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Advertise Here DEMO DAYS - Quality of Hire

Monday, December 17, 2012
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
Is your organization keeping up with the times or waiting for the world to pass by? In this one hour webcast, learn how to use the hottest innovations and technology available for Quality of Hire.

- How technology platforms (wireless, mobile and tablet) have revolutionized the manager and employee access to relevant, timely information and how best in class firms are using this data to transform their organizations.
- What every organization needs to know when looking at the technology of the future for Quality of Hire
- Latest Trends in driving user adoption, personalization and results.
- Open Q and A with industry experts to answer your relevant questions.

Each virtual demo is free of charge to attend and no more than an hour.
Please Note: These webcasts are for product information viewing only and not meant to be certified credit courses.

Conference Webcast Schedule
Vince Lyons, (Checkster)
Yves Lermusi, CEO(Checkster)

Are you looking for ways to save time?
Are you looking for ways to avoid bad hires?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this session is for you.

Perhaps your recruiters spend too much time chasing references or you stopped doing traditional telephone reference checks as they lost their ability to provide meaningful insights into candidates.
Checkster will present a new breed of automated reference checking that leverages social networking behaviors and collective online rating technologies. Through these new online venues reference checks have been reborn and are reclaiming their role as a very efficient leading assessment method.

You will learn in this session how to cut manual reference checking time by 90%, or if you are not performing reference checks, you will see how to gain new and invaluable insights on applicants-- with minimal effort. You will learn how upgrading to automated reference checking can transform your relationship with hiring managers, enable you to become more strategic in your hiring, and help you better source passive job seekers.

The session will be divided into two sections, the first will focus on how the Automated Reference Check has modernized and overcome the limitations of the traditional approach. The new way is based on a solid foundation of collective intelligence that leverages the Internet and social networking behaviors.
By understanding the foundation and methodologies involved you will comprehend the power of this emerging technology and begin to grasp why this is the next standard in hiring.

The second section focuses on a case study on how to upgrade to the new standard. Through the case study you will comprehend not only the new processes but also the changes and benefits of strategic employee assessment and sourcing a growing passive candidate database.


- How to save time or give back time to your team.

- To better achieve and measure the quality of a new hire.

- How automated reference checking is an inexpensive and effective sourcing tool.

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