to match your company. And, create unique introductory and thank you messages.

In addition, we offer services in:
o       Evaluation Management
o       Question Writing
o       Data Entry

Diana Van Blaricom, Sr. Product Manager(Epicor Software Corporation)
Rob Gentile, Solution Engineer(Epicor Software Corporation)

What’s on the mind of CEO’s? They want to drive innovation and have a solid strategy for managing their human capital, which, after all, is the organization’s greatest asset. Join us for a demo of Epicor HCM to discover how an HRIS can make it easy for you to manage your workforce, leverage competencies to get the right talent you need now and in the future, and engage key talent for innovation! During this hour long demo, you will not only see Epicor HCM in action, but you will also learn:

• The four questions your CEO wants answers to and learn how you can be prepared with your response;
• What you can do today to drive innovation and how it aligns to your CEO’s strategy for the organization;
• What CEO’s say are their top strategies to meet human capital challenges;
• How easy it is to be responsive to these challenges by using Epicor HCM in support of your HR strategic efforts.

The Epicor HCM demo will show you:

• How to improve the quality of candidates applying online;
• An easy way to empower employees to take charge of their career development;
• How to mine your employee database for talent and prepare key employees for leadership roles;
• How to link the organization’s strategy directly to employee efforts.

Please join us to learn how the right HRIS can help your organization easily manage your human capital, and see why you should consider Epicor HCM the next time you evaluate HRIS.

Epicor: Business Inspired.

Joe Shelfo, EmpowerHR/Pay Product Manager(Empower Software Solutions)
Uri Sherizly, CIO(Empower Software Solutions)

EmpowerHR/Pay is an innovative, flexible and SaaS-based solution that is an attractive alternative to your existing payroll and human resources solution for a number of reasons:

Comprehensive HR and Payroll management
EmpowerHR/Pay is a comprehensive, web-based and configurable human resources, payroll and benefits solution. It’s easy-to-use and provides fast and accurate payroll forecasting and reporting. Adaptation includes menu design by role, screen design, row and field security, appearance and language, navigation, validation rules, workflow, reports and a host of application-specific functions and processes. With EmpowerHR/Pay there are no limits on the number of tax entities, pay entities, earnings codes, deductions codes, cost centers, work locations, employees, employee deductions, direct deposits to bank, and more. All multi-occurrence entities are unlimited. Moreover, the solution comes with a powerful proprietary report writer and file writer that can further enhance the data mining and user experience.

Innovative “point-in-time” architecture
Typical payroll databases destroy data once an update or deletion is made. The core concept in EmpowerHR/Pay’s innovative point-in-time architecture is: no information is ever physically deleted or overwritten in the database. For instance, if John Doe’s compensation changes mid-year, the system adds a new compensation record for John while preserving the existing record. This allows you to see every change to John’s compensation record and exactly what was changed – resulting in an accurate audit trail and a better way to manage HR data.

High-touch client service
We believe our service model is very different than other payroll vendors. We provide high-touch client service with live representatives who are always available to answer your call. In fact the average time it takes a live client service representative to answer a call is just 4.7 seconds. We are also proud of our high client retention rates, outstanding customer satisfaction scores, fixed monthly charge billing methodology and simplified account administration – we want to make it easy for you to do business with us.


Learn how Kenexa helps it clients implement best practices across all parts of the Integrated Talent Management cycle utilizing technology, content and services.
You will see how Kenexa's Integrated Talent Management Suite helps organizations attract, assess, hire, onboard, manage, appraise, educate, develop and promote their workforce to maximize performance and business outcomes.
Kenexa's "2x Integrated Talent Management Platform" provides a central repository for employee Talent Records, includes job descriptions and competency libraries and competency management tools for use across all Talent Management processes to help in assessments, interview questions, goal setting, development planing, succession planning, learning strategies, and workforce planning.
See Kenexa's market-leading Recruting Solution and how companies attract, assess, process and hire the best candidates and how an employee moves from being a candidate applying for a job, through candidate assessments, hiring and onboarding processes. Follow the employee continuing on through Goal setting, competency assessments, performance appraisals, development planning, learning (formal, informal, elearning, social and mobile learning), succession planning, compensation recommendations and more...
Get a view of Kenexa's next generation Onboarding solution that takes onboarding way past traditional orientation and forms. Onboarding with Kenexa is a driver of 1st year performance, engagement and retention, by combining formal and informal learning, collaboration, and other tools and providing access via any mobile device. Learn how to maximize the efficiency of your Talent Management processes and maximize the performance of your workforce and the business success of your organization with integrated Talent Management solutions comprised of technology, content and services that are available everywhere (PC, phone, tablet) in the world.
Kenexa's Talent Management Suite is a SaaS solution available for use by both midsize organizations and large global organizations.



You need to find the right talent, at the right time, in the right place, for the right price. So you created a workforce plan to identify and build your talent pool. Now it’s time to work the plan. But where do you start?

Like most organizations, you’re relying on lean workforce. And if your organization needs depend on highly skilled staff, talent pool shortages are giving you an even bigger headache. New imperatives threaten your already lean workforce and your profitability. The most successful companies are integrating talent management solutions now to ensure their competitive advantage in the future. Where can you find a talent management solution that could really make a difference at a price you can afford?

Join us for a quick overview of Infor Enwisen Talent Management, and see why you should consider Infor for a talent management solution to help you:

•       Drive huge differences in business outcomes.
•       Focus your time and energy on the resources and people who are going to have the greatest impact on the organization.
•       Align your talent with your most critical business objectives.

Register for this webinar that presents a strong business case for integrated talent management, where we’ll address such issues as:

•       With the 55+ segment growing faster than the rate of the entire workforce, will your succession plan fill the gap?
•       You see a shortage in executives, managers and engineers, but can talent acquisition alone help?
•       Engaged employees have higher profitability. Can you afford not to engage your workforce?

Talent Management is officially a strategic priority. New and emerging talent management strategies, tools and techniques are providing real business value. Register for this webinar and learn how you can capitalize on these opportunities to build a more competitive talent base.

Sean Conrad, Senior Product Analyst(Halogen Software)
Nancy Wilkinson, Regional Sales Manager(Halogen Software)


With the Halogen Talent Management Suite™ — the only HR software built from the ground up to drive higher performance — it's easy to build a world-class workforce that is aligned and delivering on your business strategy. How easy? Find out by attending Halogen’s Talent management tools for building a world-class workforce.

Date: December 13, 2012
Time: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET
Demo Expert: Nancy Wilkinson, Regional Sales Manager, Halogen Software

At many companies talent management is fragmented, leaving executive leaders, managers and HR professionals unable to align their workforce with the organization’s business strategy, goals and objectives. The good news is that there is a better way — an automated, integrated and easy-to-use cloud-based solution that integrates all talent management functions.

In this one-hour demo, Nancy Wilkinson, Regional Sales Manager, Halogen Software will show how the Halogen Talent Management Suite integrates fully and seamlessly to provide users with a consistent and intuitive experience. The session will cover the features and functionality of each module in the suite and how they address the entire employee lifecycle — including, performance management, 360-degree reviews, learning management, succession planning, pay for performance, job descriptions and talent acquisition. Specifically, attendees will see the following Halogen products in action:

• Halogen eAppraisal™
• Halogen e360 Multirater™
• Halogen eLearning Manager™
• Halogen eSuccession™
• Halogen eCompensation™
• Halogen Job Description™
• Halogen eRecruitment™

Please plan to join us to learn how the right talent management tools can help you develop your workforce as a strategic, sustained competitive advantage.

Vince Lyons, (Checkster)
Yves Lermusi, CEO(Checkster)

Are you looking for ways to save time?
Are you looking for ways to avoid bad hires?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this session is for you.

Perhaps your recruiters spend too much time chasing references or you stopped doing traditional telephone reference checks as they lost their ability to provide meaningful insights into candidates.
Checkster will present a new breed of automated reference checking that leverages social networking behaviors and collective online rating technologies. Through these new online venues reference checks have been reborn and are reclaiming their role as a very efficient leading assessment method.

You will learn in this session how to cut manual reference checking time by 90%, or if you are not performing reference checks, you will see how to gain new and invaluable insights on applicants-- with minimal effort. You will learn how upgrading to automated reference checking can transform your relationship with hiring managers, enable you to become more strategic in your hiring, and help you better source passive job seekers.

The session will be divided into two sections, the first will focus on how the Automated Reference Check has modernized and overcome the limitations of the traditional approach. The new way is based on a solid foundation of collective intelligence that leverages the Internet and social networking behaviors.
By understanding the foundation and methodologies involved you will comprehend the power of this emerging technology and begin to grasp why this is the next standard in hiring.

The second section focuses on a case study on how to upgrade to the new standard. Through the case study you will comprehend not only the new processes but also the changes and benefits of strategic employee assessment and sourcing a growing passive candidate database.


- How to save time or give back time to your team.

- To better achieve and measure the quality of a new hire.

- How automated reference checking is an inexpensive and effective sourcing tool.

Ginger Black, Marketing Director(EScreenz)

Will Smith
Vice President - EScreenz

Ginger Black
Marketing Director - EScreenz

Creating and maintaining an effective employee communication program is an important part of improving employee engagement. EScreenz™ is a new, interactive desktop-messaging solution that creates excitement within an organization by providing a compelling approach to strengthening internal communication efforts. Employees become more engaged in the communications process as EScreenz both complements and reinforces existing communication channels.

On a daily basis we speak with managers and directors who want to help their employees become more connected to corporate objectives as well as provide their executives with a new way to improve the corporate culture. During those conversations we hear that traditional forms of communication do not meet these objectives. For example, the sheer number of e-mail often overwhelms people, and while intranets are great repositories of information, information can be dated and challenging to find.

Using the power of digital media and a patent-pending hyperlink capability, EScreenz’s interactive slides are distributed throughout an enterprise on desktop and laptop PCs. EScreenz™ messages take readers directly to essential information deep within your intranet or on the internet.

In this presentation you will learn how EScreenz™ gives HR personnel a new way to easily create and deliver high-impact messages encompassing a wide range of employee news and information such as:
• Executive messages and corporate objectives
• Urgent notification
• Training reinforcement
• HR news, updates, and benefits communications
• Employee recognition
• New hires and promotions
• Safety tips / reminders
• Compliance
• New products and customer wins

Both executives and employees find EScreenz™ to be a compelling, valuable solution that addresses the on-going need for improved communications that keep employees actively engaged with business goals.

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